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7 Comfy & Cute Hair Ties That Look Like Bracelets For Double-Duty Fashion

TFW you always know where to find a hair tie.

by Kerstin Shamberg
Hair ties that look like bracelets are a great double-duty accessory.

Hair ties are kind of like socks — you buy a bunch of them, and slowly but surely, they get sucked into another dimension, never to be seen again. There is, however, a remedy that can delay this inevitable hair tie disappearing act: hair ties that look like bracelets.

As my kids started school a few years ago, I was pleased to see that wearing hair ties on your wrist like bracelets — both functional and fashionable — is not a trend that had come and gone with my youth but rather that it was still a thriving practice, alive and well. In fact, hair ties have gotten a lot cuter since I was a kid, and there’s a lot more variety for all different types of hair and styling needs.

If you’re looking for hair ties that your kiddos can wear both in their hair and on their wrists for safe-keeping/fashion as they head back to school, take a look at this roundup of highly-rated and versatile products we found on Amazon. You might just find yourself wearing them, too... no judgment.

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Spiral Style With 41,000 5-Star Reviews

This phone cord-style hair tie has a whopping 41,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. It promises comfortable wear for all hair types and minimizes ponytail bumps and headaches by spreading the pressure of the elastic throughout its spiral design. While your kids probably have no idea what a phone cord is, they’ll love wearing these adorable ties — available in multiple color sets — in their hair and on their wrists.

Helpful Review: “Works great for fine and thick hair. Great for swimming — won’t damage hair when you take it out with your hair wet. We use for my daughter’s hair and my hair. They stretch but return to their original shape well. If you need it to go back quickly, soak in hot water for a minute and let air dry.”


Knotted Ribbon Style In 50 Colors

With their classic knotted-ribbon style, soft elastic stretch, and 50 different vibrant and fun colors, there’s bound to be something in this pack for everyone in the family who uses hair ties. They are also available in black and white, neutral, and other color combinations.

Helpful Review: “These are perfect. They don’t pull out my hair when taking out my ponytail. I wear a few on my wrist in case I want a ponytail on the run, and they don’t cut into my wrist the way other holders can. You get a lot of hair bands for a very reasonable price.”


Comfy Woven Style With Decorative Bead

With a soft woven construction, over 30 different color combo packs to choose from, and a matching decorative bead, these hair ties won’t damage hair and make for adorable bracelets, too.

Helpful Review: “We are 4 girls in our family, each with different hair types (straight vs. curly) and thicknesses. These work great for all of us. They don't stick/pull on your hair, and they stay put and don't fall out! LOVE THESE!”


Patented Easy-Release Clasp Style For 100% Customizable Hold

These hair ties have a truly unique (and patented) design with an easy-release clasp that prevents damage and allows for customized sizing and wear — in hair and on wrists. They are waterproof and come in 30 color combinations to suit a wide range of styles and personal preferences.

Helpful Review: “My daughter and I have very thick, long hair, and the regular ponytail holders you get from the grocery store always dropped down as the day went on. These hold your ponytail all day long, exactly where you placed it in the morning. With super thick and long hair, it's awesome to be able to wear a high ponytail again! Word of caution... ALWAYS release the ponytail by the plastic clip. If you take this product out of your hair by pulling it down, it will break your hair.”


Classic Style Velvet Scrunchie With 56,000 5-Star Reviews

These scrunchies are made of premium velvet and have the endorsement of 56,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. They are well constructed — with quality stitching noted in many of the reviews we read — and come in 12 different colors per pack. At $8.99, that’s quite a bargain.

Helpful Review: “Bought a set for my 8- and 12-year-old daughters to share, and they love them. They are so soft and so far have held up to being worn a lot. Not only are they worn in their hair but of course they love to wear multiples on their wrist. I would definitely buy these again!!”


Soft & Thick Microfiber Ties That Are Machine Washable

GIMME Bands have a cool mini sweatband look and are designed with a thick microfiber stretch material that helps to avoid pulling and discomfort while also offering reliable all-day grip and hold. Available in 10 color combos from vibrant to neutral, they can be machine washed and dried if they get dirty or stretched out from continuous wear.

Helpful Review: “I have bought several orders of these throughout the past year for my 3 girls. One of my daughters has super thick hair, and the other two have thin hair these work for all three of them. They’re cute, and colors and color selection is great. Material is thick, stretchy, and comfortable and doesn’t pull hair and is easy to use and take out.”


Ouchless & Adorable Ties For Fine To Medium Hair

Pain-free and reinforced with a 16-strand inner core that helps maintain the product’s original shape, these hair ties are best for fine to medium hair and make for delightfully cute bracelets, too.

Helpful Review: “My daughter has very fine hair that fairy-knots with the faintest of the wind, and I was skeptical because the only way I could keep her hair up is to use two rubber bands (that were snapping her hair) but these hair ties actually work. I am impressed; she come[s] home from school, and her hair is still up. Great buy!”