Yes, You Should Have a Third Child

I’ve run a few posts lately on the difficulties of having three children and the merits of having just two. I’m certainly not on a mission to prevent third children, but can see how the posts would be interpreted that way. Last week, a reader commented that she thought she wanted three kids, but was having second thoughts thanks to my postings, which was never my intent at all. So, for the record: I love having three children and truly can’t imagine my life any other way. If you are on the fence about if you should have a third child or not, I most definitely recommend expanding your family. Your days will no doubt be more hectic, more challenging and more overwhelming, but they will also be filled with more wonder and more love than ever before. How could you not want that?

Here are ten (out of a gazillion) reasons I love my third child…


1. He doesn’t just kiss you; he grabs your face with both hands and KISSES YOUR FACE OFF. He does’t just hug you; he envelopes you completely. Everyone he loves, he loves fiercely.


2. He brings out the silliness in everyone around him. It’s just impossible not to laugh around Evan.

Scary Mommy HiRes-45

3. He dives into everything he does one hundred and ten percent (often without looking and always causing me near heart attacks, but still.)


4. He completely worships his big brother and big sister.


5. He will find his way into your arms and make himself completely at home there.

Ev + friend

6. He is happy just to come along for the ride, his expectations pathetically low.


7. He’s got a style all his own, and he rocks it.


8. He is pure and utter sweetness, even when he is up to no good.


9. He made our family complete, despite it never feeling incomplete before.


10. He will always be my baby, long after he isn’t a baby anymore. I know so, because he promised me. And I’m holding him to it.

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Tina D 1 week ago

I have four…..and the world of possibilities have always seemed endless….we had a great system….a boy…7 years later a girl….five years later another girl (see the trend, college would have been paid for before the next one started) and then 12 months (yes months and 5 days to be exact) another girl….but I can’t imagine a world without her…..she has a huge quiet fierceness about her….she didn’t say at word at preschool the entire year, but could read…..she alternatively hates and loves her big sisters, worships her brother, gives her opinion (only at home) takes revenge after hugging you….and sings and dances into everyone hearts……

Alyssa 3 months ago

Whoa I had a stroke from my pregnancy too! I was 19 at the time and also am unable to have more children. Lucky for my 7 year old though, I split up with his dad and now he should be expecting a half sister this summer.

I on the other hand have no maternal drive. I’m happy to have a guarantee for no more babies (I got a tubal ligation). Seeing families with a bunch of kids makes me cringe, and babies are nearly invisible to me so I’m pretty happy about the way things have turned out.

just remember, if you really want another baby, there is ALWAYS another way. It may take a while, many alternatives are expensive.. But there is always a solution. Good luck

desiree 5 months ago

I have a 2 year old daughter and 1 year old son I want a third but is it too soon or no

Vanessa 10 months ago

The more I think about it, the more I want a third. My husband protests and at one point I suggested that if he feels so strongly about it, then he can just go have a vasectomy. I said it not thinking he would even consider it but he agreed so quickly that it broke my heart. His reasonings of course are valid (money and time) but I feel like someone is missing from our family.

natalya 11 months ago

I randomly found this blog posting and it literally brought tears to my eyes. My husband had a vasectomy a few months ago and we’re pretty sure he’s probably just about sterile. We have two under two right now and struggle to make ends meet, but I can’t help feeling that our family will always be missing that “third.” But I think it would be selfish to frantically try to conceive before the vasectomy takes effect, due to our financial position.

Bree 1 year ago

Violet has always been on board for her role as the baby of the family, she was my “lap baby” from the beginning, always snuggling into an empty lap. A week away from 5yo, she’s still a snuggler, the most chill, accommodating, even to her very emotionally needy 6yo sister, and a total joy.
When in doubt, ALWAYS, have that extra baby. You know the saying-You will never regret the children you have, just the ones you don’t.

Gina 1 year ago

This post has solved my 5 year long debate with myself about having another child… We have struggled for 5 years having 2 girls less than one year apart it seemed we were inevitably broke constantly and living in a place were little more than minimum wage is offered for work it was hard. I recently got a high paying job at my kids school no less and have now begun to scrutinize the idea more fiercely my birth control recently ran out and weve been playing it careful not entirely sure what we want. But the lure of having a son is very strong. Considerations about the 50/50 chance have been mulled over and wed be ecstatic for a girl also but its the worry of upsetting our life as it is now but your post reminded me that chaos is life it makes wonderful memories and life is never supposed to be calm. So I guess what Im saying is thank you.

