11 Free Ladybug Coloring Pages That'll Make You Want To Soar

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Ladybug Coloring Pages
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Ladybugs are some of the most gentle, incredible bugs out there. Helpful in your garden (as they help eat aphids, which can destroy your plants), they also help control other general pests. In fact, one ladybug can often eat around 5,000 insects in its lifetime. Who knew they were so powerful? Ladybug coloring pages don’t serve the same purpose, but they’re a great way for kids to pay tribute to their favorite bug.

Ladybug coloring pages don’t need to follow the exact coloration of a ladybug — which, in most cases, is red or reddish-orange and black. Ladybugs can also be a yellowish-orange color. Sometimes, they have no spots at all. You can encourage your kiddo to come up with their very own creative coloring combinations with the ladybugs below.

So, without further ado, here are 10 free ladybug coloring pages for you and your kids. These should help pass the time until spring arrives and real-life ladybugs emerge.

Free Ladybug Coloring Pages

Ladybug No. 1

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Charming and happy, this ladybug is an easy way to brighten your day. If you want to color it in fun colors, purple would be a great bet. Soft pastel colors would make this a lovely coloring page to hang in a child’s nursery. Fun fact: Ladybugs are tough little insects. Unlike most bugs and beetles, they not only flourish in the spring but can survive the winter too.

Ladybug No. 2

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This ladybug seems as though it’s an excellent helper, like a school librarian or an elementary school teacher. That said, this would be a thoughtful little gift for the teacher in your child’s life, especially if you have a kindergartener or first grader. And here’s a fun fact they can throw their teacher’s way too: When ladybugs feel threatened they release a yellow liquid, which is actually their blood. It has a stinky smell and can ruin the flavor of food.

Ladybug No. 3

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If the previous coloring page proves to be a hit, this makes a great secondary coloring page. In this one, the educator ladybug is mid-flight. So, maybe she’s on the lookout for new books to read? Or perhaps she’s trying to find a neighborhood Little Free Library to perch on for a little bit. Feel free to color in the background as well to tell more of a story. The life of a ladybug can also get pretty dark. Sometimes they resort to cannibalism when run out of infertile eggs to eat. They will eat their brothers and sisters if they get really hungry.

Ladybug No. 4

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For many children, this ladybug may best resemble one of the first ones they’ve seen. We recommend breaking out the reds to make this coloring page even brighter! For a toddler learning to use crayons and color in the lines, this printable could be perfect. And despite its name, ladybugs aren’t really bugs! They’re actually beetles. However, unlike dung beetles, they’re way cuter. According to superstition, the number of spots on a ladybug that lands on you is how many months of good luck you’ll have!

Ladybug No. 5

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Look who’s back! It’s our favorite ladybug. After flying and reading, she seems ready for a nap. If you want to continue adding to her story, you might want to draw in a cozy bed and some plush pillows to make her more comfortable. Sadly ladybugs only live for about a year.

Ladybug No. 6

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This coloring page is a bit more basic, making it ideal for the classic red-and-black color scheme. To get more creative and add more colors, you can always draw some grass around this ladybug to make it look like it’s scurrying somewhere. Ladybugs are as old as time… well, at least the Middle Ages. Legend has it after farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help with their crops, ladybugs appeared and ate of all the pests. The farmers named them “Our Lady’s beetles,” after the Virgin Mary.

Ladybug No. 7

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She’s back again! And something tells us this isn’t the last time. Our favorite little ladybug now has a flower, which is a great way to add more fun colors to the drawing. As with the others, feel free to create a background. Is she walking on the sidewalk or in a field? Is that big flower her version of an umbrella? We’re thinking she may be walking through a spring rain sprinkle.

Ladybug No. 8

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For this ladybug, your kiddo can hone their shading skills. Find a color they like and show them how to go from dark to light across each of the ladybug’s wings. Fun fact: Ladybugs come in more colors than red. They can be yellow and black, just black or white, dark blue and orange, or have stripes or a checkered pattern instead of spots.

Ladybug No. 9

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Guess who? Our favorite ladybug looks like she’s thoroughly enjoying life. If you consider yourself a good artist, you can draw a couch to keep her comfortable. And if not that, a big fluffy pillow would be fun. Should you choose to print out and color all of these ladybug coloring pages, don’t hesitate to get creative with her bib. A simple modification — think changing the color or design — can make these pages feel unique. Plus, something tells us that this ladybug has plenty of fashionable attire.

Ladybug No. 10

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This ladybug is a bit more complex, but such a sight to see! It has sort of a steampunk quality to it, right? Browns and yellows may make this picture even more spectacular. However, you can choose whatever color works best for you and your little one. Here’s a weird factoid, masses of ladybugs (both dead and alive) wash up on beaches every couple of years. The biggest ladybug wave was in the 1940s. Over four billion ladybugs appeared on 13 miles of shoreline in Libya. Only a small percentage of the bugs were alive.

Ladybug No. 11

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Did you know you can tell how old a ladybug is by counting the number of spots on its back? Usually, the older they are, the more spots they have. This, of course, depends on the species. But ladybug spots also fade away as they get older.

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