Deo for the B.O.

Watch Shawn Johnson's Toddler Use Deodorant... On The Wall

The former Olympian’s three-year-old apparently loves her dad’s deodorant, but she's spreading it on more than just her armpits.

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While most toddlers are rolling around in the dirt or peeing on the floor while they get the hang of potty training, some are totally into good hygiene at an early age. Former Olympian Shawn Johnson and husband Andrew East chronicled a day in the life as parents to their threenager, Drew, who was shown putting on copious amounts of deodorant on herself — and the wall.

“Haha, I wish my husband @andrewdeast would use that as much as she does,” she captioned the video post.

Drew was in the bathroom with her dad’s Old Spice deodorant, and she applied it to her armpits and then down her arm. Her parents recorded and watched, laughing, thinking they were catching an endearing moment until she flipped the deodorant around and gunned for the bathroom wall.

“No, not on the bathroom wall!” Andrew squealed. Drew ran away with a mischievous grin, and her dad added, “There she goes!”

Sounds like a true lady to me.

“Maybe she can teach my 13-year-old a few tricks,” one follower joked. “Love this! She’s such a hoot,” another shared.

Apparently, this is a three-year-old pastime because hundreds of parents shared their experience with toddler deodorant fixations.

“My son is three, and put it all over his face,” one parent wrote.

“My three out did this one day, and I said “ooo you smell strong!” And now he puts it on his arms when he needs to feel strong,” another added.

“Ha! Mine insists on the morning “Deo for the BO” as well - plus ‘shaves her legs’ with a plastic fork in the shower. These girls are 3 going on 16,” another joked.

This comment thread deserves a gold medal.

My favorite of the shares is, “My daughter put my husband's old spice deodorant on before school when she was 7. A boy in her class told her that she smelled like his uncle.”

Shawn and Andrew met at the 2012 Olympics and got married in 2016. They now have two children, Drew Hazel, 3, and Jett James, 1.