Four Seasons Total Landscaping Joked About 'Schitt's Creek' On Twitter — And 'Schitt's Creek' Responded

by Kristine Cannon
four seasons schitt's creek tweet
CBC, Four Seasons Total Landscaping/Twitter

‘[David] would have made an excellent mood board for the occasion,’ one user tweeted

Show of hands if you haven’t stopped thinking about Four Seasons Total Landscaping since the now-infamous post-Election Day press conference last Saturday. Us, too. And luckily, we don’t have to stop talking about the landscaping business hilariously mistaken for an actual Four Seasons hotel, because this weekend, the business’ Twitter account caught the attention of none other than award-winning show Schitt’s Creek — and for good reason.

On Friday, Four Seasons Total Landscaping tweeted: “Team is workin’ late packin’ up merch orders… We just popped in the Nickleback CD Rudy left there.” They’re, of course, talking about Rudy Giuliani, who led the news conference where he and the rest of Trump’s team answered questions in a run-down parking lot. Four Seasons Total Landscaping’s funny tweet quickly took off, with one user writing, “these dudes have hired a SMM, because this shit is hilarious.”

Four Seasons Total Landscaping then quipped back with the most perfect response.

“We actually hired a ‘freelance brand invigorator’ name Alexis Rose,” they tweeted, to which Schitt’s Creek responded the next day, “omg.”

And we’re over here just like,


Just kidding; it was more like,


And we weren’t the only ones who hit that “like” button at lightning-speed.




Four Seasons Total Landscaping has kept busy since Trump’s team’s parking lot news conference.

Just a day later (last Sunday), the business began selling merch, like T-shirts and hoodies and stickers that featured slogans such as “Lawn and Order.” Then, on Monday, they began offering face masks. And by Tuesday, they sold out. “We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we’ve received! You all are amazing” they wrote on Facebook.

Don’t worry, though; merch is now back on their website, including this “Make America Rake Again” shirt ($25):

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Initially, the Philadelphia-based business did receive backlash for hosting the conference.

“We were honored to be asked to host a press conference at our facility,” they wrote on Facebook. “We thank all of those that have shown support for our business and while we understand the negative comments, it saddens us that we have received such harsh judgement. Our team at Four Seasons would have proudly hosted any presidential candidate’s campaign at our business.”

But that, clearly, didn’t keep Four Seasons Total Landscaping from bouncing back — and amassing a bigger social media following.

In fact, today, they posted this timeless work of art on their socials, and followers loved it.

“I’d like to get an appraisal on this beautiful piece of work,” one user wrote. Another posted what she imagined the LEGO set would look like:

Keep it up, Four Seasons Total Landscaping. We love this journey for you.