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Travis Kelce Ruthlessly Calls Out His Brother For Not Recognizing His Wife's Mental Load

This screams "amazing partner."

Travis Kelce became a champion for burnt out moms everywhere when he stepped in to defend Jason Kelc...
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Father of three and Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce caught heat after a clip from his podcast, New Heights, went viral. However, the heat wasn’t coming from listeners of the podcast.

Instead, he was getting grief from his own brother and co-host on the pod, Kansas City Chiefs player and Taylor Swift’s boyfriend (had to add that in there), Travis Kelce.

The two-time Super Bowl winner became a champion for burned out moms everywhere when he stepped in to defend Jason’s wife and his sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce, after Jason complained about how “she forgot” to bring him clothing for a movie premiere.

The back and forth started when Travis poked fun at Jason’s casual look at the premiere of his Amazon Prime documentary, Kelce.

“We had a picture of you on the green carpet — not the red carpet. You really got dressed up,” Travis noted sarcastically before showing press photos of Jason wearing a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops.

Jason then takes the moment to put the full blame of his outfit on his wife, Kylie.

"I was gonna have jeans on but Kylie ..." Jason started.

"Kylie what?" Travis interrupted pointedly.

"Kylie was running late. I just came straight from football. Kylie was going to bring the jeans. Kylie was late," Jason said.

Travis then shuts down Jason’s blaming with one simple question that every wife and mom is wondering at this very moment: "Why didn't Jason bring jeans for Jason?"

"Because I was at football. And I needed the jeans for after football. I'm not going to wear jeans all day. That just doesn't sound fun,” Jason responded.

After Travis laughs out loud at the absolute ridiculousness of his brother’s pathetic attempt to still somehow make this his wife’s fault, he sees the error of his ways.

As Jason said, "Alright I'm realizing now, I probably can't blame Kylie for this. Soooo, yeah, I wore shorts and sandals."

Still laughing, Travis said, "She was too busy putting jeans on the three girls,” pointing out all the rest of stuff on her to-do list.

Yes, that’s right! Jason and Kylie have three daughters under five years old. But she “forgot” her grown husband’s wardrobe? How dare she!

"Yeah, she was too busy getting the entire family situated with the babysitter and then getting herself ready and making sure her parents are with her," Jason said, acknowledging his error.

"I can just see you pulling up," Travis said as he started imitating Jason, "'You don't have my jeans? I'm going to look like an idiot!'"

"Gosh," Jason said while Travis laughed hysterically in the background. "So true. So true."

On the Instagram post of the podcast clip, fans were swooning over Travis’ take down of his brother’s weaponized incompetence.

One mom wrote, "Travis understanding and explaining the mental load is my favorite part of this!!!"

Another wrote, "Travis has every married woman wishing he was her husband after this 🤣."

"🙌 yessss!! Nice callout by Travis, then Jason having a lightbulb moment of the mental load! My guess is, Kylie ain’t putting up with that sh*t either. 😂 love this family!" one user said.

Another joked, “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard Travis say.”

Travis Kelce isn’t even a husband or a dad yet (but maybe in the future?) but it seems as if he already has a good idea of equal partnership and default parenting if he recognizes that it’s not strictly a woman’s job to make sure her adult husband has clothing.

Funny how that can make someone even more attractive.