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Will Ferrell Brought More Cowbell To His Son’s First Rock Band Performance

Will Ferrell joined his son Magnus for his first live concert with his signature cowbell.

Will Ferrell joined his son Magnus's band on stage over the weekend with his signature cowbell moves...

If there’s anything a song needs more of, it’s always cowbell. No one knows this better than Will Ferrell, who brought his signature SNL cowbell playing skills to the stage once again for his son Magnus’s first live concert performance over the weekend.

Ferrell joined his 18-year-old son Magnus and his band for their set at San Diego’s Music Box at the Cancer for College charity event over the weekend. Magnus’s band played a quick four-song set at the show, and Ferrell joined them for the last song, an original titled “Back in Place,” per Rolling Stone. Magnus shared some shots of the show on his Instagram, captioning a series of snaps: “damn that was fun.”

For those unfamiliar, one of Ferrell’s most iconic Saturday Night Live characters was cowbell enthusiast Gene Frenkle, who appeared in a sketch featuring Christopher Walken as a music producer in 2000. Walken’s character repeatedly asks for “more cowbell” as the band Blue Öyster Cult does multiple takes of their song “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” — and Ferrell delivers.

The SNL alum previously opened up about how Magnus is quite the comedian.

"I have a freshman in high school, and he's very subtly funny," Ferrell said during a 2018 interview with Parade. The Elf star recalled a yearbook photo prank pulled off by Magnus. "Last year, for his yearbook photo, he borrowed another kid's glasses. He doesn't wear glasses. There he is with this very serious look with glasses on," Ferrell explained.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it seems!

Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin share sons Mangus, Mattias, 16, and Axel, 12. The two first met in 1995 and got married in 2000. They tend to keep their sons out of the spotlight, but clearly Ferrell is all about supporting his sons in their own entertainment industry endeavors.

You can watch Ferrell’s performance with Magnus in its entirety over on Rolling Stone. And for anyone feeling nostalgic or like they have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell, watch the classic SNL clip below: