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Here’s Your Sign To Plan A Christmas “Rot Day” Immediately

Call your BFFs — it’s time to get toasted while watching Elf.

TikToker ReaderGirlVibes explains what a "Christmas Rot Day" is.

There's something so magical about the holidays, but it just feels like toxic positivity to suggest they're only happy and magical. Holidays also trigger grief for many people. And all that decorating, planning, and present buying certainly creates a ton of stress for everyone, especially moms. You can set some self-care booby traps. You can even plan some "me time" to get you out of your slump. But somewhere in the holiday season, smack dab between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, you should also plan a "Rot Day."

While the name of your newest tradition might conjure images of trash bags or Grinch grins, it's actually a pretty sweet occasion. The idea is simple: Spend the day "rotting" on your couch. Will your meals be nutritious? No. Will your presents get bought, picked up, or wrapped? Also, no.

But will you revel in loading up on Buddy the Elf's favorite food groups and basking in the subsequent sugar high? You betcha. Will you watch classic Christmas movies or holiday episodes of your go-to shows all day and walk away feeling refreshed? Absofreakinlutely.

According to TikToker ReaderGirlVibes, setting the tone for a perfect Christmas Rot Day is easy. You'll need lots of snacks, lots of drinks, and holiday flicks. Not mentioned, but obviously on-theme? Cozy clothes and cute socks! Want to make it more adult-only and less kid-friendly? "Every time someone wears a Santa hat, take a drink," she suggests.

This is the easiest tradition on Earth, but keep reading for a bit of guidance.

The Food

Snacks can be anything you're willing to munch on or are craving. Inspired by some iconic holiday movies and the Rot Day TikTok, the following items would make ideal fuel for your future Rot Day. You can buy most of these, including Ello candy and frozen pizza, at your local Walgreens or CVS. To be a little more "upscale," you can always hit Target. But like, why? Just clean out your fridge and dump the leftover Halloween candy into a bowl.

  • Buddy the Elf's food groups: Candy, candy corns, candy canes, and syrup
  • Christmas cookies
  • Pizza
  • Nachos
  • Nuggs
  • Thanksgiving leftovers
  • Hummus and pretzels (No veggies! You're rotting!)

The Bevvies

New York's Best Coffee is the first choice here. It's the perfect tribute to Elf and, really, any basic AF coffee will do. You could easily set up a coffee or cocoa table, complete with peppermint syrup. But other options would be anything sweet or alcoholic.

  • Pop/Soda (especially the seasonal kind)
  • A special Rot Day mixed drink or mocktail
  • Champagne
  • Peppermint Schnapps
  • Mudslides

Optional "Necessities"

While the whole idea of Rot Day is to do very little except eat and watch Christmas movies, you can kick up the festivities in a few simple ways.

  • Holiday socks
  • Cozy PJs
  • Set up near the Christmas tree (You could even consider decorating it that day)
  • Bust out the extra blankets
  • Invite your bestie

What movies will you watch on Rot Day? A good mix of something classic, something nostalgic, and just an all-time favorite might be in order.

Perhaps a White Christmas, Home Alone, and Elf triple-header? And no judgment if you choose to do a Die Hard marathon. After all, many will say the first one is a Christmas movie. You could also just binge the Christmas episodes of your favorite shows, like Friends, Gilmore Girls, or How I Met Your Mother.

Whatever you choose to watch, wear, eat, or drink, the most important thing to remember is to sit and do as little as possible. Or, ya know, rot.