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10 Portable Fans & Cooling Accessories To Keep You From Completely Melting This Summer

Baby, it’s hot outside — but you don’t have to be!

by Kerstin Shamberg
The Best Portable Fans & Cooling Wearables To Keep You Cool This Summer

Summer is in full swing and it’s hot out there, amiright? Many kids are at camp without portable fans or cooling accessories, spending hours upon hours outdoors in the sun definitely not doing a good job of reapplying their sunscreen even though you’ve told them a bazillion times to lather on the lotion... and you finally resorted to warnings about skin cancer and premature aging in the hopes of scaring them into compliance—but I digress.

Your own days are probably hot and sweaty, too, through some combination of commuting, working, exercising, lawn mowing, and/or any number of other outdoor activities. Guess what? There are some highly-rated products out there designed to keep your family cool while you do all those hot summer things. Read on to learn about the best portable fans and wearable cooling gear—none of which will help your kids do a better job with sunscreen, though several of them are UPF 50.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Scary Mommy’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


Rechargeable Tripod Fan You Can Set Up Anywhere

With its flexible tripod legs, this portable fan can be attached to pretty much anything including strollers, car seats, wheelchairs, computer monitors, bicycle handlebars, and more. Plug it into a USB port to recharge and stay cool anywhere from two and a half to ten hours “depending on winds.” It’s designed with the safety of tiny fingers in mind, comes in three colors, has a light feature, and the manufacturer even offers a 12-month replacement warranty.

Helpful Review: “We live in Florida and realized how badly we needed a fan for our newborn. We use it pretty much on a daily basis. We put it on her car seat and on her stroller when we go on walks. I’ve even propped it up on our desk when I’m working and holding our daughter. The three speeds are great: low usually offers just enough of a cool down and high is very impressive because it’s fast and quiet. The lights we didn’t really need but has been a nice feature to have. Our daughter hates going in her car seat and this helps to distract her sometimes.”


Cooling Neck Gaiter (And 12 More Ways To Wear It)

To activate this very cool—pun maybe or maybe not intended—accessory, all you have to do is wet it thoroughly, wring it out, and snap it three times before you put it on. It will stay cold for about two hours and then you can simply repeat the previous steps to reactivate. And yes, it’s called a neck gaiter, but you can wear it in many different ways to beat the heat.

Helpful Review: “When I first opened the package, I thought it was way too long (20 inches). However, after using it, I don't think so anymore. It allows for multiple ways to wear it, and allows it to hold the cooler temp longer. For example, when you wet it and put it on, parts are folder over each other, which shades them from the sun, allowing it to stay cooler longer. If it was shorter, then more of it would be open to the sun making it dry out faster. It is made of a stretchy material so it constantly holds up.”


A Portable Mini Fan That Fits In Your Palm

This small USB rechargeable fan can be held in your hand or placed on the tabletop for hands-free operation. It takes three hours to charge and boasts a battery life of five to 20 hours depending on which of its three speeds you use. It comes in three colors and is easy to clean thanks to a detachable cover. A 6000mAh version is also available.

Helpful Review: “Being a female of ‘a certain age’ and prone to sweating profusely at the drop of a hat, I found this little gem of a fan indispensable on my recent trip to Italy. It was very warm there even in September, so the fan was an absolute necessity for me. I've had other little fans with the propeller blade thingies but this one FAR [outdid] them. There are three settings each colder than the other, it's amazingly quiet, and the charge lasts for hours.”


Cooling Hoodie With Built-In Sun Protection

The MISSION Cooling Hoodie will not only keep you cool but it also protects from the sun with UPF 50. Once the cooling technology is activated by wetting it, this hoodie will stay cool for up to two hours. It is machine washable and chemical free, and also comes in black and blue.

Helpful Review: “These work great. I live in Georgia and used it while mowing the grass in 95 degree heat and barely broke a sweat. It does dry out fairly quick in direct sunlight so I used my water bottle to keep it wet. Fits good, doesn't move around that much. I tucked the back of it under my shirt and it kept my back cool. It's very high quality. Some reviews say it's no different than a wet towel. Not true. You can't get a towel to stay on your head, a towel doesn't breathe well and is too heavy when wet. Great product.”


