Here’s All The Reasons Halloween Is The Best Holiday EVER

by Team Scary Mommy
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Remember how Halloween used to be a one-day event? Kids wore costumes, knocked on doors for some candy, and called it a day.

Not anymore, right?!

Halloween is now a month-long holiday party and we are HERE for it! From eating all the candy (before your kids don’t notice it’s gone) to decorating your house to pranks that indulge your dark sense of humor, Halloween has it all.

And you know what Halloween *doesn’t* have? Anxiety!

Sure, it can be dicey putting together the perfect Halloween costume. But do you have to buy presents and cook an enormous meal of sentimental favorites while hosting your cousin’s in-laws? Do you have to stage a photo shoot in coordinated outfits and send out cards? No. No, you do not. (And if you do, I think it’s time to talk about setting boundaries.)

No, instead Halloween is pure fun. A holiday devoted to dressing up and eating candy would be enough. But Halloween delivers SO MUCH MORE!

Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year, witches.


1. All the Fall Things

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Yes, the calendar says fall begins at the end of September. But for many of us, the season doesn’t really begin until it gets chilly — which means right around the end of October. Halloween means we can do outdoor activities without breaking into a sweat. Hello, hayrides! Hey there, trip to the pumpkin patch! Did someone say Family Zombie Walk? Boo at the Zoo? All those fun family things are finally in full swing for everybody right around All Hallow’s Eve.

2. Making Your House the Must-Visit for Trick-or-Treaters

Are you a little competitive? (Come on, we all are!) Halloween lets you indulge your need to win creativity and go nuts making your house the must-visit destination on your block. Whether it’s homemade treats, scary sound effects, or the cutest treat boxes, go for it! You got this.

3. Costumes

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The greatest thing about Halloween costumes is that whether they’re over-the-top elaborate or thrown together at the last possible minute, there’s something so fun about getting dressed up. And walking all over the neighborhood with a bunch of other people who are also dressed up? That’s just silly fun.

Out of ideas for costumes this year? Wear what you wore to work that day and go as Incredibly Tired Mom.

4. Zero-Effort Treats

Spending all day in the kitchen to create the perfect seasonal dinner? Hard pass. This is honestly one of the most underappreciated aspects of Halloween. Halloween looks at all the work that goes into big holiday meals and says, “Go! I want you to have fun with your family. All I ask is that the kids have some kind of protein and get in bed before midnight, OK? You’re welcome.”

5. Movie Nights


Is there a holiday with better movies than Halloween? I’ll wait. Halloween movies are the BEST! And movies mean movie snacks. Regular old candy and popcorn are fine, of course. But it’s Halloween! Why not make it a little more fun with ghoulishly delicious treats like Brach’s Uni-Corns candy corn and Halloween-edition popcorn? And it’s not like you have to do any extra prep. Just grab a couple bags on your next Kroger run and you’re done!

6. Pranks!

If you enjoy pranks but have to be repeatedly reminded that adults aren’t supposed to prank each other (sorry, Dave in Accounting!) Halloween is for you! This time of year you can get away with playing the most excellent pranks on your kids. Word of caution: Be sure your pranks are age-appropriate and not more than your kids can handle. This is for your own protection! Do you really want to be awake all night explaining that they truly were grapes and not actual eyeballs?

7. Spooky Decor

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Decorating your house for Halloween is fun, easy, and surprisingly inexpensive. The sheer number of Halloween decorating options these days is a little overwhelming — in the best possible way. Bring on the glitter pumpkins, fully posable skeletons, and jack-o’-lanterns with lights, sound effects, and Wi-Fi!

8. Leftover Candy

That’s HILARIOUS. But hey, some people say it exists.

9. Limited-Edition Foods

One of the things that makes any holiday, well, a holiday is that there are special seasonal foods that you enjoy just once a year. And your favorite snacks get a holiday makeover! For example, are you aware that your neighborhood Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, or other Kroger Family Kroger Stores has Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats? This is not a drill!

10. There Is Candy


So. Much. Candy.

The Kroger Family of Stores is your best spot for all things Halloween. But if you can’t make it into the store, Kroger’s got you covered. The Kroger app makes it easy to order all your Halloween treats right from your phone, either delivered to your home or brought right to your car. Download the app to start shopping online today!

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