Target And FAO Schwarz Did A Toy Collab And The Selection Is Adorable

There are hundreds of stuffed animals, wooden toys, STEM building sets, and learning toys to shop from.

Target and FAO Swartz have released hundreds of toys as part of a collaboration.

FAO Schwarz is synonymous with classic kid’s toys. However, they’ve always also been on the pricier side. There’s good news though! Target has teamed up with the toy maker to bring the same toys for half the price, and in time for the holidays. The collaboration has toys ranging from ages 2 and up with prices as low as $9.99 — and they include plushes, musical toys, STEM sets, building kits, wooden toys, and more.

“One of the reasons families love shopping at Target is because of our incredible assortment of toys, and that selection is only getting better with our new exclusive agreement with the beloved FAO Schwarz brand,” said Jill Sando, executive vice president, and chief merchandising officer, of Target.

“From hot new items to time-tested favorites, we’ve curated our annual list of Bullseye’s Top Toys to create an easy, fun, and affordable way for guests to find just the right gift for every toy lover on their list. Simply put, there’s only one place parents and gift-givers need to shop for toys this holiday season — and that’s Target.”

The list includes hundreds of toys — and many of them are under $40. Also... many of them actually look super fun to play with.

Musical Toys

For the music lovers, they released the infamous piano from BIG and bunch of other cool music-themed toys. If your child loves to perform (or is a Leo), Target and FAO Schwarz put together a huge list of music toys and activities for your kid to put on the performance of a lifetime.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toys have become quite popular over the years, and for goos reason. These types of learning toys help kids with complex thinking, enhance their creativity through building and imagination, and also can strengthen hand-eye coordination capabilities. Kill two birds with one stone this holiday season and grab a couple toys that will be a blast for your kid but also help them learn!

Creative Play Toys

Creative play and pretend play are two of the most common (and vital) ways that kids learn social-emotional skills and can practice everyday activities to help build confidence and independence. The collaboration between FAO Schwarz and Target provides parents with a ton of awesome toys that will be sure to keep any kid entertained.

Stuffed toys and plushes

Sometimes all a kid needs is a little comfort stuffed animal to get them through the day (or night!). FAO Schwarz and Target put together a huge selection of stuffed animals that are not just cute and cuddly but also can help with anxiety in little ones.

There is something sweet and nostalgic about a FAO Schwarz toy and that accessibility of these classic toys being available at Target makes it that much better. See the full list here.