Jason Momoa Has A 'Manly' Day With James Corden

by Julie Scagell
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James Corden has clearly never had a manlier day in his life than hanging with Jason Momoa

If you’ve ever watched The Late Late Show with James Corden or seen his Carpool Karaoke segments, odds are you’ve fallen in love with his quick wit, self-deprecating personality, and infectious laugh. He’s had countless famous guests on his show and his most recent might be one of our faves. He invited Aquaman star Jason Momoa to the set for a segment called “2 Hours Off.”

Momoa showed up for their date bringing with his two motorcycles that look like they came straight from Thunderdome. “You ride, right?” Momoa asked. “This is different to the hog I’ve got at home. Hog-wise,” Corden responded. Momoa was even nice enough to bring him an entire leather-riding outfit and, if for nothing else, please watch this video to see James Corden in chaps.

After some back and forth, they decide to have Corden ride in a side-car, which was definitely the right call. “I’m Jason Momoa’s side-piece,” Corden said, clearly relieved he didn’t have to actually be in the driver’s seat. After riding around town for a bit, the duo decided to try some limb archery. Momoa, who said his wife, Lisa Bonet, got him into it, said they have a tomahawk course at their home with targets and bows and arrows. “I’ve never felt like less of a man,” Corden said. As you should.

YouTube/Late Late Show

The archery session was hilarious to watch and got even more so when Momoa suggested shooting an apple off Corden’s head — blindfolded. Fast-forward to Corden putting a dummy where he was standing because, even though most of us would let Jason Momoa try to displace an apple off of any part of our bodies, he’s not stupid. Turns out he made the right call because the arrow went right through the top of the dummy’s head (in fairness he got the apple though).


YouTube/Late Late Show

The pair play off each other perfectly the way Corden does with most of his guests. He even sang a summary of the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones in one epic rap sesh on his show — obviously foreshadowing his love affair with Momoa (and who can blame him?).

Just when you think they’re done with their man-date, Momoa decides to hit Corden with one more activity — learning how to use a whip (as you do). As soon as the See actor whips it the first time, Corden’s response was a hysterical, “Oh, fuck off.” Bless. But seriously, watching Momoa with a whip is one of the top three highlights of my entire life — and I have three kids.


Corden eventually gets the hang of the whipping, proudly saying he was so happy he feels like he could “punch a tiger.” All-in-all, their date was a big success and gave the rest of us some much-needed comedy relief. Can these two just hang out every week and post video? The world kind of needs it.

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