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Everyone's Trying This Super Ingenious Garland-Hanging Hack

See, TikTok is good for plenty, including making holiday decorations way easier.

This garland hanging hack is easy, no-drill, and will make your home look great for the holidays.
@thekwendyhome / TikTok

Whether you love or hate decorating for the holidays, one thing everyone can agree on is that it could be easier. Getting the tree in the stand and perfectly straight, getting the cursed lights up on the house, and nailing every other little X-mas decor detail is definitely not the most fun part of Christmas — as magical as it all might look when it’s done.

Which is why everyone is absolutely loving this new TikTok hack for hanging garlands in your house.

The entire secret is using a tension-based shower curtain rod as a base, eliminating any need to drill holes or otherwise damage your walls. It’s inexpensive and also allows you to decorate the garland before securing the rod to your doorway or entryway, making the whole process cheaper and easier.

Over on TikTok, @thekwendyhome showed everyone exactly how it’s done.

“Here’s a Christmas decorating hack for you: Damage free garland hanging with a shower curtain rod,” she wrote in the caption. “I took the shower curtain from our guest bathroom and tested this out for myself. It has held up really well! I even put my heavy Norfolk pine garlands on and it didn’t budge. This is perfect for renters and those who don’t want to put nails in their walls. And an added bonus is that you don’t get a crick in your neck or get tired arms from decorating.”

Here’s her step-by-step breakdown:

  • Use a shower curtain rod and tighten at an entry.
  • Drape and wrap your shower rod with a garland. You might need two for a fuller look.
  • Remember to fluff your garland.
  • Weave twinkle light into your garland.
  • Add your accent — whether that’s ornaments or an additional sparkly garland (or both).
  • Raise your shower rod to your desired height and tighten.
  • Then turn on your twinkle lights and enjoy the magic.

It seems that this hack originally came from a Russian decorator, @letnee-utro, who really went wild with adding ornaments to her garland. It shows just how much weight the shower curtain rod can hold.

And now others across social media are trying it and posting their results, along with tips and tricks. People are reporting that both manufactured and natural garlands work well — and that you can hang them any place where to walls are around 3 to 6 feet apart, including over certain fireplaces.

A few tips multiple people recommended:

  • Use a shower stall rod instead of a bathtub rod for narrow doorways.
  • Use zip ties to secure your garland and any extra decorations.
  • Play around with other decorations, including tinsel, ribbon, and ornaments.
  • And hey, why not add some mistletoe and make your holidays much more exciting?

Happy drill-free decorating!