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Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off On ‘The View’ Talking About Roe V. Wade

And the audience was completely here for it.

Whoopi Goldberg gets emotional when talking about the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

As the world continues to show outrage for the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade, a law enacted in 1973 that protects women’s rights to legal abortion, Whoopi Goldberg has entered the chat with an emotional speech on her daytime talk show, The View.

The news became a trending topic in the media after drafted documents from the Supreme Court were leaked revealing the possible overturn of the ruling. The roundtable, comprising of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and guest Lindsey Granger, fired back and forth regarding the issue on the May 3 show. While the conversation did consider all sides of the subject, the group consensus was certainly against the overturn.

Granger explained that even though Roe v. Wade is critical to the safety of women’s rights, states still have a say, and the issue of legal abortions on the state level has already been a concern.

Whoopi interjected fervently, stating, “I will tell you this is my body, and nobody, you know, you got people telling me I got to wear a mask or don’t wear a mask, or do this, everybody wants to tell me what to do.” She continues on, saying “ but you won’t let me make my decision about my body. You are not the person to make that decision, my doctor and myself, that’s who make the decision.”

Goldberg goes on to her thoughts on why the law was originally enacted, stating “Women in this country lived forever with it being illegal, okay? Women, when they decide that something is not right for them, they’re going to take it into their own hands.”

She starts to speak more powerfully, proclaiming “Well, we got tired of tripping over women in bathrooms, public bathrooms, who were giving themselves abortions because there was nowhere safe, nowhere clean, nowhere to go. This law came about because people wanted people to have somewhere safe and somewhere clean. It has nothing to do with your religion. This is not a religious issue, this is a human issue.”

The cast of The View discusses the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade.


While the studio audience supported her sentiments with applause, she drove her points home by saying:

“If you care about me as a human being, you should know three things: Getting an abortion is not easy. Making that decision is not easy. It’s not something people do lightly, it’s not something you can just do. It is a hard, awful decision that people make. And if you don’t have the wherewithal to understand that, to start this conversation with ‘I know how hard this must be for you,’ if you’re starting it by telling me I’m gonna burn in hell, then you’re not looking out for me as a human being, whether I subscribe to your religion or not.”

The official ruling on whether or not the law will be overturned is expected to be decided by the Supreme Court sometime this summer.

Whoopi is always candid and maybe a little bit too tenacious when it comes to her stance on things, but you got to admit, she’s got a point.