Hunter McGrady Supports Plus-Size Pregnant People In Mic-Drop Post

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Hunter McGrady/Instagram

Hunter McGrady is supporting fellow plus-size pregnant people and calling out the lack of representation they face

There’s no shortage of information about pregnancy out there for expecting parents, but Hunter McGrady is opening up about her experience as a plus-size pregnant person, sharing that she “never saw [herself] represented” when she found out she was expecting her first baby at the end of last year.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who announced in March that she is expecting her first child with husband Brian Keys this summer, shared two photos of her bare tummy on Instagram over the weekend, getting candid about “how much plus-size pregnancy representation lacks,” especially when it comes to seeing pregnant bodies of all sizes and maternity clothes in plus-sizes.

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“Plus size and pregnant,” McGrady began her caption. “Being plus size the representation already falls incredibly short, but being plus size AND pregnant? Forget it.”

McGrady shared that she was surprised upon finding out how little representation there truly is for larger pregnant people, adding, “When I embarked on this journey I was excitedly googling pregnancy, plus size pregnancy, bump pictures, updates, all the things! However, I never saw myself represented, I knew going into this my belly wasn’t going to be this perfect little round thing that just bops out, I knew I wouldn’t have options for maternity wear, i knew my body would change in different ways than i have seen my whole life, and yet I don’t know if I was prepared for how much the plus size pregnancy representation lacks.”

“There aren’t any plus size pregnant women on magazine covers, advertisements, television, or even the brochure’s at the OBGYN office,” she continued, adding, “It’s almost as if we don’t exist, like we’re an anomaly.”

McGrady ended with a message of support for those who also don’t see themselves represented in traditional ways, writing, “I’m here to tell you that you are not a ‘one off’ you’re not wrong for being plus size and pregnant, your body is equipped for this.”

It seems her words resonated with plenty of McGrady’s followers, who took to the comments section of her post to applaud her for calling out the glaring lack of pregnant body diversity. Other fellow moms-to-be shared their woes about experiencing discrimination during pre- and postnatal health care, feeling “so out of place” for not having a perfectly round belly, and finding extremely limited clothing options for plus-size maternity picks.

The model concluded by adding, “Wherever you are on your journey just remember how wildly worthy you are to experience this and enjoy every moment of it just as anyone else.” Slow claps all around.

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