Lizzo Shares Inspiring AF Post To Rev Us Up For 2020


Lizzo’s latest throwback photo is the push we all need to keep dreaming big

In 2019, Lizzo proved to be one of the year’s defining voices. Or, as it were, “100 percent that bitch.” But leave it to the “Truth Hurts” singer to remind us all that everyone has to start somewhere — and if you trace her glow-up back to its humble beginnings, you’ll find Lizzo standing on the side of the road flipping signs for Liberty Tax.

ICYMI (in which case, here’s hoping you at least DVR’ed), the singer made her Saturday Night Live debut over the weekend as the show’s musical guest of honor. True to form, she was fantastic. Given that everything she does is effectively fire, though, it’s not hard to imagine she sprang fully formed out of some music god’s brain like Athena from Zeus.

Enter Lizzo with the social media equivalent of a pep talk from the life coach we all wish we had in our corner.

The singer shared two photos of herself, along with a poignant message. “On the left was when I worked for liberty taxes, as a sign spinner,” Lizzo wrote above the side-by-side. “On the right is my @nbcsnl debut. Don’t stop.. we need you. Your time is coming.” She drove home her empowering point in the caption, adding, “2020 is yours for the taking.”

Ironically, Lizzo appears similarly clothed in both photos. When she was a sign spinner, she not surprisingly wore a Lady Liberty getup since it is the company’s unofficial mascot. In the SNL promo, she’s dressed as a chic modern version of Statue of Liberty rocking a sleek black dress and matching torch as opposed to the standard seafoam green. You can definitely file it under “full circle moment.”

And it’s not just you and I feeling good as hell about the new year thanks to Lizzo. Rising model, designer, and body positivity activist La’Shaunae jumped into Lizzo’s comment feed to express her appreciation for the post. “Stop making me cry girl. I saw this earlier and needed to see it as a reminder that hard work prevails and in the end talent will win. I have so much hope left because of you. I’m not going to give up because of you (and because of me). Thank you thank you thank you,” she wrote.


Other friends and fans of the star alluded to the fact that Lizzo really has put in the work to get to this point. Singer Kehlani gushed, “Lizzo deserves everything she has. She’s been at this a really long time and this isn’t random or abrupt. This is hard hard work and never giving up on yourself.”

It’s impossible not to get fired up about what the future holds when you see Lizzo’s post. She’s worked hard, she’s remained humble and, oh yeah, she’s soundtracking life for the rest of us in the process. So, suffice it to say she has us feeling pretty inspired right now to walk our fine asses out the door of this year with a hair toss and nail-check to the next.

2020, we’re coming for ya.