75 Rainy Day Date Ideas That Will Leave You Warm And Cozy

75 Rainy Day Date Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Warm And Cozy Inside

October 14, 2019 Updated November 13, 2020

rainy day date ideas
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When a surprise rainstorm interrupts the best-laid plans for your next date, what should you do? Cancel or get creative? Get creative and plan an indoor date, of course! A little bit of inclement weather doesn’t need to dampen your romantic date. To help inspire you, we rounded up the best date ideas for a rainy day that are sure to be fun and anything but “dry” in the boring sense of the word. Enjoy!

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  1. Plan a romantic dinner at home for your partner.
  2. Go bowling.
  3. Have a board game day at home.
  4. Visit a new cafe.
  5. Do nothing.
  6. Cook a new type of cuisine together.
  7. Visit an art gallery or museum.
  8. Create an indoor picnic.
  9. Bake cookies together.
  10. Teach each other how to do something new, like cooking a certain meal or a new skill.
  11. Go to the movies.
  12. Visit an arcade.
  13. Go indoor roller skating.
  14. Watch a documentary and then discuss what you learned.
  15. Attend a pub trivia event.
  16. Go for a romantic stroll in the rain.
  17. Go bar hopping.
  18. Go swimming at an indoor pool.
  19. Indulge in a couple’s massage.
  20. Attend a comedy show.
  21. Take turns watching each other’s favorite sitcom episodes.
  22. Retile your bathroom — hey, Plaster of Paris is an aphrodisiac for some.
  23. Have a Zoom picnic at home.
  24. Visit a karaoke bar.
  25. Go to a play.
  26. Get pedicures together.
  27. Check out a local craft brewery.
  28. Play pool.
  29. Head to the latest wine bar.
  30. Have a video game tournament.

    rainy day date ideas
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  31. Binge-watch favorite TV series and/or movies.
  32. Try indoor go-carting.
  33. Go shopping together and rate each other’s clothing.
  34. Play some indoor mini-golf.
  35. Snuggle up and read together.
  36. Have a joke-telling contest.
  37. Play some Minute to Win It Games, they’re not just for kids!
  38. Have your own cooking competition, see who makes the best dish.
  39. Visit a local aquarium.
  40. Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen.
  41. Go to a concert.
  42. Ask these 36 questions and prepare to fall in love.
  43. Take a bubble bath for two.
  44. Get outside and play in the rain like kids.
  45. Have a romantic day in bed, exploring each other’s bodies and trying new sexy things.
  46. Visit a tarot card reader.
  47. Go to high tea.
  48. Try indoor rock climbing.RELATED: 10 Fun Fall Date Ideas That’ll Have You Feeling Cozy And Smitten
  49. Attend a cooking lesson together.
  50. Go for a drive in the countryside.
  51. Have a wine and paint night.
  52. Create an indoor scavenger hunt.
  53. Hit the gym.
  54. Try out some arts & crafts together like coloring, crocheting, or making scrapbooks.
  55. Act like kids indoors: have a pillow fight and build a fort.
  56. Play laser tag.
  57. Go ice skating indoors.
  58. Take pictures in the rain.
  59. Read poetry to each other indoors.
  60. Throw a wine and cheese party for two.
  61. Teach each other something interesting from each other’s profession.
  62. Give each other pedicures.
  63. Set up a picnic by the window so you can chat, drink wine, and look at the rain.
  64. Watch movies with unforgettable rain scenes like The Notebook, Four Weddings And A Funeral, and Singin’ in The Rain.
  65. Get yourself an adult coloring book, some colored pencils, and dive right in.
  66. Take a nap.
  67. Play a trivia game.
  68. Take turns asking each other dirty riddles.
  69. Talk about your favorite memories with each other.
  70. Talk about the memories you want to create with each other.
  71. Find a puzzle and tackle it together.
  72. Go to a local drive-in movie theater… or create your own version in your living room.
  73. Throw caution to the wind and dance in the rain.
  74. Try a new fitness class together.
  75. Tour a local factory. Tip: Try one that makes food or beverages and you’ll get to indulge in a free treat or two.

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