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Burger King Unveils “Trick-Or-Heat” Buckets & Announces Ghost Pepper's Return

BK comin' in h-h-h-hot!

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Move over, McDonald's — Burger King has their very own spooky Halloween bucket this year called the "Trick-or-Heat Bucket." And dare I say it? It's even cooler than MickeyD's Boo Buckets. Even better still, Burger King also announced the return of their popular Ghost Pepper Whopper. Because nothing says "spooky season" like tummy troubles while trick-or-treating with your kids, right? Whatevs, worth it. Before you go and plan a family fast food trip, though, a quick disclaimer: Check your local BK! Trick-or-Heat buckets are only available in select markets.

Now for a little fast food history. While Burger King and McDonald's are often seen as (and are) competitors in the fast food realm, they don't typically "act like it." In recent years, they've each recognized and stuck with their own approach to fast food. The fact of the matter is that sometimes you crave a Whopper or Chicken Fries. And sometimes you crave... something else.

However, Burger King might just be reigniting the fire between the two competitors with their newest launch. After all, who doesn't need a trick-or-treat bucket? And who wouldn't want one a little different than the same thing everyone used a generation ago? While the aforementioned Boo Buckets are often bright and cutesy, Burger King's Trick-or-Heat buckets are a little more, well, emo.

The black buckets, perfect for tons of Halloween loot, are decorated peppers and pepper-stemmed ghosts, done in mostly white with a touch of red. There's no better way to say it: They're more Halloween-y.

Burger King

The ghosts and peppers are both nods to the return of the Ghost Pepper Whopper. Starting Oct. 12, all Burger Kings will offer up spooky, spicy Ghost Pepper Whoppers and Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. The Ghost Pepper Whopper features BK's classic flame-grilled 100% beef patty (this time topped with spicy queso), jalapeños, bacon, and (you guessed it) ghost pepper cheese. The burger's contents come on an orange bun topped with black sesame seeds so you can fully embrace spooky season while chowing down.

Meanwhile, the ghost pepper chicken fries may be a brand first, but it's certainly not the first time Burger King has played around with everyone's favorite little snacky snack. Previously, BK has sold Spicy Chicken Fries, Jalapeño Chicken Fries, and Buffalo Chicken Fries. The Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, however, should be decidedly more spicy given that ghost peppers rate higher than most other peppers on the market.

More interested in the Trick-or-Heat bucket? No worries! If you're not a spicy gal, you can get your bucket without having to partake in any ghost pepper products. The buckets will sell for $1 each but will only be available in select markets. Your best bet at getting your hands on a bucket will be if you live in or visit Atlanta, Charlotte, Las Vegas, or Nashville. And here's further incentive to find 'em: They glow!

As if you need another reason to head to your local Burger King, they're giving it to ya. If you have a Paw Patrol fan in your midst, GO NOW. You're at the tail-end (pun intended) of Burger King and Paw Patrol's collaboration, which launched in late September. Burger King Kids Meals come with one of six different Paw Patrol toys. Each toy pays homage to an individual pup from Paw Patrol, including Sky, Rocky, Chase, Marshall, Liberty, and Rubble.

Burger King

Who knows? Maybe you can use the toy for Halloween costume inspiration. Rubble on the double!

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