Eugene Levy Tears Up During Surprise 'Lifetime Achievement' Tribute

by Madison Vanderberg
Eugene Levy Tears Up During Surprise 'Lifetime Achievement' Tribute

Eugene Levy gets emotional after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award and tribute from friends and family

Eugene Levy, star of Schitt’s Creek and dad to my imaginary BFF Dan Levy, just received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival, and like most things these days, the awards show was broadcast over Zoom. Eugene logged on for the presentation of the award and was surprised to learn that he was about to be moved to tears while being toasted, loved, and paid tribute by his friends, family, and Schitt’s Creek coworkers.

“If this doesn’t warm your heart then I don’t know what,” his son Dan Levy wrote on Instagram alongside video from his dad’s Lifetime Achievement tribute. “Watch my Dad try to hold back the tears when he is surprised by his friends and castmates in this little tribute video for his Lifetime Achievement Achievement Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. Love you, Dad! You deserve it all.”

Some of those friends included Steve Martin, Martin Short, the cast of Schitt’s Creek, Jason Biggs from American Pie, and Eugene’s collaborators from his Second City Television days.

It was both funny (Biggs thought he was recording a video for Eugene’s “In Memoriam” tribute) and moving (Noah Reid aka “Patrick” said Eugene and his wife once surprised him by showing up on opening night to see him perform in a play in Canada) and by the end, Mr. Levy was tearing up.

“Eugene really is everyone’s dad. The sweetest, kindest, longest talking dad,” Emily Hampshire aka “Stevie” said with a smile.

“When Eugene laughs at something you’d done, it’s the best feeling in the world,” Jennifer Robertson aka “Jocelyn” added.

“You are very good at what you do and you set a bar for everyone you work with. You are incredibly professional and kind and you have been such a role model, just in terms of how to be good, generally, and good at your job,” his son Dan added.

“I’m so incredibly honored to be your daughter, I’m so incredibly honored to be so close to such a talented person,” Sarah Levy aka “Twyla,” told him.

The tribute video is something to behold, especially if you pine for the good ole days when there were new Schitt’s Creek episodes to watch. Congratulations on your award Mr. Levy, you really are everyone’s dad.