Let's Fla-mingle! 10 Flamingo Coloring Pages Perfect For Sharing

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Flamingo Coloring Pages
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Flamingos are such fascinating animals. Out of all the birds in the world, they’ve got the most interesting colorations. Don’t you agree? Of course, flamingos are usually pink or reddish-orange. However, flamingo coloring pages will let you break away from the norm. While real flamingos get their coloration largely due to their diets, your crayons and markers can make these coloring pages shine differently. Want to see what a yellow flamingo might look like? Well, now’s your chance.

Printable coloring sheets are a lot of fun in general, as they’re a cheap and easy way to relieve tension and frustration. Flamingo coloring pages are extra special, as they’ll remind you of summer vacation. While some may be spotted in Florida, most flamingos are located in Central and South America, along with the Caribbean. So, it may be a long time before you can travel to see one in person due to pandemic-related restrictions. Might as well color them in to help channel their joy!

Free Flamingo Coloring Pages

1. Arching Flamingo

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This flamingo looks like it’d be friendly enough to approach in person. With his arched back and big webbed feet, he’ll be a lot of fun to color in. This particular drawing has just enough detail to give this flamingo a bit of a personality, even before adding color. And contrary to popular belief, flamingos are not endangered. They are listed under “least concern.” Did you know flamingos get their pink color from the beta carotene in the plankton and crustaceans they eat? If they didn’t eat them, they would turn white.

2. Proper Flamingo

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This flamingo has fine lines, meaning that it’d be great to color in with colored pencils. It’d be interesting to match the lightness of the lines by using soft pinks and even whites to blend in. Pastel colors are always a hit when it comes to flamingo coloring pages, especially this one. Did you know beneath a flamingo’s wings, it’s actually black? You can only see it when they’re flying. And fun fact: The first flamingo born in a zoo was in Zoo Basel in Switzerland in 1958. It was a Chilean flamingo.

3. Wise Old Flamingo

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This flamingo looks a bit more seasoned. It almost resembles an old character — full of wisdom — you’d find in a children’s book. This bird’s plumage will be quite the experience to color in. Never be afraid to add some shading to give these birds a little more definition. Did you know male and female flamingos take turns sitting on their eggs? They even build their nests together. Also, when a flamingo bends its legs, it’s not its knees that are buckling. Flamingos actually have really high ankles that bend. Their knees are much higher up and hidden underneath their feathers.

4. Young and Feisty Flamingo

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This flamingo looks a bit younger than the one above. Perhaps if you choose to print out all of these flamingo coloring pages, you can write your own story. Maybe they’re all related in some way or distant relatives. We think this one kind of looks like that one cocky cousin we all have, strutting around looking for a fight. But people love flamingos for a reason. Even their names are a representation of their beauty. It comes from the Spanish word “flamenco” which means fire and refers to the bird’s bright feathers.

5. Flamingo With Flowers

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This friendly little flamingo has a gift for you! This is a sweet drawing to color in, especially if you’ve chosen to stick towards a standard pink color for the body. The flower will give you a chance to explore other colors and see what looks best. And fun fact: Like swans, flamingos have an ugly duckling story too. They are born grey and scruffy and eventually blossom into beautiful pink birds. And guess how many eggs they lay a year? The answer is one!

6. Finely Drawn Flamingo

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Looking for a new tattoo? The detail in this drawing makes it a pretty solid contender. Color it in and see if you become even more fond of it. This flamingo is a great mix of both a cartoon and a realistic bird, making it extra fun to work with. Did you know flamingos can live up to 60 years? The longest lifespan of a flamingo ever recorded was from the Australian Zoo. It died at 83!

7. Stick-Figure Flamingo

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This simple flamingo is perfect for beginners — or anyone who prefers to color using crayons. It can be a little hard to color in thinner lines with crayons, so this is a drawing that’d really benefit from them. Also, if you’re ever in the mood for a colorful breakfast, add a flamingo egg to your meal. Sometimes they lay eggs with pink yolks!

8. Pensive Flamingo

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Speaking of thin lines, you’ll likely want to switch back to colored pencils or markers for this drawing. This flamingo seems to have a lot on its mind. Create a story by giving him a background. Where is he standing? Is he at a beach, or is he lost outside someone’s house? Or maybe he’s in Ancient Rome. During that time, people would eat flamingo tongues as a delicacy.

9. Funny Flamingo

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This flamingo looks like it’s right in the middle of telling a funny joke. Out of all of the flamingos so far, this one looks like it has the most personality and charm. After coloring it in, consider drawing a friend for it to hang out with. Fun fact: In the flamingo world, both males and females can produce crop milk to feed their babies. It’s filled with protein, fat, and red and white blood cells. YUM!

10. Full-of-Grace Flamingo

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This flamingo looks majestic and graceful — and those are two traits that always draw people to flamingos. As far as animals go, they’re like no other. They really are a sight to see and a great animal to decorate your home with. In other words, print out these coloring pages, put ’em in a frame, and hang ’em on the wall, Mama.

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