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60+ Aries Quotes That’ll Make Any Ram Say, “Yep, That Tracks”

Relatable AF if you fall under this fiery sign.

Written by Brianne Hogan
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If you know an Aries, you know a boss. Since this sign is the first of the zodiac (their season runs from Mar. 21 to Apr. 19), they kick off the astrological new year — and what better forerunner than the fiery Ram? Ruled by the aggressive planet Mars, Aries are natural-born leaders who will go to battle for what they want. Head-strong, ambitious, confident, and competitive as hell, the Ram easily charges into situations with a "take no prisoners" vibe when it comes to life. Impulsive and quick to anger, they aren't afraid to say or do whatever it takes. If you pick a fight with an Aries or dare to stop them from achieving their vision, look out! You just got yourself a new enemy. Whether you're raising one of these headstrong signs, are one, or just want a little added insight into the Rams in your life, Aries quotes can act as a window into the Arian world.

But first, want to know a few fun facts about this sign? The go-getters of the zodiac, they're always up for an adventure — and once you're a part of an Aries' life, you can't help but get swept up in their intrepid spirit. You can count on an Aries to come up with an exciting project, plan, or a new way of doing something. They're the ones you call when you feel overwhelmed because they know how to cut through the fat to get to the heart of every matter. They know how to get sh*t done and don't hold back when giving advice and sharing their strong opinions.

Just like their fire element, Aries are passionate, bold, and larger than life. While they might be a bit intimidating at times, Arians have an optimistic and loyal vibe that's infectious and endearing. If you're in a jam, your Aries friend will be there to help you sort it out while also lifting your spirit. No wonder we love famous Aries like Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey, and Eddie Murphy.

If you're looking for Aries quotes to describe the bold Ram in your life, here are some of the best about Aries, by Aries, and everything between.

Aries Quotes That Nail The Ram Personality

  1. "Boredom and routine are valleys that Aries must rise above to breathe easily." — Teresa Noel Celsi, ‎Michael Yawney
  2. “Because of the sheer determination and fire that you carry in your heart, there’s hardly anything that can stop you from going after something (or someone) you want.” — Mecca Woods, Astrology for Happiness and Success
  3. "You can definitely count on an Aries when the chips are down." — Patricia Lantz
  4. “You are loved because of your bravery, gumption, and passion for seizing opportunity.” — Colin Bedell, Queer Cosmos
  5. "Aries leads with blind optimism, barreling through life with an electric joie de vivre that perfectly complements their distinctive impulsivity." — Aliza Kelly
  6. "Aries rules the head and brain, and like the Ram, Arians go into battle headfirst." — Therrie Rosenvald
  7. "Aries is about starting over, and what could be better than starting over minus the fears that have held us back?" — Doreen Virtue, ‎Yasmin Boland
  8. "I'm an Aries. I need everybody to like me." — Eric Andre
  9. "Aries is the first sign of the fire element and the cardinal quality — all force, all outgoing, all for moving ahead, but also for putting the self first." — Julia Parker
  10. "While Arians are independent and love their freedom, they do not enjoy being alone." — Lynn Hayes
  11. "I'm probably less volatile and tempestuous than a lot of Aries, but I think I'm probably quite loud and outgoing and passionate. Maybe a bit difficult or stubborn." — Mackenzie Davis
  12. "Failure is not an option for an Aries; it is a prerequisite for success." — Patricia Lantz
  13. "Aries people pick up steam while everyone else is running out of gas." — Joanna Martine Woolfolk
  14. "Aries hearts always carry more scars than the Rams ever show, or openly discuss." — Linda Goodman
  15. "Aries are equipped with a confident and courageous soul; they are always full of enthusiasm, optimism, honesty, and passion." — Dayanara Blue Star
  16. "Aries is a naturally competitive sign that hates to lose at whatever they are good at doing- and sometimes even at what they don't do so well!" — Bernie Ashman
  17. "Like anyone else, Aries may feel the fear, but has learned to act anyway, always striving to overcome limiting beliefs and self-doubt." — Debbie Stapleton
  18. “Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so they’re also leaders — the fire’s spark.” — Lisa Stardust
  19. "Patience is not a virtue for Aries. The phrase Speak now or forever hold your peace, was probably created by an impatient Aries." — Dr. Atara
  20. "I am an Aries, the ram, ready to fully charge at whatever comes my way." — Tina Mack
  21. "Said I rage like a fire, and I flow like the water. Ain't no surprise I was born under Aries sign." — Beverly Knight
  22. "Aries is known for an explosive temper, and although their outbursts don't last long, it's definitely best to avoid fiery rams until the steam has dissipated." — Aliza Kelly
  23. "I don't do it for anybody's expectations. I do it for myself. I'm very strict with myself. I'm an Aries and sort of a challenge to myself." —Debbie Reynolds
  24. "Aries individuals need to be first, but they will want you to be a passenger on their adventure ride." — Lynn Hayes
  25. "Aries types are always very determined — some would call them pigheaded. In fact, they are usually too refined for such terminology and would fit better into the category of sheep-headed." — Dr. Douglas M. Baker
  26. "You may find an occasional Arian who is shy, but you'll never find one who's uncertain where he stands." — Linda Goodman
  27. “When the Aries person has an idea or something he wants to get off his mind, he’ll call you at 4 in the morning without a qualm. Why shouldn’t you be awake to listen to him?” — Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs
  28. “Aries needs a partner willing to set sail at a moment’s notice — impulsive and action-oriented, he prefers not to plan and overthink a situation.” — Lynn Hayes
  29. “Aries are often a step ahead of us. A life that is too predictable makes then antsy.” — Unknown
  30. “Aries is born to make their mark on the world and take the road less traveled.” — Patricia Lantz

