Jessica G Hartshorn

Jessica Hartshorn writes lifestyle stories for Scary Mommy with an eye to helping parents achieve a happy home life. She understands that hearing from other parents as well as experts can help people make decisions, pick their battles, and otherwise be the parent and partner that they want to be.

For ten years, Hartshorn was the Entertainment Editor of Parents magazine. Before that, she was the Senior Lifestyle Editor of American Baby magazine for more than a decade. Between the two, she spent twenty-plus years evaluating and rating toys and baby gear. If she reflexively looks at your stroller brand she’s not judging, just researching. She holds degrees in journalism and world literature from Penn State.

Hartshorn has gotten her own kids into their teens and now counts on friends to let her hold their baby. She photographs her cat, flowers, and cakes too often, and is happiest traveling, especially with the fam.

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