Scary Mommy Father's Day Gift Guide

Scary Mommy Picks For The Dad In Your Life


It’s time to celebrate the dads of world for all they do — for us and our kiddos. Scary Mommy searched far and wide for the best of the best. So, just in case your brain was fried from doing all that you do, we’ve made it easy with our Scary Mommy Father’s Day gift guide– just a few clicks and you are done.

1. The Veer Wagon

Um, we love this Veer Wagon. Not only because it makes toting the kiddos (and all their stuff) around easier, but because it’s good on all terrains. Dad will love driving this bad boy. We tried it out, not only is it easier to maneuver than a joint stroller, this baby can handle the sand like a dream. Easy to rinse off and load up too. Really, it’s a gift for the kids and parents.

2. I’m Sorry…Love, Your Husband By Clint Edwards


Scary Mommy staff writer Clint Edwards is a father of three who wrote about all the mistakes he’s made as a husband thus far. This book is a must read. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll read paragraphs out loud to your husband and say,” OMG you do this too…”

3.  NFL Electric Football


Playing football can happen whenever he wants regardless of weather. This NFL electric football game will give a taste of the action when he doesn’t feel like moving and there’s not a game on.

4. Under The Weather Pod


The perfect thing to take along to any game, the Under The Weather Pod has enough room to fit a few chairs, and bags or a cooler so everyone stays dry, out of the sun and fed while sitting on the side lines. You might be worried about looking silly, but it won’t be long until everyone else wants one too.

5. Vine Oh! Subscription


Whether he’s a wine connoisseur or just likes to drink the stuff, Vine Oh! sends wines of your choice 4 times a year– you choose whites, reds, or a mix , and you get wine delivered to your door.

6. Air Fryer/ Toaster Oven


It’s not a dream: You can now fry things with the air thanks to this sleek looking air fryer/ toaster oven. Maybe his idea of making dinner is to fry a few things and you’re looking for healthier options, or you just want this for yourself so you can enjoy fries without the guilt. Either way, this will make the whole family healthier, save money on your fancy frying oils, and  it require standing over a popping oil pan.

7. Little Black Book From Zno


Zno makes the sweetest little black books, it’s so easy to create your own. Simply upload pictures from Facebook, Instagram, or your phone with one click, and you hard cover book is made. I’ve bought two of these and they take less than 5 minutes to make– the finished product is wonderful.

8. Redcat Racecar


Let’s face it, remote control cars are fun at any age and it’s perfect gift for him to play with the kiddos, too.

9.  NightBalls


These balls glow in the dark and allow you to have fun and get exercise after the sun goes down. It’s a fantastic way to keep the whole family active all summer long.

10. Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Nothing can make him a filling breakfast faster than this sandwich maker. Recreating his favorite fast-food breakfast takes only five minutes and it’s healthier/cheaper. Winning.

11. Beer Membership


If he’s not into wine but loves his beer, give him the gift that keeps giving him different beers all year long. Beer of The Month Club carefully picks the best craft beers and sends them to you every month.

12. JJ Cole Diaper Bag

This gender-neutral bag fits just about everything dads need to get their dad on. It even has insulated side pockets for bottles and snacks, a tablet sleeve, and a pocket built for keys, phones, and credit cards.

JJ Cole

All the wonderful dads of the world deserve to be celebrated this Sunday, don’t forget to throw in some relaxation time and junk food.

Scary Mommy is wishing them all a happy Father’s Day!

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