20+ Hilarious Father's Day Gifts For The Funny Dad In Your Life 2021

20+ Hilarious Father’s Day Gifts For The Funny Dad In Your Life

June 7, 2021 Updated June 8, 2021

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For many dads, puns, pranks, and (of course), the trademark dad jokes just come with the territory of fatherhood. It’s like having kids suddenly reveals a cheesy sense of humor that’s been dormant in his brain all along. And while the corny one-liners may or may not be appreciated every single time, dads love making people laugh — and after all, it’s the thought that counts, right? So if you’re stumped on gift ideas for Father’s Day this year (it’s June 20, FYI!), consider returning the favor with something that’ll make him smile.

If you have a funny dad in your life — whether it’s your own dad, a stepdad, a grandpa, an uncle, or a friend — you can return the favor of all those free giggles with a hilarious Father’s Day gift that’ll make him laugh on his honorary day. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest Father’s Day gifts around, approved by reviewers and the dads who’ve received them.

Funny Father’s Day Gifts

The Dad Shop Dad-ISMS Father's Day To Father's Day Desk Calendar

Hesitant to gift a new desk calendar in June? The folks at The Dad thought ahead by designing this Father’s Day to Father’s Day 2021-2022 version. It features daily Dad-isms like “Dads love giving the power drill a few revs every once in awhile to make sure it’s still working” to keep him on top of his game.


The Moon Ring

They say the best gifts come in small boxes, but (butt?) whether this gift is “best” definitely depends on the recipient. It is  funny though, so for dads with a sense of humor, it could be a winner. When he opens the box, instead of being greeted with a sparkly little somethin’, he’ll hear a fart noise and see this full moon. And yes, it’s also available in different skin tones.

$19.95 AT AMAZON

The Dad Was Cool Once T-Shirt

Dads: They’re full of stories of days gone by. For the father who has tales of heroism and mischief galore, this t-shirt is a reminder that while he may not be cool now, he was cool, at one time (at least, according to him).


Fairly Odd Novelties Potty Fisher Toilet Fishing Game

If Dad would rather be fishin’, you can let him combine his favorite hobby with his regular toilet time, thanks to this unique set — it even comes with a “Do Not Disturb – Toilet Fishing” sign so he can enjoy his “me” time uninterrupted. Yes, this gift will get a laugh, but don’t be surprised when he actually uses it. For dads who prefer hittin’ the green, you’ll want to check out the potty putter set.

$18.58 AT AMAZON

Zazzle Absolutely Killing It Mug

For the humble dads out there, this mug speaks to their amazing parenting skills while also being hilarious.

$17.75 AT ZAZZLE

Katamco Toilet Timer

Or maybe Dad spends too much time hogging the toilet (seriously, what is it with dads and toilets?). This sand timer gives him 5 minutes to do his business, then get out — it’s a gift for the rest of the family, really.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

ThisWear Best Farter Ever Mug

The difference between the best father ever and the best farter ever? Well, an “H”, for starters. Give this to the dad who’s both, and every morning, he’ll get a chuckle along with his morning cup of joe.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

DU VINO To Dad From The Reasons You Drink Beer Glass

Every time he has a brew, he’ll think of you (but in a good way this time) with this too-relatable beer glass. It’s a great gift from the kids that’ll have him saying, “hey, at least they admit it.”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

The Dad Shop Tax Deduction Onesie

Babies are expensive, but at least they they compensate for a tiny bit of that expense, come tax season. This 100% cotton onesie is perfect for the new dad in your life, and BTW, there’s a toddler version, too.


CASOFU Burritos Blanket

No matter how tough your fave dad is, he’ll love being swaddled like melted cheese and barbacoa beef in this tortilla-inspired blanket. But if burritos aren’t his thing (heh… yeah, right), there are other yummy options like a waffle, pizza, and apple pie pattern to choose from. These blankets are available in 3 different sizes from 47 to 80 inches, but we say, go big or go home. And if a cozy and delicious-looking blanket seems too good to be true, over 37,000 reviewers and a 4.8-star rating will tell you that it’s the real deal.

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Gemmy The Official BS Button

Dads tend to be pretty good about calling us out on our BS, so the father in your life will be absolutely gleeful when he’s gifted this special red button to press at will (warning: give at your own risk). It rattles off one of several phrases that announce when bullsh*t has been detected, making Dad’s sentiment loud and clear for everyone.

$10.99 AT AMAZON

Serenity Home Goods "Financial Burden" Coffee Mug

For dads who like their morning joe with a splash of humor and a spoonful of truth, this coffee mug is the perfect gift — and it’s handmade in Virginia.


The Dad Shop Measure Up Pint Glass

From “mildly humorous” to “Dad comedy jam,” this pint glass tracks Pop’s funny scale as he sips his way to “asleep” (on the couch, probably).


Goldbelly Bacon Subscription Box (price per month)

Funny? Kinda. Appreciated? HECK, YES! Sign Dad up for Goldbelly’s crowd favorite 3 or 6 month bacon subscription for several months’ worth of smoky, meaty goodness. If you think $60 for a box of bacon is pricey, keep in mind that each box contains 2-5 lbs of bacon and serves at least 6 people (or one very hungry dad). If you’re nice enough, he may even share, but no guarantees.


Silver Dollar Candle Co. Bacon & Bourbon Man Candle

Is the dad you have in mind “not a candle guy?” Well, he’s never smelled a candle scented like bacon and bourbon. Even better, these are hand-poured and made by a small business in Tennessee.


GreatGadgets Classic Beer Holster

Fact: Dads love cool belt clips. Fact: Dads love beer. So a genuine leather beer holster that keeps his brewsky handy? A natural winner.

$19.90 AT AMAZON

STAR WARS Officially Licensed "Yoda Best Dad Ever" Tee

Between its Star Wars theme and punny phrase, this T-shirt is a guaranteed winner. These 100% cotton shirts come in a dozen different styles and in sizes up to 5X.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

MyPupSocks Custom Photo Socks

If your dad-dad doubles as a dog-dad, gifting him a pair of socks with Fido’s face will make him laugh (and probably warm his heart, too). No pooch? You can customize them with any face, whether it’s his cat, guinea pig, or even a pic of you.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Extra 5% off with listing coupon

The Dad Shop Dad's Bathroom Candle

The dad you have in mind may not be a “candle guy,” but this? This is a candle he can get behind. Choose from scents like “Clean Cargo Shorts” (fresh laundry) and “Saturday Morning Pancakes” (syrupy and unburned). Other candle options include Deez Nuts, Fire Up The Grill, and New Dad Shoe.


Spiffy McChappy Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes: So Frightfully Awful.. Yet Wonderfully Spiffing

Dad jokes, dear sir, are an integral part of fatherhood. So by golly, this book of tacky humor will be much appreciated by your favorite mustachioed (or non-mustachioed) man. The majority of 4,000+ reviewers agree: This novelty gift is a novelty, indeed.


Sriracha2Go Sriracha Hot Sauce Keychain

Does Dad bring hot sauce with him, like, everywhere? Carrying his favorite condiment on-the-go will be more convenient than ever when it’s right on his keyring — hot sauce not included.


GIANT GUMMY BEARS Worlds Largest Giant Gummy Bear

For guys with a giant sweet tooth, this giant gummy bear should do the trick. It’s made with 5 pounds of sugary blue raspberry, cherry, and orange goodness, which equals about 51 servings (or about 5 dad servings) if you were wondering.

$35.00 AT AMAZON

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Extra 5% off with listing coupon

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