Whoopi Goldberg Stunned 'The View' Costar On Air After Asking Her If She Was Pregnant

She has since apologized for the taboo question.

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Alyssa Farah Griffin laughed off an out-of-the-blue question from her 'The View coanchor, Whoopi Gol...
ABC / The View

Former White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah Griffin laughed off a stunning, out-of-the-blue question from her coanchor on ABC’s The View Whoopi Goldberg.

The ladies of the daytime show were discussing Utah Sen. Mitt Romney's sensible decision not to run for re-election in 2024 and the direction of the Republican party when Goldberg, 67, paused to ask a very taboo question.

“For me, at least, it’s always — the rot has always been there. You cannot have built the country without it. Too much has happened in the country for the rot to have not been there,” she began.

“And it doesn’t have to be Black folks, it’s Native American folks, it’s folks who come from other places. We’ve always had this kind of thing. But it doesn’t not stop us from doing the right thing when people are in need.”

“And so the toughest thing for me has been to watch the disregard for people—” then suddenly, mid-sentence, Goldberg turns to Farah Griffin and asks, “Are you pregnant?”

After an expressive look of shock waved over Farah Griffin’s face, the 34-year-old replied with laughter, “No! Oh my God! You can't say that while my mother-in-law is here! She’s been dying for me to get pregnant.”

“Why would you say that?” Joy Behar asked.

“I just got a vibe,” Goldberg replied. "I’m so sorry! It just… it was just…”

“Please say it's not my tummy!” Farah Griffin said, later adding, "I’m very open to being pregnant soon. I am not blessed to be pregnant yet, but my husband and I are thinking about it."

“Are you sure?” Sunny Hostin chimed in.

“I'm pretty sure,” Farah Griffin— who married husband Justin Griffin in 2021— replied.

Goldberg apologizes again saying, swearing that Farah Griffin jut has “a glow.”

“I’ll take a test when I get home just to be sure,” Farah Griffin said, while Haines joked she should name her firstborn ‘Whoopi.’"

“Don’t do that to the baby,” Goldberg laughed. “But please forgive me, please forgive me.”

After the awkward moment went viral, Farah Griffin went on the Behind the Table podcast to clear a few things up.

While laughing about Whoopi’s blunt nature, she noted that her mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law were in the front row to watch her, so the question caught her especially off guard.

“If there are two people in my life who want me to be pregnant today more than anyone it’s them, so just the most fortuitous timing,” she explained.

As for her supposed glow, she credits her makeup artist.

“Whoopi, she thinks out loud sometimes, and I chose to take it as a compliment — that I’m glowing,” she said. “She’s so sweet."

Whenever the time does come to announce a pregnancy, Farah Griffin joked about the perfect way to let her costar know.

“I'll be sure to blurt it out, if and when I am pregnant. I will definitely interrupt Whoopi to inform her,” she said on the podcast.

Thankfully, Farah Griffin took the entire encounter in stride. However, Goldberg did receive some backlash for her word vomit because, like, you don’t ask someone that!

It’s incredibly rude and there are so many women who struggle with infertility and loss, plus the insecurity and hurt that can come from someone assuming you’re pregnant are no joke especially when that question is asked on live television to millions of people! Good for Farah Griffin for managing to treat the situation with grace and for Goldberg for apologizing.

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