Happy Father’s Day!
40 Practical Gifts Any Dad (Even The Impossible To Shop For Ones) Would Love

These gifts are clever, practical, and under $35 — perfect for dads who “don’t want anything.”

Clever, practical Father's Day gifts do exist — and, bonus, they're even affordable.

Who wouldn't want to receive a present that comes with a bit of recognition? Such is the brilliance of great Father's Day gifts. But ask a parent, "What do you want?" and, chances are, they'll name things that can't be bought or wrapped — like sleep, sanity, a minute of alone time, etc. This makes shopping for Father's Day a royal pain in the butt. You can send him off to a baseball game and make his favorite dinner, but what can you put in a gift bag? How do you find something he doesn't even know he needs? Whether you need gifts for dads who have everything or gifts for dads who don't want anything (or so they say), the hunt can feel a lot like looking for the Holy Grail.

Fortunately, this isn't a quest you must endure alone. The following massive roundup of gifts for Dad has your back. Utilitarian items, personal care necessities, bougie buys, fun and games — you'll find something for all the men in your life. Bonus: You've probably also been eyeballing some of these, so if you share a roof with the guy getting the gift, you get to enjoy it as well (cough, skin-smoothing brush, cough). And since they’re all affordable at under $35, you can spring for more than one if you feel so inclined.

So, keep reading, and get ready to load up your digital cart. These cheap but seriously useful items will have Dad saying "thanks" — and really meaning it.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Scary Mommy’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Handyman Helper

Anyone assembling a stroller, putting together a toddler bed, or hanging a piece of kindergarten art could use this bracelet — it's packed with 10 magnets that keep screws, nails, washers, and other hardware in easy reach. Adjustable to fit almost any size, it can also hang off a belt.


Memory-Foam Wedge for Sound Sleep

Side sleepers might toss and turn because their favorite sleep position can also cause a bit of back, leg, or hip pain. Give a dad this contoured memory-foam pillow to support his knees, and he’ll sleep more soundly. Psst... it’s also genius for pregnancy. Comes in a large size as well.


Ultimate Beard-Trimming Accessory

If a dude has a beard that needs regular trimming, this will keep hairs from clogging the sink drain. The suction on the end holds it to the bathroom mirror while he shaves, creating sort of a fireman’s-net to catch stray hairs and make them easy to discard.


Battery Organizer

When a new piece of electronic gear or a new toy enters the house, there will be no more scrounging around for batteries to make it work. You can clearly organize all sizes of batteries in this holder, which can live in a drawer or be mounted on a wall in a garage or workspace. It includes a battery tester, so Dad doesn't have to play the "is the remote control broken or are these batteries dead?" game.


Microwave Popcorn Perfection

Place popcorn in this silicone bowl and set it in the microwave for a couple of minutes (listen for the popping to slow down!), and you’ll be all set for movie night. Silicone doesn’t get as hot as glass, so the bowl is easier to grab, especially with the handles on the sides. A lid keeps popcorn from spilling over, and the whole thing collapses flat for easy storage.


Skin-Smoothing Brush

Dad can use this ergonomic brush in the shower or at the sink to thoroughly clean and exfoliate his face before shaving. Because it unclogs pores and clears skin, the shave will be smoother with fewer razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It works just as well to clear skin on legs before shaving, too. So, you know, it might be the kind of gift that gets shared.


Catch-All For The Car

Dad can configure this collapsible organizer to be smaller or larger. It ties down to anchor points in the backseat or the trunk, ensuring that stuff won't fly all over the family vehicle. Everything will be well-secured and easy to find.


White Noise Machine

Parents can shut out random sounds from inside and outside the house with the gentle hum of this compact white noise machine. Toggle around to find a favorite among the six sleep sounds, including rain, the ocean, and plain white noise. Play it all night or set a timer for 30, 60, or 120 minutes. It plugs in or works on batteries.


Great-Smelling Wash

This will help him wake up in the morning! The natural-ingredient body wash smells of peppermint and uses tea tree oil to clean and deodorize skin. It even fights skin conditions such as acne, jock itch, and foot odor — but, tbh, you can present it as a little spa-shower luxury, because it is that, too.