Christina 1 year ago

I just want to say your son Evan is absolutely gorgeous. If I could dream up a cute little boy he would look just like him. I have two girls and have been on the fence about a third because I’d love to have a son, but not sure how good my chances of having another boy would be. Happy with my two girls. Thanks for the great article. :)

DontBlameTheKids 1 year ago

If I could afford the daycare bill (and also if I weren’t separated from my husband, obviously), I would have a third in a heartbeat. I was on the fence about two, but I don’t regret it, even though being a single mom of two is way, way harder than being a single mom of one.

Claire Anslow 1 year ago

I am at the same place as you! I currently have a girl almost 6yrs and a 4 yr old boy and long for a third. Up until recently we couldmt have afforded it but now i have had a promotion and have removed that arguement with my husband, but he is still really resistant to the idea and i worry that if i forced him he would hate me for it. I dont want to put my marriage in danger but i know that if i dont have another i will regret it for the rest of my life :( i also worry that i am leaving it too late now. My other two are getting older, i dont want the third child to feel alone

Amber 1 year ago

your third and my third sound a lot alike. its either a boy thing or its a third child thing… my son is the sweetest, loving kid I have ever met. My older 2 who are grls are loving but he just shows love in a whole way. he picks flowers(well weeds), he tells you randomly he loves you, he cuddles, he hold my hand when we are walking.. He is the sweetest kid ever

Katelyn 1 year ago

My husband and I are at that point of discussing a third child but we’re so undecided about it. We have an almost seven year old boy and an almost five year old girl and everyone says “you have a boy and a girl, you don’t need anymore. That’s perfect!” A boy and a girl or two boys and two girls has nothing to do with it. My husband was the second child of four and I was the third child of three so we both have such good memories of growing up with multiple siblings. I think it’s just scarier the third time especially because our other two were so close in age that we literally had no time to adjust to sleep or independence with the kids and now their older and its in some ways easier. It makes going back to having a baby seem a bit scary but then I think if it wasn’t something we wanted or thought we could handle, we probably wouldn’t even be thinking about it at all. You don’t scare me away from three at all, in fact I think it’s more so the opposite. :)

Fullofjoy 1 year ago

We have 3 kiddos, and our third, a girl, sounds exactly like your third!! They really do add so much joy and laughter to the family. I couldn’t imagine not having 3, but many days wonder if two would’ve been a bit easier. I wouldn’t change it for the world!

TheKnowerseeker 1 year ago

Your daughters are probably thrilled, right? :-) I have all sons, three of them, and my older two *love* my youngest and are very protective big brothers of him. (My older two are closer in age to each other like your older two, though not quite so removed in age from their little brother as is your family’s case.)

mamato3kids 1 year ago

I would never have had my third child if I knew then what chaos he would bring to our lives. I had many people tell my when I just had two “Don’t have 3” Wish I would have listened.

LadyBenji 1 year ago

This is awesome and your son is so cute! All your kids are. I am hoping to conceive my third child this year. This post reminds me of why I am looking forward to it. Thank you.

Geri719 1 year ago

I have 3 children and love it!! They are 11, 9 and 4. Life is busy but so so joyful.

Annie 1 year ago


Kaz Beattie 2 years ago

Third and subsequent children have to work that little bit harder to win your time and affection, as babies they have to fit in around the families needs. This gives them a very different outlook on life .
They tend to use charm, charisma and comedy to gain attention as they know the usual negative tricks won’t work due to having wisened parents. They have a style of their own because they have been allowed make their own decisions and given more freedom.
When I was expecting my third I was terrified that it would be triple the work. The jump from one to two children was immense but a third and even a fourth were not like that at all. They were both joyous content babies who were simply happy to exist and be a part of something wonderful. No expectations were placed upon them and they have no expectation of the world. They work hard to please you and give the best most loving cuddles ever.
They care about my wellbeing as a mother and will do anything to please me.

tee 2 years ago

I loved this. Especially as we await #4 😉

mara 2 years ago

I have a boy age 7, daughter age 5 and another 1 1/2 year old son. I thought I was done with two and our third was unexpected. But I can’t imagine it any other way. The older two are completely enamored with him as he is with them. He is the happiest of all my children as a toddler which I attribute to him having so much love in the house. It’s amazing and my family wouldn’t feel complete without him even though as you stated it didn’t feel incomplete before.

Mari 2 years ago

love this! Very true! I was so set on my 2 girls who are 15 months apart. Practically raised them up as twins. Everything was so easy but we both really wanted a third child.. thats when we were blessed with our little boy! thank u for sharing!

