Grimes Got 'Alien Scars' Tattoos All Over Her Back

by Madison Vanderberg

Grimes got an “alien scar” tattoo and that feels extremely on-brand for her

Grimes, best known for being a talented musical artist and also for having a baby with a **unique** name, just got a new tattoo that’s supposedly of “alien scars.” Unclear what “alien scars” are, per se, but this is a woman who has a child with Elon Musk, a man who is obsessed with going to space, her Instagram bio simply reads: “Martian Technocracy,” and she named her child X Æ A-12, which seem like the coordinates to an alien planet, so, this new tattoo tracks for her.

Also, a quick scroll through her Instagram shows a woman who is deeply devoted to outer space. Some of us really like candles, others are super into extra-terrestrial planets and beings, so, tomato-tomahto.

At first glance, her new body art looks like scarification, where you literally create scars on the body (think Michael B. Jordan’s entire chest as Killmonger in Black Panther), but according to Grimes, it’s actually just white ink and yes, to answer your question: It does hurt.

“Full back in white ink by @tweakt w sum help from the alien computer brain of @nusi_quero,” Grimes posted on social alongside a full photo of her back. “Don’t have a good pic cuz it hurts too much and I need to sleep haha, and it’ll be red for a few wks , but gna be beautiful alien scars.”

She punctuated the post with a “hope everyone’s having a good day,” because she may be a quirky lady, but she is nothing if not polite.

She modeled the “alien scar” tattoo art off this piece of art. Don’t exactly know what I’m looking at, or was aware that alien life form typically had scars, but the image below was created with some help from an artist named Nusi Quero. After browsing Quero’s Instagram for a minute, it’s clear that his work is quite literally “alien inspired,” because I guess that’s a thing now. The people want aliens!

Grimes / Instagram

Regardless, the tattoo artist (identified on Instagram as only Jacob), did a great job recreating these celestial alien marks.

According to her Instagram Stories (as excerpted by Buzzfeed News), Grimes was very involved in the process and the artist released this statement (via LA Times) about the ink.

“Last night was an amazing experience, @tweakt and I collaborated on a tattoo for @grimes entire back, a courageous and beautiful decision and Talisman she will carry with her from here forward, an armor, a spectral field that will affect and protect her in ways unknown but no doubt with a benevolence of some kind,” Quero wrote.

And there you have it.