From The Confessional: ‘I Don’t Want More Kids Because They Are Expensive’

32 parents share their feelings about having (or not having) more kids

by Emma Coburn
Emma Chao/Scary Mommy; Getty Images

Before “settling down” to have kids, you may have pictured a certain life for yourself: your ideal partner, the ideal place to live, and the number of children you thought you wanted. Maybe that goal has stayed the same over the years — or maybe it looks a lot different now. Whether you wanted a huge family but felt overwhelmed after one kid, decided to have several kids when you never thought you’d have any — or something in between — there’s no wrong way to feel or think about it. But since it often brings up complicated emotions, people have a lot to say in the Scary Mommy confessional. Here, 32 parents anonymously share their thoughts on pregnancy, family size, secondary infertility, and more.

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I’ve always wanted to have at least two children but I’m not sure about that anymore

Confessional #98116273

Done, wish had one more but have been scared by birth complication stories

Confessional #91889928

I had 2 abortions; if our families ever found out, they’d blame me and not my husband. 😖

Confessional #90394884

Want a third desperately and my husband doesn’t. I’m 41 and the resentment will prob end us

Confessional #92100398

I want another, husband doesn’t because of my mental health issues after my only

Confessional #90838991

Glad we aren’t having more kids but mourning no longer having a baby 😭

I wish I hadn’t let my OBGYN talk me out of having my tubes tied during my last c-section.

Confessional #91829930

Wanted more kids... had 8 miscarriages and two failed rounds of ivf 😢

Confessional #90847728

I want another badly. But I can’t afford it. I also feel like it would break us. Our first was so hard..

Confessional #90128774

Adoption process. Where the hell do I begin? We had one naturally but can’t again

Confessional #91304928

I’m not sure my marriage would survive another. It’s so hard!

Confessional #92304928

I feel done but so many around me are having a third and I feel like somethings wrong with me

Confessional #91083992

I have one and I am done. I didn’t discover the extent of my childhood trauma until he was born.

Confessional #91710299

I had a miscarriage- put me in the ER with a blood transfusion. I’m scared to try again.

Confessional #91882839

I am not done having kids.. sadly husband is.. we have 3 boys & I want a girl via IVF

Confessional #98839203

So angry at pregnant ppl right now. Trying for 10mths for our second. No issues with our first, v different

Confessional #92839931

I have 2 boys and i want a girl, but i just went thru cancer and it was too much on my body

Confessional #99423039

One and done by choice. It feels like people think I dislike being a mom b/c I don’t want more kids

Confessional #90849203

My husband refuses to have a vasectomy so I refuse to let him touch me.

Confessional #90129384

So done. Had an uterine rupture with last child..For us two boys completes us

Confessional #91882736

We would love another child, but I’m 37 and entering early menopause. It’s heartbreaking.

Confessional #90012938

I want 1 more. H doesn’t, but won’t say definitive no. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking.

Confessional #91099283

I don’t want more kids because they are expensive

Confessional #91002928

I wanted a 3rd child. Was diagnosed with cancer twice which eliminated the option

Confessional #91037566

Had a miscarriage and don’t know if I will ever feel up to try again

Confessional #98299930

Done! I get jealous when I see pregos but I know I can’t handle more

Confessional #99577364

I want so badly for my son (16 months now) to have a sibling, but I am barely hanging on now!

Confessional #98026736

My heart wants more but my head might explode if we added anymore chaos to our lives.

Confessional #90878998

Two and through. I hate the newborn phase and will not miss it.

Confessional #9087896

I thought I wanted a big family. Got to 2 and couldn’t even contemplate more lol

Confessional #99827736

One and done here. I hate it when other moms judge me or try to change my mind.

Confessional #91200291

My husband kept telling people he’d convince me to go for a third. I got an IUD instead.

Confessional #91029928