Girl Scouts Honor Betty White With 'Inspiring Woman' Commemorative Patch

by Christina Marfice
Amanda Edwards/Getty

Girl Scouts can now do good deeds to earn a patch in honor of Betty White as part of a series on “inspiring women”

When Betty White died on Dec. 31, she left an incredible legacy behind. The Golden Girls actress was known for being a feminist, fighting against racism and for LGBTQ+ rights, advocating for animals, and so much more — all on top of just being an incredibly smart, funny, and lovely person. Now, White’s legacy is being honored in a way that feels so fitting: The Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore are offering a nationwide “Inspiring Women” program that will allow members across the country to earn a commemorative patch honoring White.


“We are truly saddened at Betty White’s passing, but the incredible response to the patch program is a wonderful tribute to her impact on women,” Heather Coburn, the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, told People magazine. “She is a strong role model for girls — a feminist, civil rights supporter, animal activist, brilliant actress, and overall nice human being.”

The “Inspiring Women” program has been going on since Oct. 2021, and White was actually chosen to be January’s honoree before she died. 712 people initially signed up, but since White’s death, that number has jumped to more than 2,000 across the country.

The program will teach Girl Scouts about White’s career and what made her so inspiring to many people. Girls who hope to earn the patch can build a pretend TV, create their own game show, advocate for animals, and practice being good friends and getting along with others.

White joins an incredible list of role models who have already been honored as “Inspiring Women,” including Shirley Chisholm, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. For Girl Scouts who want to earn the Betty White patch, there’s still time to sign up. Registration costs $10, and a live introduction will be held via Zoom in Jan. 12.