Mind = Blown

TikTok Dad Shares Brilliant Alexa Hack For Getting Kids To Eat Dinner

It involves Bluey, so you know it’s good.

TikTok user @dadchats shares how he uses Alexa to help get his kids to eat dinner.

Kids are only predictable in their complete and utter unpredictability, especially when it comes to food. What might be their favorite food or comfort meal during one meal could earn a look of disgust for the next meal. They are oh-so-fickle about their food preferences. Still, you can always count on them to be absolutely obsessed about something — dinosaurs, Spider-Man, or, yes, Bluey. Whether it’s playing dirty or not, using their latest fixation to get what you need from them is just part of the parenting racket. One dad on TikTok has capitalized on that big time by turning it into a way to gain a bit of power over the dinner struggle.

That’s right: He uses his kid’s Bluey obsession to get them to eat their dinner. How? Well, it takes a bit of finagling and consistency. But with the help of Alexa, he’s getting his kids to eat just about anything... as long as Bluey is eating it, too.

Just when you thought technology was only complicating your life. Now you have a reason to hold onto those i-Assistants a little longer (at least as you navigate the picky kid phase of parenting).

"If you have kids under the age of 10, I am about to infinitely improve your life," promises TikTok @DadChats. "Many of you know that I have a love-hate relationship with Alexa. I love her. She hates me. It's emotionally manipulative, and yet somehow, I still can't get enough. However, as of last week, I have finally found a way to use Alexa's evil for good."

He's making big promises, so you might be inclined to write him off. Warning: Do not. This man is about to share a truly inspired idea. After admitting the second worst part of kids (after bird obsessions, of course) is the dinner struggle, he shares what's currently working for him.

"I have a solution to the dinner thing," he says. "I use the Alexa commands to make my own question and answer. For the question, I put in, 'Alexa, what is Bluey having for dinner tonight?' Then I make the answer whatever we're having."

While the solution is brilliant, he quickly points out one crucial detail: You can't forget to update it every night/afternoon.

"As long as I change it out every night, it's genius," he says, quite chuffed. "Because what kid is not going to eat a meal when it's the same meal that Bluey (and/or your favorite cartoon character of choice) is eating?"

If Bluey isn't your child's jam? First off, so sorry! Bluey's the best. Second, don't worry. This command is entirely customizable.

You could just as easily set it to, "What is Blippi eating for dinner?" Or "What is Elmo having for breakfast?" Once you decide what's on the menu each day, just edit Alexa's answer to match. You could wait until your child refuses dinner to ask Alex/Bluey for backup, or before you even start cooking, ask Alexa and then "decide" to make the same thing.

Bonus idea: If there's a food your child is really uninterested in but you'd like for them to eat, work it into Bluey's menu a few times a week. Child feeding experts say exposure is the best way to get a kid to try new food. Continue offering a safe food for them, as well — maybe even something Bluey isn't eating.

But if Bluey keeps eating asparagus and you keep exposing your kid to the green veggie, they might eventually brave a bite. Or at least a sniff.