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Watch A 2-Year-Old Boy Steal The Show Behind Cheerleaders At A Football Game

A toddler grabs the crowd's attention after joining the cheerleading team for a cheer and going viral on TikTok.

A two-year-old boy blends right in during a cheerleading routine.

If you need a pick-me-up today, here it is — the cutest thing you’ll see all week. A video on TikTok has gone viral of a two-year-old boy who joined a local middle school cheerleading team as they cheered on their team during a football game, and the mini cheerleader had the pompoms, the rhythm, and the sass to go with it.

The video, posted by @Arodsquad, had the caption, “When you’re 2 but have watched too many cheer practices in the living room.” The video gained 10.4 million views and counting, with over 2.5 million likes.

It’s now been revealed that the mom sharing the sweet vid is named Michelle Rodriguez, and the star is two-year-old Liam Rodriguez, who has an older sister who cheers on the team in Pflugerville, Texas, according to TODAY Parents.

The cheer mom also shared that Liam has three older sisters who all dance and cheer, so it was only a matter of time before Liam caught on to the family sport.

“Last year, he started stealing his sister's pom poms," shares Rodriguez. “We hid her expensive ones at home, and I bought Liam a cheap pair. Then, my daughter's coach gave him an extra pair she had for the team.”

This tiny performer is not only going viral because he’s super cute, he’s unbelievably good. In the routine, you see Liam doing most every move in unison with the team, and Rodriguez shares that his 12-year-old sister Amaya, who is on the team, practices all the choreography at home, with Liam just behind.

Amaya’s team had taken the field at Kelly Lane Middle School, where Liam sprung up to join with his own pom pom’s in hand.

Followers on TikTok couldn’t get enough of Liam, writing, “omg! he knows the moves. Even the little pom shake and jump!” and “Are u serious? He’s spot on, get him a UNIFORM!”

Most notably, commentators are requesting an encore, and that includes a real spot on the team, with stunts included.

“I need this in my life, please more of these,” one person wrote. Others shared, “can y’all do a stunt with him,” and “Yes, yes, get him at the top of the pyramid because he needs to be the star.”

“We're trying to get him a cheerleader uniform,” said Rodriguez.

The cheer family has since shared a few more videos of Liam and his favorite cheer squad, like at an indoor basketball game and a few more nights on the track for football games.

He even encountered his first fan in real life, with a woman asking to take his picture while he was in his element, asking, “Are you famous on ESPN?!” Liam was holding his silver pom poms as usual, with a t-shirt that had the number 1 on it and his name, Liam, under it.

Move over Tariq the Corn Kid; there’s a new kid celeb in town.