Kellyanne Conway Sucks, But Her Teenage Daughter Is Amazing

by Lindsay Wolf
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Claudia Conway/TikTok

After watching a fly make its home on Mike Pence’s head at the exact moment he rejected systemic racism in front of Kamala Harris, I am legit looking for a light at the end of this asshole of a tunnel. The truth is, we’re all living in a country with a president who is dangling an economic stimulus bill over voters’ heads like a fucking carrot, pretending that God blessed him with the coronavirus, still refusing to wear a mask, and is most likely spreading his germy droplets all around the Oval Office as I type this.

What in the actual fuck.

While a breathless Trump was busy barfing out dozens of tweets in a 48-hour period and his white-haired sidekick was busy barfing out dozens of fact-checked lies at his only VP debate, I was busy desperately grasping for any fucking way to find joy at the moment. Thankfully, one particularly satisfying source of bliss is Kellyanne Conway. Just kidding, she’s the worst. It’s actually Kellyanne’s refreshing AF teenage daughter Claudia who is giving me life these days. With an audience of 1.3 million followers on TikTok, Claudia Conway is a fierce 15-year-old who is taking the internet by storm as she rails against her famous mom and her mom’s famous previous employer while tons of justifiably-infuriated Americans cheer her on.

Whether she’s clapping back at the president for refusing to condemn the Proud Boys, sharing a video of “Fuck Trump” spray-painted across her bedroom walls, or openly calling out her parent for both supporting a political party that’s boiling over with folks who are hell bent on taking away a woman’s right to choose, I am here for every single thing Claudia has to say.

And honestly, what can we expect somebody to do when they don’t agree with their own mom pathologically lying to the country about Donald Trump’s hush money to sexual assault victims, his love of all things white supremacy, and his total lack of leadership during a global fucking pandemic? Well, if you’re Claudia Conway, you fight back in the best way a kid can — on social media.

It’s not her fault that she was born into a divided and dysfunctional political family, so to see her using her young privilege to do something about it is totally welcome by me. Back in August, the teen announced on Twitter that she was seeking emancipation from her parents due to “years of childhood abuse and trauma.” Conveniently, that was also the month her mom announced she was stepping down from her role at the White House. According to Kellyanne, the goal was to have “less drama, more mama.”

Except that’s exactly the opposite of what seems to be happening in the Conway home right about now. Considering this most recent (and now deleted) interaction between the two on TikTok, it’s safe to say that Claudia is right to continue speaking out against her drama-lovin’ mama.

“You’ve caused so much disruption. You lied about your fucking mother about COVID?! About COVID?!?!” Kellyanne yells at her daughter while Claudia secretly records her in a post.

“That’s how I interpreted it,” Claudia says.

“Interpreted it?!” Kellyanne blurts out seconds before realizing she’s being filmed. “You’re taping me again?!?!” the mom vents as the camera cuts out.

The whole toxic exchange started because Kellyanne apparently contracted COVID from the infamous, and largely mask-free, Rose Garden ceremony. On October 2nd, the 15-year-old posted a video claiming that her mom was coughing all over the house when she got home and said that she too was struggling to breathe.

Shortly after, Kellyanne’s daughter broke the internet when she announced her mom’s positive COVID diagnosis before the media had a chance to share it. She also speculated about whether Donald Trump is downplaying his coronavirus symptoms, and insinuated that her mother straight-up lied to her about having not one, but two positive COVID tests while they hung out together.

Whether Claudia misinterpreted her mom’s words or not, she showed justifiable frustration for the total lack of communication from the only grown-up in this situation. The two apparently spent the entire day together with Claudia completely unaware that her mother would eventually be giving her coronavirus, which Kellyanne got because she refused to stay home, wear a mask, or socially distance. So can we really blame Claudia for telling the world that her mom got COVID before her mom could?

I think we can all agree that this family shit show is more messed up than that time when Trump retweeted a doctor who believes that doing it with a demon in your dreams causes endometriosis.


While her mother loyally made bank working for the most disastrous, racist, bigoted, and dishonest right-wing administration our nation has ever seen and can’t stop squabbling with her conservative hubby who vehemently hates Donald Trump, Claudia is an outspoken apple that has satisfyingly fallen exactly far enough away from the Conway family tree. Not only is she all about opposing Trump for his complete ineptitude and divisive influence, but she embraces progressive values like abortion rights, the LGBTQIA+ community, and telling white nationalists to fuck off. Not to mention she is literally holding her family accountable for remaining complicit during a time when we need folks to take a stand against our country’s number one self-tanned bully.

I’m not here trying to make Claudia Conway out to be the social justice icon of our generation or anything, but I am here to applaud her for being a teenager living in a dysfunctional family and having the guts to publicly not be okay with how it operates. This kid is willing to stick her neck out on the internet and drop truth bombs about her mother and Donald Trump, two people who have turned lying into a fucking commodity. And I hope she keeps doing it.

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