17 Spooky Indoor Halloween Games For The Whole Fam-Bam

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Halloween is (almost) here! If you’re a big All Hallows Eve fan, you’re probably amping up for a party or get-together. While everyone loves the food sampling, picking Halloween costumes, and decorating aspect of party planning, not everyone is great at coming up with things to do. Once your guests arrive, though, it’s probably going to take more than Halloween jokes and spooky movies to entertain them, especially if they’re teenagers. Moreover, if you live in one of the colder spots in our country, you can’t just send them outside to blow off steam. What you need are a few clutch indoor Halloween games to break out when you hear the first utterances of “I’m bored” start to break out.

Of course, you probably feel like a zombie after pulling together your spooky shindig — whether you’ve got a great big guest list or it’s just the fam. Don’t stress, though. We pulled together a list of indoor Halloween games perfect for anyone and not too childish for teens or adults to have fun with, too.

Indoor Halloween Games Even Teens Will Want to Play

1. Mummy Wrapping Race

Remember all that quarantine toilet paper you hoarded? It’s time to pull that out. Have your guests split into pairs or teams and set a timer for 60 seconds. Who can wrap the best mummy using that toilet paper?

2. Halloween Jinx

Ever been to a baby shower and played the game where you can’t say the word, “baby?” This is just a Halloween-themed version of that. Maybe rotate through various words throughout the night, start with a whole list or just ban one word — like Halloween.

3. DIY Costume Contest

While you could just do a contest based on the costumes your guests came in, it might be more fun to challenge them further. Set a time limit, offer a box of old clothes/costumes and other random paraphernalia. When the clock stops, who has created the best costume?

4. Scary Story Telephone

Think of this like popcorn reading in school, except without the book. Have one guest start a scary story and let them go for 30-60 seconds or 5-10 words. From there, rotate around the room with each person building on the story.

5. Guess the Candy

Blindfold a few willing participants and feed them chunks of candy bars. (Always confirm there are no allergies!) Can they guess what they’re eating?

6. Truth or Scare

This is basically just truth or dare, but with a more “Halloween-y” word. You could, however, try to come up with some pre-approved “scary dares.”

7. Pumpkin Bowling

Know what’s really hard to roll in a straight line? Bumpy pumpkins. You’re welcome.

8. Guess the Gross Food Challenge

Are those eyeballs or just peeled grapes? Is it batwings… or fruit leather? Offer your blindfolded guests treats, tantalizing them with super gross descriptions. When they bite into it, can they tell what it actually is?

9. Scary Charades

This is just like regular charades, except you should theme your choices around Halloween. Consider creatures like ghosts, zombies, and witches, or use movies and books with eerie themes.

10. Bob for Apples

Is this actually fun? Eh, well, it probably depends on who you ask. Some people love it; some people hate it. But, c’mon, it’s a classic fall game.

11. Would You Rather (Creepy Edition)

Would you rather date a vampire or a werewolf? Would you rather be haunted by someone you know or a stranger? You get the idea.

12. Assassin

This game isn’t exactly scary, but it’s easy to see why it’s the perfect Halloween game.

13. Pumpkin Carving Contest

If you wait until the last minute, you can usually get a pretty good deal on pumpkins and carving kits. As long as your guests are old enough to trust with sharp objects, let them pair up and create their own jack o’ lanterns. (Note: It might be nice to prep them and scoop out the guts ahead of time.)

14. Ouija Board

You might want to skip playing the Ouija Board if the players are too young and impressionable. As for the rest of your horror-loving brood: This game is it. With nearly an endless stream of annual scary movies about the summoning of demon spirits using a Ouija Board, your players should have a basic understanding of how the game works. If not, and luckily for you, we’ve put together a guide to the hard and fast Ouija Board rules you should adhere to. Deviate at your own peril *muahahaha*.

15. Decorate Your Own Mask

A favorite at Halloween parties, this calls on a little bit of planning on the host’s end but can entertain kids, tweens, and teens and can also serve as a party favor they take home with them. What you’ll need: some fun blank masks in all kinds of shapes and fun spooky craft supplies like felt spiders, skull stickers, or Halloween-themed monster stickers from any arts and crafts store.

16. Poke a Pumpkin

This one’s super-easy! You’ll need orange cups, napkins, rubber bands, and some sort of prize (you can’t really go wrong with candy). Place a “treat” into each cup. Then, using the rubber bands, secure the napkin over the top of the cup. Let kids use pencils, toothpicks, or even just their fingers to punch through the napkin and reveal what’s lurking inside.

17. Witch Pitch

Got a decorative cauldron lying around? Put it to good use with this fun game. Break out the bag of candy corn, then let kids toss it toward the cauldron. Whoever gets the most in wins!

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