If You're Not Following Meghan Trainor On TikTok You Should

Meghan Trainor new mom tiktok
(Mike Coppola / Getty Images)

Meghan Trainor just opened up to ‘Parents’ to talk about motherhood has changed her life for the better — and she has the TikToks to prove it

The “All About That Bass” singer graced the March cover story of Parents in what appears to be new mamma bliss with her son Riley. If you didn’t know anything about Trainor, like the fact that she has a double toilet setup and that she and husband Daryl Sabara have quite literally pooped side-by-side, you might assume that Trainor is the picturesque, enviable mother presented on the magazine cover 24/7, full face of makeup and all.

Trainor opened up to the parenting publication and revealed that while she’s “never been so motivated” since welcoming Riley into the world, but she also revealed that surprise! She is just like every other new mom and her life has moments of complete chaos — like a lot of moments. Anyone who follows her TikTok (which we highly recommend, btw), knows this to be true.


While Trainor is clearly loving life as a new mom, she did admit that motherhood presents its fair share of challenges

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Your career’s poppin’ and you have a baby. How do you do it?'” she said. Her TikTik is full of cute mommy moments that reveal that it isn’t always as easy as Trainor might make it look — even when she posts adorable TikToks like this where she is entertaining her son with a literal trash bag.


And not every moment of motherhood is picture perfect. Seriously, who among us can’t relate to trying to take a photo with their baby and struggling to even just get one good snap? Thank you for this brave TikTok, Meghan.

Luckily, Trainor grew up with a solid family life and credits her parents for wanting to have a child of her own in the first place. “I just felt super-loved by my parents. They were really good to us. Still are—they’re at our house every day. I think that’s why I always wanted to be a mom too,” Trainor said.

She also said that hubby Sabara is “Superdad,” and takes Riley for a morning stroll and brings his wife coffee and oatmeal in bed upon his return.


“He’ll actually run my schedule with me. He’s too good to be true,” Trainor said. The whole side-by-side toilets thing is starting to make a lot more sense, given the couple’s very coordinated schedules! Their coordination will come in handy down the line, as Trainor expressed interest in expanding their family.

“I’m gonna try to create four. We’ll see what happens after three. I’m not doing less than that. I need three.”