Planner That Works For Both Left- And Right-Brain People

It’s not too late for him to slay goals in 2022 and into 2023! Papercode’s unique planner includes so many tools that it’s adaptable to any kind of thinker. Need color coding? A vision board? A place to list each day’s task plus weekly goals? This planner works for all of that. There are monthly sections, weekly sections, and a place to write down gratitudes, too.


Bidet For The Toilet

He might never ask for this gift, but it's one he'd always be grateful to have! It activates a jet spray to clean like toilet paper never could. There's a DIY installation (read the reviews for tips), after which users seem to flush happily ever after.


Bougie Beard Soap

This natural soap smells like oranges and includes walnut granules to clean his beard and leave it softer and dandruff-free. Users say it gets a great lather, and one bar can last at least thirty washes. It’s also possible to buy a three-pack if you want to help him stock up.


Handy Bug Zapper

He can be a mighty warrior ridding the yard of mosquitos with this set of two rechargeable bug-zapping rackets. They’re useful anywhere from the porch to a campsite or on a hike. They’ve also got LED lights for use at night. The set comes in less-expensive mini and medium sizes, but reviewers recommend large so that you just can’t miss.


Snap-On Strainer

Is he the family chef? This hack will help him. He can snap this strainer to a pot when boiling pasta or veggies so that straining out the water becomes an easy one-handed event. Made of silicone, it can go in the dishwasher and comes in multiple colors.


Easy-Clean Pet Brush

If Man’s Best Friend is, in fact, your man’s best friend (or he takes care of the family cat), this brush will help strengthen their bond and keep the house hair-free. Pets who shed need a brush every few days so that the hair ends up on it and not your furniture. The cool thing about this model is the bristles retract at the press of a button to quickly sweep all the hair right into the garbage.


Greatest Gardening Gloves

The rubber on the palm of these gloves keeps fingers safe but isn’t so thick that he’ll sacrifice sensitivity. He can even operate a smartphone while wearing them. The flip side is made of breathable bamboo, so hands stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Note that they are meant to fit snugly. Sold in sizes small to 2X.


Instant-Read Meat Thermometer

Are you gifting a grill chef? This waterproof meat thermometer reads food temps instantly, meaning no overcooking or undercooking at the cookout. Of course, it works indoors, too, on everything from the Thanksgiving turkey to that homemade sourdough bread.


Meat Shredders

On Taco Tuesday or BBQ night, he can wield Bear Paws to quickly shred beef, pork butt, or other meat. You use one to hold the meat steady and the other to do the shredding — so much easier than working with knives. And he can pop these in the dishwasher when done. Reviewers say they feel like Wolverine when they use them!


Wall Charger For Up To 8 Items

What he needs most, aside from WiFi, is power! Turn a regular outlet into a mighty eight-item charger with the added benefit of surge protection. He can plug in six standard cords plus two USB cords, and can even sit a phone on the ledge on the top as it charges.


Car Seat Gap Stopper

This is literally the gift of sanity for anyone who loses their phone, glasses, or wallet in the little abyss between a front seat and car console. It was originally featured on Shark Tank and has garnered more than 30,000 five-star reviews. You get two — one for the driver and one for the passenger side.


Secure Wallet

This handsome leather wallet has the added ability to outwit scammers using radio frequency identification signals to electronically scan wallets unnoticed. Vital information from his driver’s license, debit card, and credit cards stays secure. All that aside, reviewers say it’s a perfect-size wallet that stands up to plenty of use.


Hand Repair

If your hard-working dad has dry, cracked hands, this concentrated cream will help. Have him rub just a bit on his hands at night before sleep to wake with healthier skin in the morning. It’s glycerin-based, and reviewers say a little goes a long way. The tingling feeling means it’s working!


Cord Organizer

Organize all those cords and accessories so that they aren’t lying in a tangled heap somewhere. This pouch can hold his charging cables, headphones, dongles, portable chargers, external hard drives, and the rest. Available in several colors.


Microfiber Towel

He can use this towel at the gym, tuck it in his back pocket if he jogs, attach it to his bike or golf club bag, or use it at the beach. It absorbs five times its weight but is as soft as suede. It comes in an absolute rainbow of colors and six sizes from X-small to XX-large.


