Meghan McCain Gets Dragged For Filth Over Comments On Diversity

by Cassandra Stone
Twitter/The View

Meghan McCain signs on to The View every day, and every day she chooses violence

Meghan McCain, daughter to “My Father, John McCain” (which must be said alá Gretchen Wieners, daughter to the inventor of Toaster Strudel), went on national television and took a giant dump on the notion that diverse representation in the workplace is important and valuable. And the entire internet is ripping her a new one over her irresponsible, tone-deaf, privileged words.

The co-hosts of The View were discussing Senator Tammy Duckworth, who recently announced that until President Biden appoints an Asian American to a senior position, she would vote against future Biden Cabinet picks due to the lack of Asian representation.

Meghan McCain, whom we only know as a public figure because of who her father was and how much money her family has, went on a tirade about the “slippery slope” that is the “natural progression of identity politics.” And, like many a white woman before her, decided that Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn’t have been happy about diverse representation because, like, what if someone is unqualified for a job and is only hired because of their identity?

Wow, that sounds really familiar! Meghan McCain’s bachelor’s degree is in art history, so naturally that qualifies her as a nationally recognized political expert on social justice issues.

“The View is 25 years old next year,” she continued. “We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host on this show,” she said (referring to Lisa Ling, who could run circles around McCain and, frankly, anyone else who’s been on The View in terms of journalistic prowess). “So does that mean that one of us should be leaving at some point because there’s not enough representation? We’re talking about, is identity politics more important than qualifications of a job, and I think that’s a question, going forward, that the progressive left is going to have to reconcile.”

Well, the second the clip made it to Twitter, McCain’s complete lack of self-awareness and just overall depth brought out some very valid criticism.

And some questions about who her hairstylist is, for reasons that are obvious to anyone with eyeballs.

Last month, McCain made waves when she suggested that Dr. Fauci should be fired. Because she’s so tired of following rules, damn it! It’s hard living through a pandemic when you’re rich and not at all affected financially and can quarantine safely in a very large, very nice home! And she wants a vaccine before anyone else, okay? It’s just not fair!

“The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my age range and my health is so nebulous, I have no idea when and how I get it,” she said at the time.

Yeah. Uh-huh. If they’re not going to fire her, can they at least bring Rosie back to put her in her place? Sigh.