Erin 2 years ago

So very true! Our sixth just as delightful & precious as each of her older siblings. In fact, it’s even more fun as we get to see big and tough teenage football players head over heels in love with their baby sister. If we would have stopped at any arbitrary number we would have missed so many blessings. As I am forty, who knows if God will see fit to bless us again, but I am so thankful that we were open to Him.

erin h 2 years ago

alright sign me up for #3. even though i’ve got a chatty 5yo and a non sleeping 1yo, i’m ready for a little boy!

MSWShellsy 2 years ago

My third child, my “baby” is going to be 19 in a few weeks…and he’ll always be my “baby” too. So much of what you said about your little Evan can be said of my son as well. He made my life “more complete” than it had ever been, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Jennifer Walk 2 years ago

I am pregnant with my 3rd. A completely unexpected, astonishing, Earth-shattering discovery. Our daughters are 8 and 10. We had been ‘done’ having babies for quite some time! This article made me cry. Ok, the crazy pregnancy hormones probably had something to do with it, too. Although we certainly didn’t TRY to conceive this baby, I am becoming more grateful every day that we did. :)

mommyto3 2 years ago

Three is amazing, don’t have doubts!

Bobbi 2 years ago

I had twin girls via IVF and never planned on a third child. I was devastated when I found out I was (Surprise!) pregnant again. We had a third girl and she is my sunshine. She completed my family when I didn’t know it needed completing. I love her with every fiber of my being and I can’t imagine my life without her. If you’re on the fence about three, I don’t think you would regret having another.

Annie Reneau 2 years ago

Your Evan sounds almost exactly like my third – our only boy, and a surprise to boot. I adore him so much sometimes I just can’t stand it. He just oozes love and yumminess. Sweet post. :)

Ourfamily Barnhart 2 years ago

Deanna Spry Fike Baby # 3 was so stress free because it wasn't uncharted waters. & my older 2 (ages 5 & 7) adored the 3rd baby. Even if it isn't what you are planning, I'm betting if it happens, it will impact your family in GOOD ways.

Deanna Spry Fike 2 years ago

i have two children, and my husband had a vasectomy in february. now i am terrified.

Amber Carroll 2 years ago

I have 3 daughters and 1 step son and 1 on the way :) 4 kids can be a nightmare at times but I couldn't imagine my life any differently now and I'm sure the 5th that's coming will be a perfect fit to our already crazy family :)

Billie Jones 2 years ago

I have a boy like that one. Tear…

Kerri 2 years ago

This sounds just like my Evan – even he is my number 2. But will always be my baby!!!

Cathy Zimmerman Merritt 2 years ago

Love this – I feel like you are describing our third son to a tee!

Rosie Goyeneche Diven 2 years ago

I had two children, then my husband had a vesectomy. We ended up with a third, very unexpected child, my little Kaylee Bug. Having three children in a span of three years was pure craziness. They are now 6, 7, and 8 years old and we have our moments, but I love love love being a mom of 3!

Kelsa 2 years ago

Aunt Flo is giving me heck, because the first picture of your son and his big bro made me cry. What a wonderful boy!

Melissa Miko 2 years ago

He is so perfectly adorable, as are your other two! Great article.

Glenore Gleysteen Jerrard 2 years ago

I would have jumped off a bridge with two. I got no sleep at all when my son was a baby. He made up for his part in that by being an excellent teenager.

Laura Merrifield Bartoszek 2 years ago

I can say the same about my sweet Aron with one A. He's 17 now and the only child still at home, and these things are still true.

candice chetty 2 years ago

Absolutely true…”He made our family compleTe..even though it was never incomplete before..proud mom of 3 boys..

Charlotte Dent 2 years ago

Love this! U've made mt mind up to have one more :-)

Melani 2 years ago

We feel the exact same way about our unexpected third!!!! We ask ourselves all the time how we got so blessed and lucky with her…

Julie 2 years ago

Current sitting here exactly 20 weeks pregnant with our surprise baby#3 and in tears because if I had doubts, they are gone now. Thank you. <3

Heather Shugart 2 years ago

I was totally on the fence about a third child, after reading this and my eyes watering..i think im ready. Thank you.

L.A. Say 2 years ago

This is such an inspiration comment.

L.A. Say 2 years ago

Having three kids is a challenge but think of it this way, when you wake up you have three different kisses, three different hugs, and three different smiles to look forward too.

Maryann Galgano Gartner 2 years ago

Can't even imagine my life without Mia… The third child rocks!

