9 Jewelry Kits That'll Let Your Kid Get Their Bling On

by Nichole Talbot
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Why oh why didn’t they have jewelry kits for kids when we were young? (And the ones that were available weren’t this good.) Think of all that time spent in the craft store with Mom trying to find all of the cording, beads, and tools. It took forever to find all the right stuff, and then we had to wait an eternity for Mom to finish shopping before we could get home and get crafting. But thankfully, companies have gotten a clue and taken some of the guesswork and legwork out of the shopping experience. Like other art or craft kits, bracelet and jewelry-making kits are foolproof and awesome for kids of all ages. Even better, it’s an activity that can be done independently or with others (and you know your kiddo will love making matching BFF jewelry with their bestie).

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Creating jewelry or wearable art provides them with an outlet for positive self-expression. It’s a veritable right of passage really, right up there with camping trips and swim lessons. It’s a craft that lasts well beyond the time it took to make because it can be worn with pride. Making jewelry for friends and family is also a way to connect and bond with others. For the younger set, making jewelry is a crafty way to develop fine motor skills, patience, and focus. Just note: Most jewelry-making sets contain small pieces and aren’t suitable for toddlers under three.

If you’re coming up with your summer bucket list of activities, check out these nine jewelry kits for kids that will keep them busy this summer — at least for a little while. Just don’t forget to get your kiddo a jewelry box!

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