'Falscara' Is Worth A Try — Even If You Normally Hate Fake Lashes

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Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

I have a love/hate relationship with fake lashes and lash extensions. As in, I love the way they look on other people and always think I will look like those people once my lashes are done … but I’m always disappointed.

For one, I have hollows around my eyes, and when I used to get my lashes done my lash artist told me I had to be careful not to go too heavy because it will make the hollows look more pronounced. I also have small features, so too many lashes can be overpowering.

I realize this isn’t the case for everyone, but getting my lashes done did a lot of damage to my actual, natural lashes — and all the money I was spending to get them filled wasn’t worth it to me.

I decided to cut my losses and I let my extensions fall off. I figured I could apply fake lashes on special occasions when I wanted to jazz myself up a bit.

Well, that didn’t go as planned either: Fake lashes are hard to apply, and again, they were too heavy for my eyes and fair skin tone. I tried them all: the cheap ones, the expensive ones, the magnetic ones, the ones that come in smaller clumps so you have more control. I could never get them to look straight, and they always felt uncomfortable on my sensitive eyes.

When I saw a video claiming Falscara by Kiss was the way to go if you wanted fake lashes, I decided to give my lash game one more try. The woman in the video made them look so easy to apply. I was sold.

With Falscara you have no harsh line because you apply little sections of lashes instead of one long one hoping it will fit the curve and shape of your eye. This is great for me because I look better with lashes at the outer corners of my eyes that I can taper as they go to the inner corner.

But the best part is, Falscara doesn’t have any glue or magnetic eyeliner you have to apply.

It comes with a tiny brush that you coat your lashes with first. Literally this is just like putting mascara on. That’s all there is to it.

Then, you apply small sections of lashes to your eyes going underneath the lash line instead of on top. This is genius and makes the lashes look so much more natural, and they are a lot easier to work with. Also, this method allows for more error since you don’t see any harsh lines on top of the lash line.

As I was placing the sections of lashes on, I found that it was easy to adjust them quickly if you didn’t get them just right. It is a lot easier trying to get the fake lashes to stick to your real lashes when you’re working with all your lashes as a magnet versus trying to get the falsies to stick to a line of glue or magnetic eyeliner.

Then, you use the other end of the same pen to seal the lashes — I just gave my lash line a little tap when I put the fake lashes — this keeps your upper lashes from sticking to lower lashes.

You can see how natural they look and I didn’t even have to add any mascara.

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

Now, this is coming from someone who really sucks at applying lashes. I don’t have a steady hand, and even when I put lashes on someone else, I mess them up.

Falscara just grips those fake lashes and they stay on all day. It took me around five minutes to get these lashes on and my eyes weren’t irritated at all. I love how they look and feel.

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

I would advise you to wash your face to loosen the lashes at night, then use a makeup remover made especially for the eyes, then wash your face again. The Falscara didn’t come off when I washed my face that evening and I had to bust into my daughter’s makeup remover, then do another wash to get it all off before I went to sleep.

All of my natural lashes were stayed intact throughout the removal process.

You can’t beat the price for this Falscara kit. You can use the mascara and sealer several times, and just restock the lashes as needed.

So whether you are an expert at lashes, or never wear them but want to, these are definitely worth a try.

If I didn’t find a way to screw them up (a first for me) anyone should be able to apply these babies.

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