Holly Emch 2 years ago

Made me feel happy about the third we are about to have this week as I have been having a rush of conflicting emotions about him!

Carole McGurk 2 years ago

We talked about having a third, but due to a variety of physical problems and surgeries, the two I had are 4 and a half years apart.
I had a boy and a girl, and the financial strain and my full time work schedule just made me throw in the towel on that idea. I never wanted to have an only child, but I must admit I found two so much harder than one. I can’t imagine how I would have handled three. And even now that they are 25 and 21, I still haven’t and never will recover financially. Never the less, they are the joy of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. God bless you all-regardless of how many you have.

Sam 2 years ago

This was nice to read. I googled “feel crazy that I’m having a third baby” and your blog popped up first in the search results. I’ve never been to your blog, but I do actually follow you on Facebook. I am about 8 weeks pregnant with my third. I feel like I’m nuts that we’ve sealed this deal, especially since we live in Japan, I’m going back to work, and will have to go through great lengths to have this baby at the Naval hospital, which is about a 6 hour bullet train ride north. I know it will all be worth it in the end, but sometimes that is hard to see through all of the crazy. This posting was a nice reminder, thank you!

Marcia Kershner Brady 2 years ago

Absolutely touching…

Marcia Kershner Brady 2 years ago

Thank you so much! You have brought me to tears & to a final decision! I want my #3!! :,0)

Jessica Black 2 years ago

My 3rd child is the light of my life! The best decision I ever made!

Lucky Mommy 2 years ago

I have boy, girl, girl, and I am SO glad we have 3.

This line:
“Your days will no doubt be more hectic, more challenging and more overwhelming, but they will also be filled with more wonder and more love than ever before. How could you not want that?”
says it for me, and part of why I so want a 4th!!!!

Memoirs of a Clueless Woman 2 years ago

Awww…this is pretty much exactly how I would describe my third (I have a 16 yo son, 10 yo daughter, and 6 yo son). The most unexpected gift I didn't know I needed and cannot live without although I sometimes want to give him a sleeping pill…or two… where do they get all that damn energy? Lol. Great post.

Lolly 2 years ago

I have been thinking about having a 3rd for some time now. Waves of hell no, then absolutely, each day a different emotion. Now a year after first feeling like something might be missing, everyone around me are having their 3rd! I keep praying for an answer. I had the loop fitted 2 years ago, so for me to fall I would have to remove it first…..hence, a conscious, decided, open mind to falling preggars. I am comfortable now with my pigeon pair and 2 hands and time to rest,(my girl is 8, my boy, 5) but am afraid I will regret it later on if I don’t.

Vic 2 years ago

You’re bringing tears to my eyes!!!!!! Lots of love to you and your family. A prayer for infinite unforgettable moments and ever overflowing unwavering love……

Lynne 2 years ago

Thank you for this article. It’s beautiful.

Julita Keys Rogers 2 years ago

Sounds a lot like my third child! I agree my Joy is a joy!

Kelly 2 years ago

This article made me smile. You see, I sit here, holding sweet Baby Cate, our eleventh child, and know that you just spoke the truth in your reason number nine! 😉 We feel so very complete with Cate, and yet we were never incomplete before her.

I’ve not been willing to miss out on one precious gift God was willing to give us, hence the ELEVEN. 😉 And, at this place, nearing forty, I’m still not sure I’m willing to miss out on one little person. They are each so amazing, so unique, that I am not sure I could just “pass” and not always wonder who is missing from my life……….

Hylarie 2 years ago

We decided to have a third to add to our two boys and ended up having twin boys. My husband uses us as a precautionary tale to couples wanting a third.

Jamie 2 years ago

I can totally relate to having three children.I have 5 myself.My oldest being 15 and youngest being 3.There names are:Anne(15),Hunter(12),Xavier(11),Rocky(7) and Caroline(3).When I had Xavier (my 3rd child) I was estatic.Being a mom is great.I have 5 brilliant babies and I love them very much.

Laura 2 years ago

#3 was such a sweet surprise for us! Two boys, then a girl. She is still a baby but she us such a sweet happy girl. The boys adore her and we cherish every baby moment with her. Now our family feels perfect!

Chloe Roberts 2 years ago

Cass you are AWESOME!

Chloe Roberts 2 years ago

Amber, NOT trying to be insensitive or tell you what to do, but have you considered adoption? Honestly, if my third child had not received a diagnosis of autism shortly after his brother was born, we would have seriously considered adopting a child. I was 36 with my last one, and I felt it would be pushing it to have any more biological children. My fourth was born with THREE holes in his heart. Thank God he pulled through, but I was afraid that the next one might not be so lucky.

