23 Of Our Fave Tweets That Highlight Why We Love Dads

by Karen Johnson

Father’s Day is coming up, and there’s no better time to honor (and tease) all the dads in our lives who rile the kids up right before bedtime, who sneak them extra candy after Mom says no, and who disappear in the bathroom for hours on end. But in all honesty, it’s also the best time to show appreciation for the hard-working, caring father figures in our lives who make our kids feel safe, loved, and teach them how to land a really good punchline to a corny joke.

Whether it’s your kids’ dad, your own dad, or a doting grandpa willing to Nerf war in your basement, we’re grateful for all of them. It’s because they are so loving and fun and willing to play catch even if they’re exhausted after a long day at work that we’re able to forgive them for those bedtime tickle fights that keep the kids up too late.

And plus, the sound of the kids’ laughter from upstairs really is music to our ears anyway.

Happy Father’s Day, dads! Here are some tweets that celebrate all things dad.

They may try to act all tough, but dads are just big old softies at heart.

Seriously. How do they do it?!

Haha, the kids are on to you, Dad.

Um, hi! I PUSHED YOU OUT OF MY BODY, BUT WHATEVER. (Kidding. We love how much you love your dad. xo)

Dads are good at selective hearing… and selective snuggling.

They may not always look like it, but they know what they’re doing.

I mean, this wouldn’t be a dad-tweet round up without Lowe’s jokes, Home Depot jokes, and superhero references, right?

The ultimate dad stories are the ones where they successfully troll their own kids.

And then sometimes they try “dad jokes” that just make us breathe fire and say bad words. Still love you though! But NO.

You’re still cool in our book, Dad. Even if you wear Crocs and don’t understand email.

Dads really are the best, so make sure they feel loved and appreciated on Father’s Day, and every day—even if they spend an hour pooping and leave their dirty socks in the living room. Father’s Day is the day to shower them with Home Depot gift cards, endless dad jokes, and don’t forget the hand-made notes from the kids that make them tear up. (Nothing’s better than making Dad cry, amiright?)

Because for all the times we tease Grandpa for not understanding technology, or our husbands for keeping the kids up too late or scheduling “mandatory” golf dates for work, or the other father figures in our lives for all the things they do that drive us bananas, the truth is, we love them dearly and so do our kids.

So here’s to the dads. You rock.