From The Confessional: How We Feel About Our Dogs

by Karen Johnson
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How We Really Feel About Our Dogs: dog running on grass
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There’s a reason they are said to be our best friends. They are fiercely loyal. They let our kids crawl all over them. They forgive us immediately for leaving, for ignoring them, for forgetting to give them dinner or take them outside. They love us unconditionally and leave our hearts shattered when they die.

There’s no better companion than a dog.

But they’re also annoying AF. Dogs are like kids in lots of ways. We love them, but we dream of life without them sometimes. We long for sleeping in when they wake us up at 6 a.m. on Saturdays. We miss the days when our furniture wasn’t covered in dog hair and our shoes weren’t chewed to bits.

However, despite all the annoyances our furry four-legged friends cause, we keep them forever and continue to add more dogs to our families. Our beloved Yorkie goes on to doggy heaven, and what do we do? Get a puppy. Or we bring home a rescue mutt we found at a local shelter and think “he needs a friend” so we get another.

Because, dogs are the best. Even when they are the worst.

We had to put our beloved dog down last night, the one who put my heart back together after a previous furry family member loss 5 years ago. I’m heartbroken and can’t stop crying. I don’t want to play god. We LOVE you so much, Freckles! RIP, sweet boy

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I know this pandemic is terrible but it has allowed me to work from home and thus be with my beloved dog who is sick and been given 6 months to live. I am so very grateful for this silver lining.

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We know the day will come when we have to say goodbye. But we cannot prepare for how much our hearts will hurt, how empty our houses will feel, how much we’ll miss their presence.

DH is loving, playful, affectionate and patient...with the dog. I can't believe I'm jealous of the fucking dog.

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The only reason why I’ve stayed with SO of 8 years is because we have a dog.

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Our dogs shed light on the truths of our relationships—for better or worse.

I can't stand my dogs and I feel so guilty. They're so fucking annoying.

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It's cruel, but I can't help but think "serves you right" that the dog is suffering a bit after stealing and eating my bag of spicy pork rinds. Maybe next time you'll stay out of my stuff, dummy.

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6 days without drinking but damn I don’t think I’ll make it through without at least one shot, worked all night, kids being extra shitty, 1.5 hrs in grocery pickup line, dogs anal glands are leaking all over everything I just washed yesterday. FUCK!

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My dog is a bigger cockblocker then my kids ever were

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But yeah, they drive us nuts. They get in the way, demand constant attention, ruin our shit, and sometimes make us wonder if we should ever even brought them home. But then we remember that we love them fiercely and yes, they’re meant to be here. (Dog breath and all.)

Anything with two legs has always been a massive disappointment. Love my dog, and pretty much just my dog.

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Told my husband not to touch the bacon because it was going into a quiche for dinner. I fed the dog two pieces when he was out of the room.

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After being quarantined with my husband and kid, I decided if I were stranded on a desert island I would only take the dog ✌

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I’m more concerned about my dogs than I am for h. Stocking up on their food

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I know police are legally allowed to shoot your dog if it's in their way, but there's a fair chance I'd loose control and attack the officer. He may be "just a dog" to you but he's my best friend.

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Because the truth is, we sometimes love them more than our humans. We choose them over our spouses and kids because they don’t talk back or piss us off nearly as much as our two-legged family members do.

Xh whined about his stolen dogs. I did it. I stole the dogs and they are now happily living with someone who loves them and treats them well. Shhhh, our little secret.

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My old dog is having a tough time. His favorite child, my oldest is no longer interested in him. He now checks on toddler and watches the baby. The oldest will have no say when it's time to get another dog.

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And when we think they are suffering, or lonely, or being mistreated, we will not stop at nothing to make it better for our sweet, loyal dogs.

I can’t tell if my dog likes that we are all home or if he is already sick of us.

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Feel sad, worthless and alone. No one to talk to, no fiends beyond my dog.

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They are stuck with us just as we are stuck with them. But we are pretty sure they don’t mind being our best friend.

There’s a reason nearly everyone you know has a dog. And why we all grew up with our beloved golden retrievers or black labs. And why more and more hotels are dog-friendly and why so many patients opt for dogs as their form of therapy. Because even though they lick their butts and then try to lick your face, there’s really no better pet and friend than a loyal pup.

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