Chloe Roberts 2 years ago

I have four children. Even after having our third child, I still wanted one more child. my husband was not quite as on board, but agreed. We could not love him more! Yes things are hectic, and we are exhausted, but it is SO worth it!

Nomi 2 years ago

Our number 2 and 3 are coming as a 2 for 1 deal so we got no choice about number 3!

Raising Wild Things 2 years ago

LOVED this! Your kids are amazingly adorable. And this may have pushed me over into considering a fourth. :)

Jhanis 2 years ago

I love love love love this! He is so cute! I’m thinking if we should have a third….hmm probably not in the near future, but who knows :) Thanks for the smile!

Irene Parodi O’Neill 2 years ago

this article does describe many Emma third child qualities:).

Hillary Marotta 2 years ago

And he is completely and utterly adorable, Jill!

Desiree Widmann 2 years ago

What a great tribute to your baby!

Catherine Rothmeier-Slingo 2 years ago

I'm so glad I had my 3&4 in one shot just 10 months after having my second. Yes I love total chaos!!

Amanda 2 years ago

Yes! I think everyone should have a third.

My third turned a year old like 2 weeks ago, and I opened negotiations with the hubs last night to begin laying groundwork for a fourth…

Ilene 2 years ago

Three is a charm. My third will always be my baby – and has no problems going along for the ride. She definitely completed our family!

Mrs D plus 3 2 years ago

best decision I ever made!! Three is the magic number :))

De 2 years ago

Our third one was a surprise, and I can’t believe we ever considered just 2. With 3 our family feels right, and they are all very close (even though they aren’t terribly close in age)

Angela 2 years ago

Thanks for your post. I knew right after my second daughter was born we were not done. I would have never thought that I would be a mother of three. But then I had my son, and now we are a family of five! My son is this list to a tee! Number 9 sums it up perfectly and so glad we were blessed with a third child.

Donald Toy 2 years ago

don't do ittttttttttttttt…..the next one could want a horse.

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion 2 years ago

Melissa, I knew you'd love this :) And Wendy Crooks, I like your kind of math, lady!!! The third is destined to just go with the flow. At least that's what I keep telling myself…

Wendy Crooks 2 years ago

I look at it like this: –No kids = 50% free time (due to work, etc) –1 kid = 20% free time (naps, early bed time, etc) — 2 kids = 5 % free time (mismatching naps, older one stays up later, etc). So your only down to 5% free time. The third one makes nearly no difference in your free time because you basically have none left.

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion 2 years ago

And there you have it. I'm in. Now to convince the husband.

anna 2 years ago

We thought we were done at two, then after a long gap found out I was pregnant at 35 with my third, a boy. There was an oops moment and at 36 had my fourth and final child, Daddy “made the ultimate sacrifice” and got a vasectomy. We were a military/law enforcement family and four kids were hard to raise on our income, but I never once wished for anything different. It’s been hard but I know that each of my babies were meant to be in my life.

Denise 2 years ago

I’m good at two, but I waited a while to have the second kid. I’m soooo looking forward to having them all in school this year! My sister-in-law with 5 kids said that after two, having more is no trouble at all!

Kathy Augey 2 years ago

So true…….

MomChalant 2 years ago

God, you have some good looking kids. Your family is beautiful as is this post.

Sara 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this post, we are planning on a third child in the near future but things do keep making me wonder if it is the right decision. Reading your post has been reassuring that three is good! Thank you x

Kami Mayer 2 years ago

I am from a family of 3 kids. My husband is from a family of 3 kids. We have 3 kids. It was WAY harder going from 1 kid to 2 than it was 2 kids to 3. And my youngest is seriously the EASIEST, SWEETEST child!!! :)

Nellie 2 years ago

He is just too adorable, now I want a third child! I will send my husband to you for an explanation.

Anjie at Of Pandas and Pirates 2 years ago

Thank you for posting this. After the last few blog posts about only having two children I was beginning to doubt my desire for another child. Thank you for making me feel a bit better!

CyndyNewsome 2 years ago

I get it – my third child was a happy surprise that I can’t imagine life without!