Bladeless Fan Made To Wear Around Your Neck

No need to hold this one! This hands-free neck fan rests on your shoulders and goes wherever you go. Worried about your hair getting snagged? No need as it is completely bladeless. It comes in five cool colors including dark blue, dark green, yellow, pink, and white. The battery life ranges from four to 16 hours with three available speeds.

Helpful Review: “I bought this as a gift for my fiancé because he’s always complaining that he’s warm or it’s too hot, etc. He had no idea what it was until I put it around his neck and turned it on. His reaction was like that of a child having ice cream for the first time. And I mean he was screaming ‘YAY’ and jumping and laughing. Now he’s a 6 feet tall big muscly man, so picture that in your head. He absolutely LOVES it! I don’t think I’ll be ever to top this gift. He’s still talking about it, and he is not the overly expressive type.”


A Triple-Duty Foldable Mini Fan, Flashlight, And Power Bank

This sleek, foldable mini fan fits easily in your pocket or purse and even has a flashlight feature. A three-hour charge gets you 14 to 21 hours of usage time depending on which of the two speeds you use. It comes in three colors including blue, mint green, and white. But wait there’s more: It can even charge your phone in a pinch and act as a power bank with its 5V/1A USB output port.

Helpful Review: “I looooove this fan! Honestly, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon and I’m always bragging to everyone about how it’s a phone charger AND an excellent portable fan. I feel like I have my own personal AC bubble with this bad boy.”


Cooling And Moisture-Wicking Unisex Hat

To activate the cooling effect of this lightweight baseball cap, simply wet it, wring it out, and wave it a few times to shake off any remaining excess water. It will stay cool for up to two hours and can be reactivated by repeating the previous steps. It has an adjustable velcro strap and comes in additional colors like khaki, matrix camo, white, and navy.

Helpful Review: “I like to run but I sweat a lot when I do. This hat is exactly what I was looking for. Lightweight and holds in the moisture. No drips down the eyes. Easy Velcro adjustment - snug fit even on windy days and the black looks cool. Even if it gets too sweaty I can slap it on my thigh while running and it release enough to keep going. This is my second Mission hat - the tech is much improved and my first one is still going strong after five years. Highly recommend these caps!”


Camping Fan With LED Lantern To Enhance Your Tent

This powerful portable fan will keep you cool on your next camping trip or picnic. The 10400mAh USB rechargeable battery can keep your fan going for eight to 36 hours. It has a hook feature so you can easily hang it up in your tent and it even comes with a super bright LED light feature. You can find it in yellow and black.

Helpful Review: “This was just what we needed for camping. It’s small enough to fit in a crowded car/tent but powerful enough to do its job. The light on it is also insanely bright!! We didn’t even need to bring our big heavy lantern because this could do both. Also, we charged it once and used both the light and fan and were good to go so the battery life is great too! Definitely worth it.”


Cooling Towels 12,000+ Reviewers Swear By

The Sukeen Cooling Towel stays cool for up to three hours after you activate it with water. The fabric is soft, breathable, and chemical free. Each of the four towels comes in its own carrying pouch that can be conveniently attached to backpacks or bags. Available in 13 different color combinations.

Helpful Review: “We could not have survived [Disney World] without these handy dandy ‘chilly’ towels! They helped keep us cool all day. We had them around our necks, my kids wore them as bandanas around their foreheads lol, at some point I wrapped one around my thigh to relieve my hot legs!!!”


Small But Mighty Portable Fan With Stand

Smaller than an iPhone, this lightweight and compact handheld fan easily goes with you everywhere. It comes with a convenient stand for tabletop use, has three speeds, and is available in a range of colors including blue, navy blue, pink, yellow, and white.

Helpful Review: “I love it, my mom loves it and my aunt who has hot flashes especially loves it. The two speeds are amazing and it truly comes in handy when I'm helping my friend with her pop-up shops on Sundays in 90 degree weather. This is the best investment I've made and I love that I don't have to worry about buying batteries for it. This is an all around win for a portable fan purchase.”