10 Fruit Coloring Pages That Are Berry Much Fun

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Fruit Coloring Pages
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Who doesn’t love fruit? Fruits are the natural candy of the world. Different varieties come in all of the bright, bold colors of the rainbow and in every shape and size. And let’s not forget how delicious and nutritious of a food they are. They’re loaded with all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber, which makes them as good for our bodies as they are for our tastebuds — and which also makes fruit the perfect healthy snack for kids. Your little ones are getting necessary nutrition without even knowing it! If you want to encourage your little ones’ appetite for this wonder food, we’ve got just the thing: fruit coloring pages.

We put together some of the sweetest, juiciest printables featuring fresh fruit for your coloring enjoyment. And while your little artist is filling them in, you can fill them in on some interesting facts about fruits. For example, the fruit of the coconut tree can float for thousands of miles across the ocean, which is why so many islands have coconut trees. Or that mangoes are the most popular fruit in the world.

Basically, there are numerous reasons why fruits are so delicious and fascinating. You’ll have a berry fun time bringing these fruit coloring pages to life.

Free Fruit Coloring Pages

1. Melon Slice

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Thanks to “Watermelon Sugar,” we’re pretty sure this might just be Harry Styles’ favorite fruit — and for good reason. Watermelons are not only bright and colorful but great for hydration on hot summer days. As its name indicates, watermelons are 92 percent water… but 100 percent delicious. And just in case your kiddo was wondering, a watermelon will not grow in their tummy if they swallow a seed. But they will get a little boost in magnesium, zinc, and protein. Do you know the official state vegetable for Oklahoma? It’s watermelon!

2. Pear & Apple

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What a tasty trio of fruit a pear, apple, and peach make! We love the different shapes and colors of this bunch. Pears can be found in tons of different colors: green, red, yellow, gold, and brown. Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, and yellows. Peaches have three different flesh colors: yellow, white, and red. In the United States, yellow is the most common. Ask your little one how will they color these ones? Will they pick a known color variety, or get adventurous and pick a bold color? And here’s a tip. Pears are considered a hypoallergenic fruit. So, if your kid has a knack for getting allergies, pears are probably one of the safer fruits to give your munchkin.

3. Pomegranate

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Mmm, pomegranate! This beautiful and delicious fruit means “apple with many seeds” — even though they belong to the berry family. The seeds in a pomegranate are said to number 613. Christians believe these seeds symbolize each of the Bible’s 613 commandments and represent sanctity, fertility, and abundance. Weird fruity fact: Before people smoked cigarettes, there were pear cigarettes. In Europe, people smoked pear leaves. We wonder if they were healthier than regular cigs…

4. Healthy Choice: Fruit

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Fruit is a nutritious snack that kids enjoy. Just ask this cute fella! Good sources of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, folate, and many other nutrients and vitamins, fruit helps your kid’s body and mind be healthy. Bonus? Studies show regular consumption of fruits, vegetables, and milk contributes to high levels of school performance. So, if you love pears like our little friend above, the states that produce the most are Washington, Oregon, California, New York, and Michigan.

5. Healthy Choice: Fruit No. 2

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It’s important for parents to instill healthy eating habits at a young age. Not sure how to get your kiddo on board? Turning healthy eating into a game can be a good way to teach kids about fruit. Using real fruit or pictures of fruit, have your little one sort out as many different types of fruit as possible according to color, shape, and taste. Fun fact: Strawberries were so admired in ancient Rome, that they used the berry to treat almost everything, from sore throats to depression. And funnier fact: Strawberries are actually a member of the rose family. They are also the only fruit that have their seeds on the outside!

6. Citrus

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Citrus fruits are so fun and bright, aren’t they? Just looking at their neon colors makes you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere. As your little one is filling in the shades for the orange, lemon, and lime, you might want to share with them where they’re grown. Most citrus fruits are grown in Brazil, China, and the United States, where they are mainly grown in California, Arizona, and Texas.

7. Pineapples

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The pineapple is fruit royalty at its finest. What other fruit has a beautiful crown like this one? Pineapple is a unique fruit, part of which can be attributed to the fact it isn’t an apple or pine! But it does take up to 18 to 20 months — and sometimes three years — to grow, but they’re definitely a fruit worth waiting for. They also grow way faster upside down!

8. Berries

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Berries are so small, sweet, and cheerful-looking with their array of jewel tones. The berry is often labeled as a “superfood” and is recommended to kids for its high nutrition and delicious taste.

9. Boy With Grapes

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Grapes are a yummy treat for kids, as this little guy can surely attest to. They can be eaten raw, or used for juice and jelly/jam. And, of course, Mom’s choice — wine. Grapes are truly the OG of fruits; they date back to at least 65 million years. Here’s a fruity fact: Japanese farmers grow watermelons in fun shapes like hearts, pyramids, and sometimes even human faces.

10. Clusters of Grapes

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Grapes come in different colors; red, purple, white, and green. But, of course, your little artist might have other ideas! If your little one stretches their imagination, they can even pretend this second cluster of grape is a group of olives. Kind of looks like it, right? Fun fact: Grapes come in many colors like green, red, black, yellow, pink, and purple. What a rainbow!

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