Jess 2 years ago

I also have 3, all planned and spaced 2 years apart, g-b-g. Everyone questioned our desire to get pregnant again since we already had the “perfect family” with a girl and a boy. Our response – there is no such thing as a perfect family!!! Get off my case!!! I wannanother baby!!! Even though the noise volume in the house can’t be turned down (unless I kick the kids outside), and there are ALWAYS toys underfoot, and dishes in the sink, and a million crumbs on the floor…these kids are amazing. They are getting smarter and more beautiful everyday. My home is over-full with LOVE! The world is a better place because I have had three. We plan to stop here, but the future is unwritten and as many posters have said, birth control is apt to fail…(note to my IUD, please don’t fail, I would love number 4 too, but I really do have my hands full)

pip 2 years ago

I love this! When he was a new born I struggled with having my 3rd but now he’s 17 months and such a delight he is my most affectionate child, if either of his brothers are upset comforts them, he is always going to them.for a hug and random kisses ,.I wouldn’t have outside any other way x

Melissa Monaco 2 years ago

I loved this article!

OTRmommy 2 years ago

I’m in the same boat as you! Good luck!

Kathy at kissing the frog 2 years ago

This made me smile from start to finish (I think #1 was my favorite!). There are things in life we plan because we think that’s what we want or need, and things that just come to us unexpectedly. Three months after my son died from cancer, I found myself unexpectedly p.g. with another at age 41. I had thought my family was already complete, but the universe had other plans for me. My baby (also Evan) is now 2, and I can’t imagine life without him. He has truly healed us; and in a beautiful twist, he happens to be a lot like the brother that he will never meet.

Lisa @ The Golden Spoons 2 years ago

This is so sweet!! We have three girls. If I had known before I met the third how crazy life would be with three, I probably would have stopped at 2. However, now that she’s here, I cannot imagine life without her. As you said, she completes our family even though we never knew it was incomplete before.

Autumn Yates 2 years ago

How lucky your kids are to have a strong and inspiring mother like you. Thinking good thoughts for you and your health!

The Next Step 2 years ago

Here’s the super crazy thing – that is exactly how my sister describes *her* 3rd child (a little oops from lack of bc pills and a really romantic valentine’s day). That is also exactly how I would describe MY 3rd child – even though she’s only the youngest by 20 seconds, she fully grabs onto that “youngest child” syndrome of 3-child families. She burst into our lives unexpectedly and continues to fill our lives with equal amounts of frustration and hilarity.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 2 years ago

I’m only adding a third child to this family if I get a garantee that it will be as cute and adorable as yours.

Alison 2 years ago

I’ve been on the fence about having a third…. you’re slowly swaying me that way…

Nah, just kidding. I have all I can handle right now. :)

Nan 2 years ago

My third was not planned and I was so exhausted and sick while pregnant with him. My marriage was falling apart, and I just felt like it was the worst time to have a baby.

He is the best thing that ever happened. Third children are amazing!

Nan 2 years ago

Wow Cass! Wishing you good health – I can see you already have a life filled with love!

Jordan Colberg 2 years ago

So glad I had a third. He has that style all his own, dying to be liked by everyone over the age of seven, and says some of the wackiest sh!t I've ever heard.

Shanan 2 years ago

We had our third little girl almost four years ago. Although there was a little part of me that would have liked a boy, this girl stole our hearts from day one ( & before). She is my child who loves everyone so much. She’ll say ” Mumma, you know what? I love you” all the time for no reason at all. She is just so happy to be here, in this moment with her big sisters, loving life! Anyone on the fence about a third, I say if you and your Partner/spouse are ready, then why not? You will be way more zen the third time around and in turn they are pretty go with the flow kids.

Candi Davis 2 years ago

Are you sure we don't have the same 3rd child! I can so relate to all of those especially #2, 8, 6! And I think if I had it my way I would have had 3 more!

EricCandice Crump 2 years ago

The "Dirty Third" is so worth having.

Aleta Plummer 2 years ago

I feel like you're talking to me….

Heather Leann Fall 2 years ago

That is sweet. Right now we have all four girls together and the perks out weight the issues.

Marie Heaney 2 years ago

That was sweet.

Melissa@Home on Deranged 2 years ago

My husband and I were having this exact debate/conversation on the way home from our long holiday weekend today. Is it coincidence that I found and read this article? I think not. :)

Ann King 2 years ago

Yes, we have a third.we got a girl. we feel so blessed.

Ann King 2 years ago

yes, I have a third one and we got a daughter.we feel so blessed.

Asavari Phadnis 2 years ago

Totally agree. I'm the oldest of 3 and loved it. Now as for me having 3?… I'd need a new husband to make that happen. Of course with my luck we'd skip three and move to 4 in one shot.

