Tik-Tok Made Me Do It: L’Oreal’s Infallible Face Powder Is My New Favorite Thing

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Courtesy of Katie Smith and Scary Mommy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (by that I mean not scrolling TikTok for hours) during this pandemic, you’ve probably heard about L’Oreal’s Infallible face powder making real live people look like porcelain dolls. You now finally buy it on Amazon (it’s back in stock) and it’s about $12

I actually do live under a rock and the only reason I know about this magical face dust (which makes you look like you live in a filter) is because my 15-year-old daughter keeps me in the know.

Recently, my daughter sent me a slew of TikTok videos (she sends them and we sit together and watch them a few times a week) and in the batch was a teenager wearing this powder.

Now I must tell you my eyes rolled so far in the back of my head because I’ve had it up to my turkey neck with young women trying to sell me skin products. She was already fucking flawless and has no idea how heavy an under eye bag can actually be. I should also state that I’m almost 46 years old and face powder used to age me in high school.

Then, I heard about the powder again. The videos I was watching amazed me. The difference after wearing this powder seemed too good. I figured it was some kind of camera trick.

Then, when I went to the grocery store, it caught my eye that the entire section of L’Oreal Infallible products was bare naked. Naturally, it made it want the powder even though I had zero intentions of buying it in the first place. That’s just the way I am. I’ve learned to accept it about myself.


I checked my local Target online and, fuck me sideways, same thing. All the powder was sold out. I sat in my car thinking I was a genius by checking Amazon, only to see they were sold out of many shades. I then realized I had no idea what shade I needed and would need to see this skin crack in person anyway.

I called my daughter in a tizzy. “We have to get this powder!” She called our local ULTA. They were sold out. I now wanted this powder more than I wanted my 22-year-old ass back.

I called my local drug store, which is always a ghost town. The nice woman who answered told me they did in fact have it. I think I was on two wheels as I pulled into the parking lot. I knew I’d probably see other masked women running in to get their hot little hands on this flaw-erasing powder. I felt like I was on a secret mission and I told myself to stay calm.

After selecting a shade, I ran to my car and began blotting it all over my face. I had a feeling I’d be let down though, so I braced myself.

You see, I have very thin, Irish skin. There’s a lot of redness in it, and you can see my veins through my skin all around my eyes.

As I said, I’ve never been able to wear powder. Like ever. Not even when I was a teenager. It has always made me look washed out and settled into my wrinkles. If I didn’t have wrinkles, powder made them appear. I had literally tried every kind out there then. In my thirties, I just gave up on it and realized powder doesn’t mix with my skin. It certainly didn’t cover anything for me and left me looking like I was twenty years older than I was. I got my makeup done in college once and the lady finished me off with a powder in “my perfect shade” and my best friend said, “Go wash that shit off your face right now.”

However, this powder was worth all the running around. Let me just say, even if you aren’t a huge makeup person and want something easy to perk your skin up, you have to get this.

Also, if you are an expert at contouring and have a suitcase full of makeup, I think you will love this too. Now that I’ve tried it, I’ve seen makeup artists work their magic with it and say how impressed they are.

This is a picture of me fresh out of the shower with nothing on my skin. You can see how much red I have. I am also almost forty-six years old so I am not going to put anything on my face that will settle into my lines and wrinkles.

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

Now, this is me right after applying some primer and the L’Oreal Infallible powder with the sponge it comes with. That is it. I tapped it into my skin, I didn’t wipe it across my face. It’s buildable, so I do my entire face. Then, I like to take the corner of the sponge and put a second coat over anything I don’t want to see and it covers them beautifully.

Courtesy of Katie Smith

If you were in the parking lot of the drug store the day I tried it, you would have seen a middle aged woman with her face pressed up against her car mirror because I was concealed, but I could see zero traces of powder.

Courtesy of Katie Smith

It does not dry out or fade as the day goes on. It doesn’t make me look like my pores are the size of buttons, and it doesn’t have a strong scent, or make my eyes red, which happens with a lot of products, since I have sensitive skin.

Courtesy of Katie Smith

Here is a very close up picture of me with full makeup a few hours after I got ready this morning. I realize no one asked to see this and this picture will probably haunt my dreams, but I want to be completely transparent. I used powder as an eyeshadow and only have a smidgen of highlighter on my eyes and cheeks, then blush and mascara. It doesn’t get cakey, blends well with other makeup, and seems to stay on top of my crows feet which makes it the best thing to ever touch my face.

So, in case you were wondering what all the hype was about (or you’d never heard of this stuff), this is your PSA: If you are going to buy one makeup item, this should be it. Buy it here at Ulta(… If it’s in stock). Or on Amazon (where it’s a bit cheaper).

You are welcome.

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