Giddyup! These 10 Horse Coloring Pages Are Sure To Stirrup Creativity

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Horse Coloring Pages
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Coloring has been a relaxing activity for all of us this past year. Even though many people think that coloring is just for kids, coloring is for everyone. It’s a way of expression, as well as a great way to add a little bit of sunshine to your day. What’s better than a fresh box of Crayolas? Honestly, nothing. The scent, the possibilities, and even the gorgeous order they arrive in. Sure, anyone with kids knows that the joy of a fresh box of crayons, markers, or coloring pencils is short-lived. But, it’s still something universally loved. The real question is, what to color first? Well, why not horses? To please our inner equestrian, we created a bunch of free horse coloring pages.

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Horses are especially fun to color in since their colorations vary. Horse coloring pages are also great to bring to a babysitting gig, or to help keep toddlers and children entertained if they need a creative outlet. And it goes without saying that these printables are perfect for the child in your life who desperately wants a horse. Unlike the real thing, though, these are free — and, you know, you won’t need to take on a second job just to maintain them.

So gallop on over to your printer! These incredible horse coloring pages will let you and your family’s imagination run wild.

Free Horse Coloring Pages

1. Trotting Horse

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When many people think of a horse, they have this image in mind. Proud, muscular, and ready to go on an adventure, this horse can very well be your best friend. And boy, does this horse look big and strong! The tallest horse ever recorded was seven feet and two inches. His name was Sampson. But for those who want something a little more cutesy, the next downloadable drawing may be a true winner. Fun fact: The oldest horse that ever lived died at 62 years old. His name was Old Billy. However, the average domestic horse lives for about 25 years.

2. Cartoon Horse

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This horse may remind you of growing up. When you’re more focused on drawing long manes and tails and happy smiles, this is the horse that ends up on the paper. Adorable! And since its body somewhat resembled an artist’s palette, you can feel free to give this horse a total rainbow makeover. And on an unrelated note, did you know horses can’t burp? Strange…

3. Cartoon Horse (the Sequel)

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The best thing about cartoons? They all look slightly different. When comparing horse coloring pages, it’s hard not to choose this guy. He’s bound to be your best friend and would be very fun for a toddler to color. Did you know horses can grow mustaches too? So, encourage your kiddo to slap some facial hair on this animated cutie. It’s no wonder your child loves horses; humankind and nags have been working together for more than 5,000 years.

4. Horse in Cylinder Hat

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There is one truth in this world — and that is that every animal is funnier with a hat on. It doesn’t matter the type of hat, because any hat works. This horse is literally on his way to a fancy party and has a whole story behind him. (After coloring him in, maybe you and your child can get creative and write his backstory. And then share it with us, since we very much want to read it.)

5. “Explore” Horse

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This horse is great for anyone who might like to color with gel pens. It’s also a fun design that looks like it could morph into a wall decal for tweens, teens, and anyone who needs a little bit of encouragement to really see the world. Also, can you guess how much a horse’s brain weighs? It’s about 1.3 pounds, which is about half the size of a person’s.

6. A Regal Horse

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This horse is very easy to color and appears to be very noble and distinguished. This is great for young children who are learning how to color in the lines with confidence, or even an adult who wants to complete a bold coloring page. So, if your kiddo has started to request their own horsey, throw this factoid their way: The most expensive horse was sold for $70 million. (Or purchase riding lessons at a local ranch.)

7. Another Regal Horse

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Similar horse, different angle. Bonus: This one has a diamond on his head. Why not give him a little more life with some color? Or some stripes to turn him into a Zebra. We all know they run in the same family, but did you know rhinos are close relatives too? And here’s two more fun facts: A horse’s heart is about the size of a basketball, and they can sleep both standing up and lying down.

8. Horse and Flowers

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This is another great, intricate piece to color in. In fact, it’s so advanced that it might even inspire some tattoo ideas for older adults who love horses. It’s also a great page you can print out and color multiple times. Each time you choose a different coloring scheme for your flowers, you’ll have a completely new masterpiece in front of you. You could even print multiples out and theme them according to the seasons. And just look at those eyes (so cute)! Did you know horses have bigger eyes than any other mammal that lives on land? They also have a third eyelid. Fun fact: The first horse was cloned in Italy in 2003. It was a haflinger mare.

9. “Stay Wild” Horse

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Finally, this “Stay Wild” horse could serve as a cute coloring page gift for a good friend who used to be a social butterfly but is feeling extra-restless due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. It’s a reminder that no matter where they are, they’ll always have a wild soul — and, one day, they’ll be able to travel freely again. Horses are also very in tune with human emotions. They can read facial expressions and recognize variations between different emotional states. Gross fact: Horses can produce up to 10 gallons of spit a day!

10. Doodle Horse

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This doodle horse is wonderful for the advanced coloring fan who prefers gel pens or colored pencils to crayons or other coloring mediums. It’s got plenty of small details that will take slightly more time to fill in, meaning that this is a great thing to color if you’re waiting on hold during a phone call, or want to keep busy while also marathoning something on television. Although this picture is great for downtime, this horse is clearly a sprinter. Here’s another factoid for you: The fastest running speed of a horse was 55 miles per hour.

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