Who's Got A Quarter?

Aldi's Summer Releases Include Everything You Need For The Cookout

I scream, you scream, we all scream for... affordable summer goodies.

Aldi's summer releases include everything you need for an ice cream sundae bar.
Deirdre Kaye/Scary Mommy

There are few things in the world that moms appreciate more than good food at good prices. Luckily for Aldi shoppers, that's pretty much what they'll find every time they pop their quarter into a cart and head inside. Now that it's cookout and BBQ season, the need to save on food is even more critical since odds are you'll be feeding more than just your family at least once a month through the summer.

Aldi has long been known for offering affordable gluten-free snacks and staples, super fresh and delicious produce, and all the fun stuff on the "aisle of shame." But Aldi also releases a ton of great, trendy items each season, and this season? It's all about what you're bringing to the cookout! From fun flavored chips to sundae bar toppings and cold treats for kids and adults, Aldi's summer releases offer something for everyone. The secret to summer cookout magic is taking the season's flavors and pairing them with grocery list must-haves, and Aldi does it better than most. (That's why kids literally have Aldi-themed parties.)

If you're looking for unique finds with familiar flavors at affordable prices, Aldi is the perfect pit stop before a big event. As food prices, property values, and practically everything else on Earth get more expensive, more and more moms are finding their way to Aldi to scrape some change from their grocery bills. Whether this is your first or five-hundredth Aldi trip, make sure to check out these new summer releases at Aldi, ideal for camp snacks and backyard BBQs.

For the Meats

From seasoning blends to drizzles, marinades, and rubs, Aldi has everything you need to spice up the protein on your picnic table. Here’s what’s new!

Must Try: Grill Seasoning Blends

Deirdre Kaye/Scary Mommy

Even if you feel like you have enough spices, don’t skip out on Aldi’s grill seasonings. The Citrus Seafood is so wonderfully tangy — it’s amazing on shrimp, especially. And if you’re already running low on your staple Cajun seasoning blend, the Aldi version is even better than most of the more famous blends. Other flavors available: Roasted Garlic & Herb, Butter Garlic, Salt Pepper Garlic, Chicago Style Steak, Amazing Burger, and Kicked Up Chicken.

Other Summer Hits:

  • Hot Honey from Berry Hill
  • Burman’s Hot Sauce (favorite flavors: Blood Orange, Key Lime Habanero, or Lemon-Lime)
  • Seasonal Seasoning shakers with four different blends (including one for tacos and one for street corn)
  • Burman’s BBQ Sauce (available in Memphis Style, Carolina Style, Japanese Style, Bulgogi)

For the Sides

You can’t have lunch without a side like those classic mayo-based “salads” or chips. Gone are the days of half a dozen staple chip flavors. Now, chip companies, especially Clancy’s, are working to make everyone’s wildest chip dreams come true. If you need me, I'll be polishing off our second bag of hot honey chips.

Must Try: Clancy’s Seasonal Popcorn

Deirdre Kaye/Scary Mommy

Aldi’s summer sides are poppin’ this year, but Clancy has released some seasonal popcorn flavors that should be on every picnic table this season. Capitalizing on everyone’s favorite condiment, the pickle, Clancy’s Dill Pickle Popcorn is both weird and wonderful. Feeling like you need something more substantial but don’t really want to go the loaded baked potato route? Try the Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn.

Other Summer Hits:

  • Summer “salads” (coleslaw, potato salad, southern style potato salad, Caprese pasta salad, rotini pasta salad)
  • Clancy’s Hot Honey Chips (and Everything But the Bagel)
  • Clancy’s summer chips (“All Dressed,” Spicy Dill Pickle, Loaded Bacon and Cheddar, Pickle Ranch)
  • Baked beans (available in Bold and Spicy, Countryside BBQ, and Homestyle)

For Dessert

How you serve dessert at a cookout depends in large part on who is coming and how many people you’ll have. If you do a sundae bar, Aldi has everything you need: cones, syrups, and sprinkles. But they’re also serving seasonal cookies, ice cream bars, and pie filling.

Must Try: The Sundae Bar Fixin’s

Deirdre Kaye/Scary Mommy

You can get cones, ice cream, syrups, and sprinkles anywhere. However, Aldi currently has them all in one spot — and each at a fair price. Plus, many of the products are from Benton’s, including the waffle cones, which are oh-so-good.

Other Summer Hits:

  • Benton’s Cookie Thins (available in Lemon and Key Lime)
  • Blueberry and strawberry pie filling and topping
  • Chocolate and vanilla ice cream cups
  • Sundae Shoppe crunch bars
  • Orange cream ice cream bars
  • Dark chocolate-coated frozen bananas


You can’t run your mouth with family gossip and not stay hydrated! Don’t just settle for 2-liters of pop, though; get a little more festive.

Must Try: Sparkling Lemonades

Deirdre Kaye/Scary Mommy

Wanna amp up any picnic basket without breaking the bank? A glass bottle of sparkling lemonade (in regular or pink) will do the trick. There’s just something about a glass bottle that makes everything feel fancier. For added oomph, drop in some sliced strawberries, garnish with a lemon wedge, or mix with Limoncello or Limonzero.

Other Summer Hits:

  • Sparkling frost-flavored water in summer flavors
  • Vitalife Probiotic drinks (favorite flavors: Pineapple Mango and Strawberry Mint Peach)
  • Vitalife Prebiotic sodas (favorite flavors: Rootbeer and Strawberry Vanilla)
  • Bottled lemonade (available in regular and strawberry)

Aldi has made itself a one-stop shop for cookout supplies. The “aisle of shame” even currently boasts a very cute picnic table and chairs. And how could anyone possibly overlook their amazing chocolate section? It’s the perfect place to find s’mores inspiration. However eclectic or traditional you want to go this BBQ season, Aldi’s got it ready for you.