'The Knight Before Christmas' Is About To Be Your Cheesy Christmas Movie Obsession

by Christina Marfice
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Brooke Palmer/Netflix and Mayra Alejandra/Twitter

Need some cheesy holiday rom-com goodness in your life? Head to Netflix and queue up The Knight Before Christmas

There are certain things that a cheesy holiday movie just needs. Gently falling snow. A random act of kindness. Romantic activities done spontaneously in a meticulously decorated Christmas wonderland. A kind, beautiful leading lady who’s become disillusioned by love. Netflix’s latest holiday offering, The Knight Before Christmas, has them all.

Gently falling snow: Check.

Random acts of kindness: Checks all over the place.

Romantic activities, which in this case include riding a horse together through the perfect winter wonderland: Big ol’ check.

And a kind, beautiful leading lady (Vanessa Hudgens, what up?) who has convinced herself true love doesn’t exist, yet remains miraculously open and free of any real baggage whatsoever? CHECK.

If you’re, for some reason, not convinced yet, let me go ahead and tell you more. This film absolutely cements Hudgens in her role as Netflix’s Christmas queen as she plays Brooke, a science teacher who pretty unceremoniously hits a knight with her car (The Knight Before Christmas, get it?). Now we, the viewers, know that this guy is a real knight named Sir Cole who was sent from the 14th century to 2019 by a sorceress who says he needs to fulfill his destiny or something (I think — I was about 4 spiked hot chocolates in before that scene). But sweet Brooke assumes he’s a cosplayer who has lost his memory, you know, because she hit him with her car, so she takes him in to help him recover.

You can guess what happens next. 14th century hijinks ensue, like when Sir Cole sets a bonfire in her yard, or attempts to hunt the local wildlife for dinner. And Brooke still believes that Sir Cole is just an amnesia-struck hot guy who she let live in her house. Sparks fly, and you’ll just have to fire up Netflix to find out how this one ends.

The Knight Before Christmas is obviously a ridiculous movie. But that’s what we love so much about cheesy holiday rom-coms. They’re not even close to rooted in reality, which is great, because reality kind of sucks. But don’t just take our word for it. People are loving this movie already, and it’s looking like it’s going to be one of this season’s must-sees.

For those who are watching really closely, there’s this truly incredible Easter egg.

Seriously, The Knight Before Christmas is so good, the sequel is already in the works.

It’s not as good as Disney’s Noelle, but if cheesy holiday rom-coms are your jam, you can’t make it through the season without watching The Knight Before Christmas.

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