Jenn Sullivan 2 years ago

Thank you! I love my third for exactly the gazillion reasons you didn't post and especially for the reasons you did!

Shell 2 years ago

Wouldn’t give up my third either. He has the biggest personality and is adored by all.

Though I have zero desire to add a fourth. 😉

Candy 2 years ago

My third was the gift I never realized I wanted and the balance I never knew I needed. Granted, my house is a mess, I have to mop and vacuum at least once a day, pack three lunches and do 3 time the laundry (not too sure why that happened), but #3 was perfect. Interestingly, my ex left soon after she was born, meaning Baby #3 also balanced the numbers of my family back out to four.


Danielle Ness Kramer 2 years ago

Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Kristin VanderHey Shaw 2 years ago

Oh, Jill – they're darling children! Love.

Mercy 2 years ago

I’ve got 3, too. My baby doll is the sweetest rascal. While her arrival was not on our timeframe, I can’t imagine not having her.

Maybe Three 2 years ago

wow – all i can say is wow. you are amazing.

Kori 2 years ago

I have a 3rd and I could have written this post just as you did – They are everything you mentioned then some :)

Kara 2 years ago

Cody counts. So have a 4th! 😉

Carissa Freeman 2 years ago

So should I have a third or does Cody count as my third ?

Kara Cherry-Littleton 2 years ago

I have 3 and it wasn't planned that way but I wouldn't have it any other way! Our family is crazy, busy, italian-ee, over stocked with string cheese and I LOVE iT! Have a 3rd if you want! It only makes things more interesting.

OTRmommy 2 years ago

I think you just gave me a sign! Most days, I have that deep down feeling that my family isn’t done yet and I worry about it-not because of a lack of love for another baby but because I want to make sure we have enough money to support all 3. My husband isn’t on board yet and it breaks my heart and sometimes I cry. I think later in life that I will regret not having another. Thank you for letting me feel hopeful and normal!

tammy 2 years ago

It’s the right decisions if you don’t have a third, it’s the right decisions if you do have a third. I think you posting the honesty and difficulties of raising 3 is a good thing, that should make people stop and think, that is more than just the number of kids they want or the sex they want, it’s another child to raise. In the end the number you end up with is always totally worth it!

Kimberly Hodges 2 years ago

I absolutely love this post and can relate entirely! My third came as a surprise failed IUD and although at first I was terrified, I cannot imagine my life any other way. My sweet Ben is all of the things you mentioned and the love he has for his older siblings teachs me so much about unconditional love. Three is perfect!

jasbeeray 2 years ago

This is so totally awesome and true. I have three and the third child is like the binding agent, keeping all sibling rivalry in check! She starts screaming and crying when her elder sisters start bickering. I too wrote (Three is a stressful number) about how life changed for the better with #3!

Amber McCue 2 years ago

He's adorable, but I think I'm just sticking with two! 😉 Love you, Scary Mommy!

Elaine Garfin Salsbury 2 years ago

And I have a third child and am so grateful!

Sara 2 years ago

Thank you so much for this….seriously.

Bonnie Way 2 years ago

Awwww, so cute! And great pics. :) I have three daughters now (5, 3 and newborn) and I’m LOVING three kids too. Sure, it’s busier and all the rest, but it’s so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

Mandie Aus Frazier 2 years ago

Aleta Plummer: YES YOU.

Anna @ My Life and Kids 2 years ago

You totally nailed it. Sounds like your third and my third would be best buds! :)

Maria Santoro 2 years ago

My third was a surprise 11 short months after number 2. I was worried about having two that little at the same time being disabled but I can't imagine my family without her. She made me realize my number 2 was born to be a big sister and after 6 losses I'm glad we could provide that lil sis for her. Love my brood.

Anne Baier Sedore 2 years ago

Number 1 was written about Mister Baby.

Harmony Desmond Stacey 2 years ago

# 6 is SO ridiculously true. Could not imagine life without my third now :)

Kelly 2 years ago

Love this! We have three and it is worth the chaos!

Lisa Hoyt 2 years ago

Ha. Ha ha. Hahahahahaha!

Stephanie 2 years ago

Ahem, well, I think I am going to wait a few years before I do this. My daughter was the last one out, and, uh, yeah. I’ll just wait a bit on this…;-)

Mandie Aus Frazier 2 years ago

yes, have a third. yes, you. (i love #6. it's already SO true!)

Rebecca Helene House 2 years ago

Love it – we have three as well and I couldn't agree more. It is totally worth it.

