From The Confessional: From Babies To Balls, All The Stuff Folks Like To Sniff

by Team Scary Mommy

Humans are weird. We’re supposed to be this smart AF, dominant species, but then we do random ass shit and suddenly we’re asking ourselves, “Why am I the way that I am?”

For example, the things we find “pleasurable” can often fall under that “bizarre, doesn’t-make-sense” type of category. Particularly when it comes to smells. You probably know someone who really loves the smell of gas (or maybe that’s you). Or smells like skunk spray—and other rancid stinks that the rest of the world finds offensive—maybe you like them. Maybe while everyone else is gagging, you’re like “hmmmm… nice.” (Even though you worry that the world will think you’re a giant weirdo.)

Well, if you tend to like “gross” smells that you think people will judge you for, you’re not alone. Just read through our confessional and see how many people like to smell feet, farts, and even armpits for pleasure. See? We’re all a bunch of freaks! It’s all good.

I think my own farts (and sometimes my poo) smell good. But when my kids say that, about their own, I act disgusted.

Confessional #25840300

God, the smell of my farts give me so much happiness when I'm feeling down.

Confessional #25833277

My husbands balls smell like baked bread. I like it. So embarrassing.

Confessional #25840277

i like this one guy. hes ugly and smelly HORRIBLE but I like him. Do I confess?!

Confessional #25836991

There’s definitely a large percentage of the population who actually enjoys smells that other people find horrid. Like farts. And freshly baked bread-testicles, for example.

I sniff my panties every time I go to the bathroom. I love how I smell.

Confessional #25838553

Had some great sex last night, fell asleep right after..woke up late this morning with no time to shower...I kind of like smelling like a whore :)

Confessional #1481521

I kind of like the way my pee smells after I drink coffee.

Confessional #25827719

I like smelling my armpit. It's gross and satisfying at the same time.

Confessional #1480814

Apparently, if you’re a panty-sniffer (specifically of your own crotcharoma) or take an occasional pleasure-whiff of your armpit, there are other people just like you who find such experiences truly odor-ific!

I like smelling my babies feet. Sometimes they are a little stinky.

Confessional #1710663

I'm in my 50s and I still use Dreft Baby Laundry Detergent on my own clothes. It smells wonderful, it doesn't make me itch, and it takes me back to when I used it to wash my dolls' clothes. Those were good times.

Confessional #25837715

I love the baby smell of my dd when she first wakes up in her wet overnight diapers. I could snuggle with her forever at that time of day.

Confessional #25836341

I love the smell of my boob juice fed infant’s poop and breath.

Confessional #25822343

Aaaaah, babies. So many glorious smells attached to our tiny barnacles, aren’t there?! From the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes, babies come with an array of sweet (and not so sweet) smells, but many of us love to soak them all in. Like alllll of them.

I’m the type of person who gets excited over little things; the sun creating a rainbow on the wall, the smell of freshly washed sheets. It kills me a little more every time I try to share w/ DH he acts like I’m ridiculous & not in a cute way

Confessional #25821883

I love the smell of new leather.  That's not some kinky double entendre or BDSM innuendo - I love the smell of new leather the way other people love "new car" smell.

Confessional #25829547

I want to go to my gram & gramp's house. I want to eat baloney sandwiches and frozen Twinkies while watching those chiller/thriller B movies on Saturday afternoon. I want them to tell me old family stories while delicious smells come from the kitchen.

Confessional #25825317

All my kids think I'm some reactionary Luddite for preferring real books to eBooks on a reader. A reader doesn't give the satisfaction of turning a page or the musty-sweet smell of the pages in an old book.

Confessional #25817090

And then there’s all the other satisfying smells in life—freshly washed sheets, leather, and the nostalgia of your grandparents’ house. That’s the stuff, right there. Those are the smells of life.

Not all the smells on this list fall under the “WTF” category. I think we all pine for some comforting, familiar smell like Grandma’s house or newborn feet. But if it’s your own armpit stank or your husband’s ballsack that does it for you—we’re not here to judge. Life is hard. Find your peace and pleasure where you can. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, sniff away.