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TikToker Recommends Washing Your Artificial Christmas Tree & The Internet Cannot Deal

Has #cleantok gone too far?

A CleanTok creator uploaded a video of cleaning her artificial Christmas tree and the internet explo...
Rhema / TikTok

Content creators often share their “unpopular opinions” on TikTok to get a rise out of their audience. Hot takes like “Beyoncé is overrated” or “Pickles are gross” are just a few of the opinions that get people chattering away about who is right and who is wrong.

However, one TikTok user got a bit more than she bargained for when she shared her holiday-themed unpopular opinion — you need to wash your Christmas tree.

Yes, TikTok user and #cleantok content creator Rhema swears that every year, an artificial Christmas tree that has been hanging out in your crawlspace or garage needs a good bath with dish soap.

In the video, Rhema drags her fake tree into the bathtub, runs the faucet with some Dawn dish soap, and literally gives her artificial Christmas tree a good scrubbing. After she’s done, there are maybe 10-15 small bits of dirt that come off in the tub, leading thousands of TikTok users to chime in with their own takes on this next-level cleaning task.

“The water being clear told me I don’t need to do this,” one user wrote.

“The perfectly clear water and 2 small pine needles sailing down the drain really sent me,” another echoed.

One user pointed out that this cleaning task might actually be a bit counter productive.

“Seems like this may lead to mildew/mold depending on the type of tree,” they suggested.

Other TikTok users stitched the video, expressing their absolute disbelief that someone is actually cleaning their Christmas tree.

“Never in my life will I clean my Christmas tree. I'm sorry, I done lost me with this one,” @ms.sharon5 said in her stitch while laughing hysterically.

Another TikToker, @allisonmumey, also questioned the reasoning behind the decision to clean something that doesn’t get much use while it’s displayed anyway.

“If this is what you need to do to feel comfortable in your own home during the holiday season, more power to you. Keep doing what you're doing, hope you're happy,” she begins. “But I'm speaking from the heart here. I would sooner sh*t in my own hat and wear it, then run a bubble bath for a synthetic Christmas tree. I'm not cooking eggs on it. It sits in my living room. I don't even have to touch it. From the time I put it up to the time I take it down, I don't have to touch it at all. What does it need to be clean for? What is that? What, why?” My thoughts exactly.

TikTok constantly inundates with new things we all “need” to organize, buy, and practice and now we’re supposed to wash our my damn Christmas trees? Hard pass.