Very Merry Imbibing

23 Starbucks Holiday Drinks That Should Be On Your Must-Try List, According To Baristas

These drinks will have you feeling super festive.

Starbucks holiday drinks come in many flavors, but they're all festive.
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Oh, how the Starbucks holiday menu has caused quite a stir over the last few years! From discontinued flavors to new unpopular new additions, Starbucks fans have dealt with a lot of drama surrounding their favorite flavors during the most festive time of the year. Add in supply chain issues, and it can feel like you're playing a losing game. What do you mean they don't have nonfat milk?! As hard as it is for customers (often called "custies" by Starbucks baristas/partners), it might even be worse for workers. Most people who work at Starbucks do so because they love those same flavors as their customers. Now, they're missing out, too — and dealing with some pretty vocal dissatisfied customers. It's hard out there for a coffee slinger. Shoot, it's hard out there for literally everyone.

Ordering something seasonal doesn't have to be a traumatic experience, though. If, for some reason, your store can't make your usual holiday menu favorite, try on one of these Christmas-inspired drinks. You trust your baristas with your tastebuds, right?

Super Simple Selections

Let's start with the basics. If you just want a no-muss, no-fuss, easy-but-festive option, try:

  • Holiday flat white
  • Hot chocolate, 1/2 mocha, 1/2 vanilla (add peppermint or any other holiday flavor syrup)
  • Cold brew with sugar cookie sweet cream foam on top and sugar cookie topping
  • White mocha cold brew with one to two pumps of any holiday syrup


When you crave something with an extra-festive kick, though, you know where to turn: the coffee slingers themselves. Scary Mommy asked baristas all over North America to weigh in with their favorite seasonal concoctions, and here's what they suggested.

For Peppermint Fans

  • "One that could loosely be considered holiday-ish purely because of the peppermint… but a matcha crème frappuccino with peppermint and Java chips = mint chocolate chip frap! It's really good, too." — Sarah C., Topeka, Kansas
  • "When I worked at a private coffee shop in high school (almost 20 years ago), we combined vanilla and peppermint and dubbed it a snowflake latte. Still one of my favorite combos." — Lauren T., Spokane, Washington
  • "Iced mocha (blonde shots), peppermint foam, chocolate curls." — Kaitlynne S., Triadelphia, West Virginia
  • "Peppermint white mocha from our current offerings, but if I ever get a maple pecan latte again, I would be a happy camper." — Alex J., Portland, Maine
  • "An iced coffee with a couple pumps of peppermint and white mocha, chocolate peppermint foam, and holiday sprinkles never fails me." — Andy M., San Antonio, Texas
  • "I like a white mocha cold brew with peppermint cold foam topped with chocolate curls or mocha drizz!" — Lauren A., Arlington, Washington

Chocolate-y Goodness

  • "I love to keep it simple. I always get a hot blonde white mocha, two pumps of vanilla with nonfat milk." — Justin T., Boston, Massachusetts
  • "Venti chestnut praline with three pumps praline, three pumps toasted white mocha, and oat milk." — Blair D., Smithfield, North Carolina
  • "My go-to is a venti iced blonde chestnut praline latte, four pumps white mocha, sweet cream foam with the topping blended in, and top with more of the praline topping." — Jade M., Los Angeles, California
  • "Chestnut praline latte with blonde ristretto up-dosed espresso, oat milk, and no whipped cream (both hot and iced)." — Jennifer C., Port Hueneme, California
  • "This was my creation for a regular today, and he loved it: venti iced caramel brulee latte with blonde shots, three pumps caramel brulee, three pumps white mocha, and oat milk." — Madelyn G., Charlotte, North Carolina

Cookie Flavors

  • "For those non-coffee drinkers, I absolutely love an iced chai latte made with oat milk and brown sugar syrup. Tastes like a gingersnap/oatmeal cookie. Absolutely delicious!" — Jenn A., Harrington, Deleware
  • "I love a good white hot chocolate with cinnamon dolce. Tastes like a snickerdoodle." — Lirio R., Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • "Iced sugar cookie oat milk latte." — Harper K., Corvallis, Oregon
  • "Iced sugar cookie latte made with VSC [Vanilla Sweet Cream], instead of almond milk." - Michaela R., Lancaster PA
  • "Peppermint white mocha cream cold foam brew: peppermint syrup in cold brew. One pump each of [white mocha] and [peppermint] in [vanilla sweet cream cold foam]. Top with cookie crumble topping... tastes like a mint Oreo!" — Sandra D., Los Angeles, California
  • "Grande iced three pumps toasted white mocha with one pump sugar cookie and sugar cookie sprinkles!" — Alyssa L, Arlington, Washington

For Non-Coffee Starbies Fiends

  • "Not technically a holiday drink, but it gives me a holiday vibe: hot oat milk chai, no water, with cinnamon powder steamed in and half cinnamon dolce flavor." — Samantha O., Oak Harbor, Washington
  • "I add sugar cookie syrup to my chai! It's kinda like a snickerdoodle." — Delailah T., San Jose, California
  • "An iced chai with chestnut praline cold foam. Or a hot chai 1/2 chai and 1/2 chestnut praline pumps." — Kym M., Comox, British Columbia
  • "A good non-coffee drink is the caramel apple spice. It's not seasonal, but it just hits different during the holiday season." — Jade M., Los Angeles, California
  • "Iced chai, made with soy. Add pumpkin cold foam with two pumps of brown sugar syrup in the foam!" — Tara M., Phoenix, Arizona
  • "Toasted white hot chocolate with chestnut praline whip and the chestnut praline sprinkles." — Alyssa L., Arlington, Washington

Now, go forth into the holiday season with confidence. Eat, drink Starbucks, and be merry!