New Cookbook Lets Pet Owners Coordinate Meals With Their Cats

by Julie Scagell

You can now pair your dinner with your cat’s thanks to this new Fancy Feast cookbook

If you’re constantly looking for ways to pair your dinner with your feline so you can digest similar-tasting foods even though you’ll only be able to commiserate about how “fish-forward” or “too acidic” the beurre blanc sauce was with your eyes, there is good news on the horizon.

Fancy Feast has launched its Petites line of single-serve cat entrees, along with a cookbook for their humans, that allow us to prepare an equally delectable meal (said no one who has ever opened a can of cat food).

“Mealtime is a bonding experience,” the cookbook’s introduction reads. “We sit at a dining table with our family, we gather with friends. Now Fancy Feast is asking you to extend the invitation to your cat to join you for mealtime as you cook meals inspired by their favorite dishes but made just for you.”

There are 12 recipes featured in the new book titled “Petite Feast: A Cookbook” created by Amanda Hassner, Fancy Feast’s in-house chef. She’s also had some help from James Beard Award nominee Jerrelle Guy and “actor turned baker” Josh Snyder, who is married to actress Angela Kinsey. This cookbook is making a lot of sense if you’ve enjoyed her character on The Office (RIP Sprinkles).

The recipes sound incredible actually, ranging from Chicken and Ramen with Tomato Honey Butter Sauce to Whitefish and Asparagus with Beurre Blanc to Salmon Cappelletelli, all meant to pair with their new line of cat dinners featuring salmon, whitefish, and chicken.

“The cookbook features recipes that are elevated but easy enough to whip up on a weeknight,” Hassner said in a statement. “Each dish was inspired by the small-plate restaurant trend. The recipes are for humans but were created in honor of the dishes you will be serving your cat.”

Don’t know which Fancy Feast Petites to serve with your meal? Purina has you covered. Each recipe is color-coded, so you won’t be getting the stink eye from your fur baby if you dare to eat something that isn’t in line with their meal of fancy.

Their meal is arguably much easier to prepare and costs a lot less than the human version, which means you can spring for a nice bottle of white to go with yours (sorry kitty).

They can lie on the kitchen floor, watching you and silently judging your cooking skills, until you’re all set. Then, simply snap back the lid on their Fancy Feast Petites and voila, your furry friend is on their way to a food-induced coma. But not before you enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

Feel free to download the digital cookbook here. We still can’t sleep 23 hours a day, bite others for no reason, or lick our own buttholes, but hey, at least we can eat like our feline friends. That’s… something.