JD Bailey @ Honest Mom 2 years ago

Awwwwww. Sweetness. :-)

Cass 2 years ago

I didn’t ever want a third child. During the delivery of my first son, I lost half my blood mass. I remember seeing him in the Doctor’s arms, begging my husband to go with the baby so he wouldn’t see me die, and then nothing until hours later waking up with tubes everywhere and terrible pain. My husband said I was clinically dead for four minutes. They had to shock me and replace insane amounts of blood. After that I was told that having another child would kill me, my heart and body couldn’t take it. But thanks to some antibiotics mixed with the pill, I became pregnant again, and had a c-section for my second son. This time, we both almost died. He was a full term baby with a totally undeveloped heart/lung system, and ended up having to fight to survive from minute one. He turned six last month and has recently had his first heart attack. When I found out he was going to be a boy, I was devastated, I wanted, needed, a girl. I will never forgive myself for my attitude about his sex. Who cares?? I just want him to LIVE. At some point, yet again birth control failed and I became pregnant with a third. It was a shock. During an exam it was discovered I had cervical cancer. I was told that an abortion was needed to save my life so I could have treatment. I said no. I waited and had a full time baby girl. I needed immediate surgery following the c-section to remove the cancer. A year later we found out the cancer had come back and spread and at 31 I had a complete hysterectomy to remove it. If I hadn’t had a third child, having an exam when I did, we never would have caught it in time. The THREE children I have keep me fighting. I was diagnosed last month with MS. If I didn’t have these three children looking to me for everything from tying a shoe to kissing booboos. They trust me. I know they need me, but the real secret is, I need THEM, more then they need me. They anchor me, they motivate me, and when I stumble, they drag me. They don’t even know they do it, but the three of them, two wouldn’t be enough. They’re my team, my cheering section, my soul.

Michelle 2 years ago

I love this. I just had my third baby. He was planned, but I definitely doubted our decision the entire pregnancy. Most people agreed that I was crazy. While I haven’t had the chance to experience all of these yet, I definitely agree with #10. Oh, and mine is an Evan too :)

Teresa 2 years ago

He does look like something you would be missing if you didn’t have him. 😉

Heather 2 years ago

2 kids. A boy and a girl. That’s what I wanted. 2 boys or 2 girls would have been just fine too but the magic number was 2. When I met my husband, he was on the same page…he’d only ever wanted 2. Had my girl first. 3 years later after lots of trying, got pregnant but lost the baby. Didn’t know if I wanted to try again but in the end we did and a year later, our son came along. Voila! There was my dream family. A year later, Surprise! I was pregnant with our third child. Wasn’t expected or planned but I couldn’t imagine our family without her in it…it would be too quiet :)

Tamara Jayne Flax 2 years ago

LOVE it. I'm a third child too!

Grown and Flown 2 years ago

Third child was the best decision I ever made. Two children, one relationship. Three children, three relationships. One mom’s opinion, it made my family life so much richer. And even though my third is 17, other than some of the kissing and lap sitting, not one of the other things on your list has changed!

Summer 2 years ago

I have 5. The last one totally unplanned but I am so thankful for his existence in my heart :-)

amber 2 years ago

I am really sad I can not have more. My adorable son is just so amazing. I always thought we would have more. 31 and I had a stroke that made it too risky to have more. Enjoy those kiddos. Kids their faces and enjoy the bickering. My son really wants a little brother or sister. =(

Molly 2 years ago

My third was not planned and the pregnancy surprised us at the worst time possible. I was upset about just being pregnant for months! The turning point came seeing my husband’s face when he found out that after 2 girls (and 2 much older stepdaughters) we were having a boy. He had always embraced being a dad to girls, but the moment he found out he was no longer alone in a sea of estrogen made everything worthwhile. Today, 4.5 years (and a vasectomy)later I can’t imagine what our life would be like without our baby boy!

Lisa Cavaliere Mentz 2 years ago

He is precious…I'm in love!

Rochelle 2 years ago

omg Jill that last photo… what a handsome little man!! :)

Ashley 2 years ago

I’m still on the fence, since my second is only 12 weeks old 😉

Kat 2 years ago

It’s funny, the picture that you posted to #8 (pure and utter sweetness) looks like he’s planning something not entirely sweet, lol!

My 14 yr old boy who is 5’10”, all arms, legs and manly hairiness absolutely breaks my heart with his grown up body and attitude but shows me in so many ways that he is still my boy (makes his dad jealous). Trust me, he’ll keep his promise.