Fast, Portable Charger

Everyone with a phone needs one of these occasionally (and definitely if you’re a family that goes to Disney, takes camping trips, or likes to hike). When no outlet is available, he can plug into this compact, lightweight portable charger capable of fully charging three iPhones before needing its own reboost. Also sold in colors.


Eyecare Travel Case

If Dad travels a lot, help him stay organized and pack a little tighter with one case that can hold both eyeglasses and contacts. Everything is stored conveniently, and the case includes a mirror and a travel-size bottle for contact lens solution.


Back Scrubber

No one can easily reach around and scrub their back. This works better than a body brush to really clean and exfoliate the whole back area, and it will feel like relaxing self-care while he uses it.


WiFi-Enabled Light Switch

He can swap a regular wall plate for this Alexa- or Google Home-enabled light switch, allowing the family to activate the light by voice. It can also have the light on a schedule. So, for instance, a porch light can be on from dusk till dawn. Finally, this switch will work with a smartphone if Dad wants to turn the lights on during vacation to make it look like someone’s home.


Grill Gloves

Every grillmaster needs gloves that can take the heat. This silicone pair is grippy and protect all the way to his forearm. Just run them through the dishwasher when they need a cleaning.


Wireless Charging Pad

He can charge up his phone and AirPods easily on this charging pad. Many users recommend it for easy overnight charging — he can simply keep it on his nightstand, and the light will turn green when his device is ready for a new day.


Cell Phone Stand

Make his video meetings easier with this desk accessory that holds a phone or tablet at face height. It also allows him to check texts and alerts without always looking down and suffering from “text neck.”


Small But Mighty Flashlight

This slim little tool shines a light anywhere Dad needs to work. With its magnetic base, it can stick to the fuse box or car. It’s also got a pocket clip, so he can wear it on a pocket and have it light the way directly ahead of him. It can shine for seven hours straight!


Magnetic Curtain-Style Screen Door

How brilliant is this? Since the curtain screen is held together in the middle with magnets, family members can easily push through. It closes back together as the magnets attract again. Dad and the kids can be in and out all day without letting flies in the house. It’s also a great way for dogs to duck outside and inside without begging at the door. Reviewers promise a straightforward installation.


Water-Resistant Phone Holder

If Dad likes to keep his phone in the bathroom for news updates, the morning weather, and so on, he can slip it into this holder to protect it from steam and moisture. Reviewers warn that it’s not water-tight — don’t think the phone can drop into the swimming pool! But if he just wants to keep it near while getting ready in the morning or having a soak in the evening, this holder helps.


Beard-Straightening Heated Brush

He’ll look less wild and more groomed with this convenient kit. The ceramic bristles warm in 30 seconds to brush out beard hairs at a low, medium, or hot temperature. The comb lets him neatly finish his styling.


Ultimate Eyeglass Care Kit

Help him see clearly! This comprehensive kit includes a 2-ounce travel-size spray bottle and two larger 8-ounce bottles, plus two microfiber cloths and 26 presoaked travel wipes. Note: It all works on electronic screens and camera lenses as well as eyeglasses.


Universal Socket Tool

Dad can do more quick fixes and DIY repairs when he has this tool that adapts to screws and bolts of any size. There’s no hunting around in the toolbox for the right one when one socket fits all!


Stress-Relieving Foot Massager

Dad deserves a break. He’ll relax and improve his circulation if he rubs his tired feet on this massage roller at the end of the day. It relieves tension in both feet at once.


Dry Bag To Protect His Gear

For the outdoorsy dad, you can never go wrong with a good dry bag. No matter how he plans to spend his time outside — kayaking, boating, swimming, camping, fishing — this durable pouch has his back. It’s tear-, rip-, and puncture-proof, and it can float on water after being rolled and buckled. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes and 18 different colors.


Trimmer For Those Unwanted Hairs

Let’s be honest: This might be a last-ditch Father’s Day gift. Or maybe not! Maybe Dad has been waiting for someone to get him some help for the hairs that start to sprout as we get older. This tool is rechargeable, and users say it’s an easy and accurate way to get rid of unwanted hairs.