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15+ Games Like 'Among Us' Your Favorite Gamer Won't Find 'Sus'

“There is one imposter among us.”

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Playing 'Among Us' — Games like 'Among Us'

Innersloth, the American studio that published Among Us, describes the game as “a party game of teamwork and betrayal.” If you’ve ever played Among Us, you know that’s the perfect description. If you haven’t played the game, you might have some questions — because, let’s be honest, your kids have probably either asked you to play or have been playing and now refer to everything as “sus.” Including you. But whether your favorite gamer is ready for a change or you’d rather them play something else, you’ll be happy to know that there are other games like Among Us out there.

That’s right; while Among Us is certainly the most modern (and popular) social deduction game, it’s not the only option. You may be fighting a losing battle when it comes to convincing your kid to try educational video games, but the following picks shouldn’t be hard sells. And you might even feel more comfortable letting your tween play one that seems less, well, murder-y. Regardless, these games like Among Us are great options if your kid — or you, no judgment — just can’t get enough betrayal in your life.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is relatively new to the gaming world, releasing in 2018 for iOS and Android. It dropped for PCs the following year. A “party game” means that you play it with other people, friends, or strangers. You work with anywhere from four to 15 teammates (or “crewmates”) to prepare your ship for departure, completing tasks along the way. There’s just one catch! One (or maybe more) of your team members is an “imposter.” These players get chosen randomly, and their only real goal is to sabotage your mission and kill the other teammates (yes, kill) without being found out. In essence, it’s a bit like a murder mystery dinner party except that it’s done virtually and features cute little people in colorful spacesuits.

It’s almost like two games in one. If you’re the “imposter,” your game is all about deception. Your mission will look different. You’ll be picking off crewmembers as quietly as possible, and you must, above all else, have a convincing alibi, should one of your teammates deem you “sus” and begin to eyeball you as an imposter. If you’re not an imposter, you’ll complete missions and keep a close eye on your teammates. Everyone is suspicious… but not everyone is guilty.

Is Among Us appropriate for kids?

As with many parenting decisions, this basically boils down to a judgment call on your part. The Apple store puts the minimum appropriate age at nine and up due to “infrequent/mild cartoon or fantasy violence” and “infrequent/mild horror/fear themes.” Common Sense Media puts the recommended age at 10+, with parents on the forum suggesting 11+ while kids on the forum counter that 9+ feels right.

There are a few key things to keep in mind. First, the premise of the game obviously involves lying and deception. So, do with that what you will. But, more pointedly, you should know that there is an unmoderated text chat accompanying each game. Some players also use Discord (or other platforms) to add live voice chat. These are strangers on the internet, and there’s an inherent risk of everything from inappropriate language to hate speech that comes with that.

So, what are some other games like Among Us?

If you need some alternatives to steer your tween or teen toward, you came to the right place. The following alternatives share some of the elements that make Among Us so much fun.

1. Project Winter

What do you do when you’re stranded in an icy tundra with nothing but some winter clothes and your brain? First and foremost, you need to find a way to get help or get out. But you must also survive the one member of your team who has dark ulterior motives. There’s evil among you, but who is it? Project Winter is an eight-person multiplayer game where communication and teamwork are essential to survive. It’s rated ESRB teen, which means it’s considered suitable for ages 13 and up. And although your teen probably won’t care about this, the graphics are beautiful!

2. Werewolves Within

In this virtual reality strategy game, players must figure out who in the circle of villagers is a werewolf. Several villagers went missing overnight, and now the good people of Gallowston have to band together to root out the beast (or beasts) responsible. Like Among Us, Werewolves Within relies on deception. Having said that, it isn’t violent (players get engulfed in stylized purple smoke when they’re voted against), and there are no sexual themes or other mature subjects. While strangers can introduce those elements, you could theoretically play the game in a way that only involves people you know. Either way, Common Sense Media says it’s appropriate for kids 13+.

3. Barotrauma

Take Among Us. Plunge it into the sea. Add in the scariest movie you can think of. That is Barotrauma — a 2D co-op submarine simulator with horror elements. With a description like that, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this game is better left for teens and adults. The best (or possibly worst?) part: You can choose if there’s a traitor in your midst or if you’re just doing your missions and attempting to survive the typical sea creature.

4. Triple Agent

Triple Agent is a bit convoluted to explain. In essence, you’re part of a secret protection service — but some members are also agents in an opposing, evil agency. You must work together to figure out who’s the “mole.” Once you reach a majority conclusion, you can imprison the person you think is the “triple agent.” Are you right? Keep playing to find out. This parlor-style game can be played with five to nine players, and it’s rated ESRB for everyone.

5. Unfortunate Spacemen

A creepy monster haunts a near-desolate outpost in space. It can take on the form of any other player, allowing it to do gruesome things while the other player has no idea. The goal for every other crew member: survive until help arrives. If you typically allow your tween or teen to play video games, the violence here may not be a deal-breaker for you. But, just so you know, Unfortunate Spacemen does feature bloody graphics, aggressive behavior, and some mature language.

6. Hidden In Plain Sight

Like Among Us, the graphics for HIPS are simple but do their job perfectly. Each player is given a gun with one bullet and a specific task. You must complete your mission without standing out in the crowd. And you must be quick on the draw… but not too quick that you kill an innocent person. According to the family video game database, Hidden in Plain Sight is rated ESRB 10+ for mild fantasy violence.

7. Town of Salem

Yep. It’s literally the Salem Witch Trials. You’ll fill a town with teammates, each with an assigned role to play out. As you play, terrible things will happen. It could only be witches, right? As a team, you must name a witch and execute them — hoping you’ve picked off the right townsperson. The Town of Salem video game is based on a card game by the same name, the latter of which is rated 8+. However, the video game features more graphic depictions of death, although it doesn’t seem overly gratuitous. Still, many players who enjoy the game suggest it should be rated 13+. Also, like Among Us and many other community-based games, the chat function means inappropriate language or behavior from other users is always a possibility.

8. Secret Neighbor

This game incorporates sneaking and mystery into a fun children’s game within the Hello Neighbor universe. In the game, players sneak into their neighbor’s home in search of keys. They must find the keys without getting caught by the people who live there. Thankfully, players can use slingshots and popguns to overcome obstacles and disable the parents in the house. This game is rated 13+.

9. Killer Queen Black

Like Among Us, Kille Queen Black is a great strategy game. In this eight-player game, participants try to find a way to protect the hive. It's filled with quick play and ranked matches, which can be super challenging. This game can be played locally and online, so you can invite your friend into private rooms to chat. In Killer Queen Black, strategy is key, and it has a super cool arcade feel you'll appreciate. This game is rated E for everyone.

Are there any other Games Like Among Us?

If you want to mull over even more options, check out the following similar picks.

  1. Deceit (not yet rated, suggested for mature teens and adults)
  2. (ESRB Teen: 13+)
  3. Enemy on Board (not yet rated, suggested for mature teens and adults)
  4. Betrayal at House on the Hill expansion pack (note yet rated, suggested for 12+)
  5. Spy Party (not yet rated, suggested for 12+)
  6. Don’t Starve (ESRB Teen: 13+)
  7. Dichotomy (not yet rated, suggested for 12+)

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