Quotes That Embody The Sign By Famous Arians

  1. "I am my own sanctuary, and I can be reborn as many times as I choose throughout my life." — Lady Gaga
  2. "I encourage women to step up. Don't wait for somebody to ask you." — Reese Witherspoon
  3. "You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You've got to get out there and make it happen for yourself." — Diana Ross
  4. "Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway." — Robert Downey Jr.
  5. "I don't like laziness or cutting corners." — Victoria Beckham
  6. "The last thing I want to do is complain; I love what I do and I know every job comes with a downside." — Jennifer Garner
  7. "I don't believe in perfection — I don't think there is such a thing. But the energy of wanting things to be great is perfectionist energy." — Reese Witherspoon
  8. “Wood feeds the fire which burns it.” — Leonardo da Vinci
  9. "Waiting makes me restless. When I'm ready, I'm ready." — Reba McEntire
  10. "If we can be friends, that's great; if not, let's fight." — Mary English
  11. "I don't want to make money; I want to make a difference." — Lady Gaga
  12. "I don't want the fear of failure to stop me from doing what I really care about." — Emma Watson
  13. "I'm pretty good with not being afraid to just go up to people and introduce myself." — Elle Fanning
  14. "Honesty will never break you." — Kate Hudson
  15. "I've always had confidence. It came because I have lots of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself." — Eddie Murphy
  16. "It's OK to be you. It's OK to be not OK." — Kristen Stewart
  17. "Once we give up searching for approval, we often find it easier to earn respect." — Gloria Steinem
  18. "If they'd given me half an Oscar. I would have thrown it back in their faces. You see, I'm an Aries. I never lose." — Bette Davis
  19. "I don't think anyone knows as much about what's right for me as I do." — Mariah Carey
  20. "All I can do is follow my instincts because I'll never please everyone." — Emma Watson
  21. “I’ve realized the things that matter to me are my happiness, my family, being around the people I love, and keeping my spirit clean with their positive energy. As long as I have that, no matter what happens, I am gucci, I am good.” — Halle Bailey
  22. “Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way, b*tch!” — Lady Gaga
  23. “I’m slightly controlling. I’m an Aries, and I like things to have an order. I get slightly disturbed and slightly distressed and flustered if things go awry.” — Mandy Moore
  24. “There’s a line in the picture where he snarls, ‘Nobody tells me what to do.’ That’s exactly how I’ve felt all my life.” — Marlon Brando
  25. “I don’t judge others. I say if you feel good with what you’re doing, let your freak flag fly.” — Sarah Jessica Parker
  26. "I'm not everybody's cup of tea. But sometimes, criticism can be hurtful. Be respectful. I'm a good piano player, I can sing well, I write good songs. If you don't like it, fair enough. But give me a break." — Elton John
  27. "People ask me a lot, 'Do you have any regrets?' Heck naw. If I hadn't done all the things I'd done, I wouldn't be the amazing human being I am today." — Chaka Khan
  28. "I used to wonder what it would be like to see my name on a billboard. I couldn't even imagine something like that. Then you see it, and, well, it just makes billboards not as special as they used to be. It's weird." — Matthew Broderick
  29. "I'm not one of those people that goes into details of my personal life on national TV to get attention. Some things are better left unsaid." — Miriah Carey
  30. "I have always loved fashion because it's a great way to express your mood. And I'm definitely a shoe lover. The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit and even change how a woman feels about herself. A woman can wear confidence on her feet with a high stiletto or slip into weekend comfort with a soft ballet flat." — Fergie
  31. "I would love to work with my dad! We've never done anything live together. I'm always open to working with talented people, and I think my dad certainly qualifies." — Jennifer Grey
  32. "Everything is so chaotic. My nervous system can't handle it. I need my peace, so, every once in a while, while the kids are at school, I lie in bed, close the curtains, watch television and eat food." — Leslie Mann
  33. "I get sick all the time because I get no rest and sleep, but it's definitely worth it." — Big Sean

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