This Cult Vibrator Has Returned With Even More Intense Features — And The Reviews Are Bonkers

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Tracy's Dog

When there’s a sex toy out there which will serve you well, you know we like to spill the tea. Tracy’s Dog Pro-2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator has made a big impression on vaginas all over the world so, if you are looking to treat yourself to a new vibrator or, you are a first-time buyer, you might want to take this one for a spin. After not being available on Amazon for a while, Tracy’s Dog is finally back. And with an even stronger and more intense toy reviewers are ALL about.

This review probably says its all:

“Honestly I had my doubts about this toy, but let me tell you! this toy blew my mind. This little guy looked like a great value. When it arrived. I charged it up in under an hour, and It took a little adjusting and finding the right spot but once it hits that sweet spot, I was literally enjoying and having so much fun. I normally can’t get myself off more than once either, hubby can but it’s never been that way when I’m solo, I slept like a baby.My favorite is the ability to just relax and enjoy the ride, and the softness and comfort of the materials. This is thicker than expected. And the suction power is great felt like it moved all around and really was the best feeling, next to the real thing. As soon as you find that right spot you’re lucky to have 10 seconds to react. Magical thing,Great value, great experience!”

Note the “leg-shaking intensity” this reviewer writes about:

“I already owned the original (without the remote) so I thought I knew what I was getting into with this. I’ve never been more laughing at myself for being so naive😂 this thing is like a revamped beast mode version of the original. The sucking portion of this is sooooooo strong, I don’t even think I was able to use beyond the first 2 settings before I could feel it sucking my soul right out of me. Like forreal, I own multiple toys with sucking function and All of them combined aren’t even on the same level as this monster! For a second I didn’t know if it would even let go(it did, easily for full disclaimer lol)! The remote is a nice addition, until you’re about to reach the heavens and your partner changes up the speed—keeping in mind how ridiculously strong the sucking motor is. this one definitely took more practice to hit all the right places, but I can’t complain because the leg shaking intensity it brings is worth every bit. Do yourself a favor and simply give this beauty a try, like now. Just keep in mind that you should anticipate to be a limp vessel following any activities involving this thing.”

And this review, titled “Men are replaceable” just made us LOL:

“If you are in a crap marriage and you’re staying because of the sex- BUY THIS!

If you are going through depression and can’t get out of bed- BUY THIS! If you are having issues filing your taxes- BUY THIS! (It May not fix the ITS but after using it, you won’t care any longer) If you are fighting with your man- BUY THIS AND PROVE THAT HE IS REPLACEABLE! If you are still reading this review, what is wrong with you?! BUY THIS!”

This toy has some pretty orgasmic features. First, it has ten vibrating modes so you are sure to find one that suits your fancy. But that’s not all — it comes with a remote control and is self cleaning. Let’s face it, remotes make everything more fun. This way you can also get your partner involved in some battery-operated loving if you want.

Here’s a pro tip from another pleased vulva owner:

“Get the positioning down before you turn it on: Took 3 tries to get in the perfect position but once I did it was less than 60 seconds before I meet God I swear. Pro tip… get the sucking part positioned before you turn on the vibration. You won’t regret this purchase.”

So, basically you are getting clitoral stimulation and G-spot lovin’ for under $50. I’d say you can’t go wrong.